So, you read them all, Mojo?

Senpai!! Watashi ha senpai ga suki desu~ Eh~ senpai ha suki jya nai desuka~?

@sergioapuzzo Belgium is a beautiful country, the politicians come up with crap like this, I hardly think you’d meet any politicians when visiting the beautiful cities and countrysides that make up Belgium.

Hypocrite Chomsky. He is of very few people who promote communism but will never trust his life to communism. So they will live in democratic countries like US.

I miss alex so much I love him

Not like this.


This sucks bad

He keeps looking to his right, could he possibly be trying to describe something that he is seeing like maybe some groundskeepers outside working or some sort?

Thank u bro for these lessons.

F0451042 陳怡秀


I like how he just coolly gets up from the seat and walks off.

Studying for my drivers license to this

Why do you have no representation for pollution????

With smell of steaks in passageways. – [smell the steak now right? the smell wafting down a hallway]

Im having a hard time finding sources for my depression literature review,? Where can i find it? Someone help?:) 😀

Since I’m year 9 but have a very important end of year, since I have no mark scheme to go off of, the text is completely unseen and almost random, would you recommend just using as many techniques as possible since I don’t know what the mark scheme is… they can’t really say my analysis is irrelevant? That sounds too confusing, I hope you understand!

Cool sir!!

Actually, English has retained 4 clear cases in pronouns: nominative, genitive, dative and accusative.

Would have loved to see you cover Leonardo’s impression of Jordan Belfort. I thought he nailed it.

SUBTITULOS en castellano

Sitting at psc watching this….

According to my mother, I knew how to play chess when I was a toddler. Now, I couldn’t even tell you which moves are legal…

First time I see a video about this guy.


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