We have got a let’s play of the early alpha on our channel. We play a few online matches and comment on it, so have a look!^^

So Targaryen hair do exist in real life.

I felt like that too. I honestly still feel a little behind but I would suggest that you just read as much around the subject as you can. Good luck – I’m sure you will be fine 🙂

Don’t tell me you’re too blind to see

I really liked this except I don’t think people have an optimistic smugness about now (as mentioned toward the end of the video). People hate on technology a lot and mass production/media. I do think there is a optimistic smugness politically though. People think there’s a lot more freedom these days compared to the past. When, in fact, there’s less original thought, activism, privacy and so forth. I guess, as Foucault identified, it’s because everyone is dressed as the good guy now. Interesting vid, thank SoL

Hey Eve, do you have any tips on how to memorize facts and key details? My memory isn’t that great :/

I think I still dont’t really get exchange rates full… Especially I don’t understand the second part, when you were done with mexican-american currency exchange rate comparison. Can this be elaborated more, maybe in another video?

Just stop scrolling! Go up and study dear 😉

I love your voice. Thanks for sharing this inspirational video.

Somos la peor creacion

However, can you please do more videos related to the new gcse’s (9-1) because I’m in year 10.

Fucks given:0

My emotions seem to contradict my logic often.

AP tomorrow!

I think he needed to rush off the stage because he needed to blow his nose the whole time.

Wow, you seem like you really enjoy all of this…

It is unpleasant when you stretch you month too long

And the cry-baby meltdown of the leftist Deficrats continues. LMAO! At least he doesn’t whistle his “S’s” like his America hating predecessor Dingle Barry does.

Edebiyat bize yaşayamayacağımız, göremeyeceğimiz hayatları, insanları, ülkeleri gösteriyor ve kendimizle karşılaşmamızı sağlıyor. Bizi gerçek anlamda bir dünya vatandaşı yapıyor.


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