Dopest flow I’ve heard all year

You put sc2 as number 1 makes me think this list is sponsored by blizzard

Why is no one talking about fate? The alone guy didn’t deserve to die because he wasn’t in the position that would kill him. Done. Just let things turn out as they will.

I like u r all videos specilly medical related but also this efforts

I know I’m really late… but you’re wrong, a machine detector will NOT determine the outcome of the positions of electrons, it is not observing. Only any form of CONSCIOUSNESS can observe. I realize this could be animals as well. Not sure though.

So basically, the southern states wanted to keep using cheap slave labor because they grew stuff that needed to be hand picked, like cotton, while the north states didn’t. If you look at it that way, it was a lot less about human rights and a lot more about economics.

Hahah, that would actually be cool

Every fucking time I see this I think it says intersexuality. Seamless click bait.

So, basically, intertextuality is just a kind of “reference” to something else?

I wonder if this guy knows “Rick and Morty”. 😀


Anyone from wolfieraps?

Good job.

Kader, M. (2011). Review of management accounting research. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan.


I have learnt so much. Thank you

So if Hitler was living authentically, were his actions wrong?

0:34 – Citing and referencing

Norm Chumpski you are a liar!!!!

Eminems feminine

And URD is equal to R

Meaning in your life

The animals too have feelings, true.

Using your own baby’s precious development as an experiment, pathetic..


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