This is terrible advice! It is in no way aimed at clear, thoughtful communication, which is the purpose of an essay. It is instead focused on the idea that synonyms are a way to game the test. Overuse of synonyms can hurt clarity by slightly shifting meaning and by simply making wording awkward and unnatural. Any test that would reward this strategy is a test that should be changed.

This interview gave me way more resepect for him

Gender, race, sexual orientation, anything else should mean nothing when you are working to better our society. Just because you were born poor, just because you are a girl who was raised to be a housewife, just because you were picked on as a kid for being different means nothing. What matters is who you make yourself. Women can be successful in every way a man can and vice versa. Social norms and supposed oppression mean nothing when you choose to take control of your situation.

I started having problems at 14 too, and like Stephen, it just looked like “bad behaviour”. I either “misbehaved” completely and caused chaos at school, didn’t do any work, was constantly in trouble, on report, or on the brink of expulsion….or I didn’t turn up at all because I refused to get out of bed, wanted to believe the world didn’t exist, and wouldn’t talk to anyone or go out. I think my parents were appalled because they paid a lot of money for me to go to school but I couldn’t help it. I was hospitalised at 18, then again at 19, and sectioned. It is a truly horrible illness to live with but I believe we gain some semi good things from it, for me, and I can only speak for me, it was heightened compassion, insight, and understanding of suffering and the human condition.


Watched this before my midterm, which was a full length ap micro test, and got a 100!! (With curve) hopefully this brings back enough memories to get me through the real deal tomorrow 🙂

Lol i dont understand why people hate this guy. He’s a genius. People just listen to everything the media says about him.

Dear madam,

A ver si llega al liston de game dev tycoon! Lo dejó muy alto!

Do Islamic economics.


Do Magneto in x-men


Amazing person. So intelligent, so wise for his short years on earth.

Hi liz, is the introduction pattern the same for general training.

Explained A LOT better than my teacher. Thank you

Caraí mas a maioria e verdade

Please do a video of how to revise for speaking exams for other languages

Nice job buddy


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