Age of Empires is Best

So she admitted he is honest! I bet the Washington Compost is upset with her for that. Also He is from NY many NY’ers speak like that. All you clowns that think he is stupid! I don’t see you morons worth Billions and get Elected President! Jealous globalist idiots! I love watching these liberal morons lose it everyday! That in itself is priceless.

I would like to see a breakdown of Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi.

That shit is hilarious! But seriously – y’all, don’t be afraid, everything gonna be alright!

You damn right its a joke bitch

Hallo, ich mag sehr gerne den schweizer Dialekt. Der klingt (für mich) gemütlich und lustig zugleich. Ist natürlich Ansichtssache.

Si eres de la escuela, subscríbete a mi canal XDD


I did them all 😲 YAAS, most of them exist in my language others are in my slang dialect.. It wasn’t hard at all and I did them all from the first try 😁😁🎓🎓

How does increasing the amount of jobs in the economy not decrease the unemployment rate? At a total loss right now.

“Use your weaknesses to show your STRENGTHS!” oh lord, this made my belly hurt xD I wish I had this advice when I was younger

Sensitive sparcle smart people……….bettina we do what we do because we think we are those we think we are

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Sir plz give me your contact no. and your institution adress

The letter “i” is pronounced EE. Motif = moteef. Rakim = Rakeem. Sheesh.

WOW you lost me… why do they need to replicate and split up the files?????

Where philosophies and ideas do not need to be substantiated with hard evidence.


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