I am by no means making fun of his accent (I’m from Texas an’ love me a good southern accent! Lol), but my favorite part was the way he said “dog” in his non-southern accent. Lol I so need to try this with my friend from Georgia. He’s got an awesome, thick Georgia accent. Lol

Could you make a video of how to compare and contrast poems? it would help me so much. hope you’re doing well.

You are one of my favourite people in this world.

Cade a traducao para o portugues?

1984? Catch 22?

I love the time riders series.


Mr. brown lol

Dog borks at 19:35

This was the introductory lecture and other points would doubtless be raised in the body of the course.

Adrian is really cute!!

“What are you doing for the black lives movement?”

Http://healthandfitnessmagazine. info/learning-language-easy-adults/

Anyways snark aside good vid keep up the great work. 🙂

All long images at xxx

WOW! What a nice docu, … I love to know this history

The example you integrated in helped me understand it better! Please do make more videos on economics. This really does help us out. There’s a huge fan club for you!!!

John need a new suit.

Does Letter writing and Article writing also requires ur tips?


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