Sir i. Likes your videos very much

Charlamagne flopped hard on this one…try come at him sideways and it went belly up…asking him what is he doing for BlackLivesMatter, you being serious?

This is so damn long. Just 1 question. The interviewer doesn’t have all day. By the end of it, I forgot the beginning.

“Believe Me”….. Donald has been what he is for a very very long time. Read the book, Trump Nation. No surprises. He hasn’t changed.

Look at how other cultures and people preform gender.

Kudos sir!!!! u r awesome

He’s an idiot – period

This is how the space stage in SPORE should be.

What a mind!… and all his extemporaneous musing come out with exquisite structure

Also note that most your viewers are from the English speaking world and you’re giving them the impression that all Asian countries are poor and cruel to their workers. Which in many cases can be argued for but if you trace back to the companies they manufacture goods for you’ll see a different picture.

Check out TIS-100, same idea; doing assembly programming to do a task.

Try to be more self aware, especially considering the spirit of this video. Then again, I’m asking you to weigh human dignity against what you perceive to be your cosmically inspired obligation to what you believe to be the creator of the universe. Quite a quandary.

Great SIr…You explained so nicely. It directly goes in my blood. Thanks and God bless you.

Socialist wetrwpublik


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