Nigga kept calling martin a prick and shit but started feeling himself hella hard when martin was shocked about Charlemagne being in the bridge capital headquarters. calm down nigga you know you was there as press or something

Also, it makes me sad that Tim Schafer can get funding but American McGee can’t Dx

It’s a copy of Harry Potter!

Thank you for the very efficient videos for ilets. I have almost viewed all of them to prepare for my ilets exam.

A really nice prison, of course… But you still might want Jacob (or maybe your camera man) to vette your shirts before going on.

Why don’t you slow down a bit and make your videos that bit longer, that way we might have time to process the information.

Thanks alot its very useful.

How about ergative-absolutive languages?

Thanks Mr. Guy. you don’t know, but you just solved my 5 months thesis problem.


Eminem Economist Version

Thanks. that helped me through the night. i don’t feel so alone.

Says the decade long programmer! 😛

Lmao we know damn well he ain’t “evolving” language

They bring Noam Chomsky to a corporate “safe space” and he tries to push the conversation to banalities at every turn, luckily (or sadly for the interviewer) Chomsky is everything but banal and inside their own “bubble” openly talks about US’ imperial drive and the role of the wealthy, such as Google itself, to maintain this atrocious status quo which will bring us, sooner than later, to our species extinction.

Brutus isn’t noble, he’s obtuse

Were you top of your class/school to get all a*s or was it all your revision

Why there is fuss about writing introduction of essay, it is simple and easy. It is three step process which is given below.


Im shocked you guys dont have a video on nihilism

Aubrey your making us wait to long between videos….feed me Seymour!!

The whole Crash Course collection might be the most important thing on the internet. Insofar as universal education matters the most.



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