Tbh the vibrance looks a lot better oh god

Great sir

Since I should give my opinion as a judge in both ( Evaluation, then Response stage ) I still can not understand the difference between both

Increased the GDP 😂

7Cerrar la puta boca ………..que dice tu puta conciencia…….hijo de puta

Very grateful Sir

The swiss-italian…”tessiner”

Heard softly through the wind,

Economists DID predict the 2008 financial crises. Unfortunately, people are more interested in Keynesian pseudoeconomics than actual economic theory.

To be fair

Most linguists agree that Trump communicates at about a fourth grade level. Calling him “unique” for coming across as less intelligent makes me doubt her credentials.

I love this type of videos😍

Wow! You’re a true master! Amazing! I understood different forms of evaluation very well now.

You sound like siri

Daaaaamn, son!


In my opinion, whatever had happened, they should NOT punished for it.

So how come amy goodman won’t have ray mcgovern and william binney on to challenge the official story on russian “interference in the ’16 election?

Follow me on Twitter @MrMedicoInfo I will be tweeting out a live review on Wednesday night (May 14), the night before the AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics exams. I will answer all of your questions between 8 p. m. and 10 p. m. EST (might even begin earlier).

MORE! …..please



Sir i. Likes your videos very much

Charlamagne flopped hard on this one…try come at him sideways and it went belly up…asking him what is he doing for BlackLivesMatter, you being serious?

This is so damn long. Just 1 question. The interviewer doesn’t have all day. By the end of it, I forgot the beginning.

“Believe Me”….. Donald has been what he is for a very very long time. Read the book, Trump Nation. No surprises. He hasn’t changed.

Look at how other cultures and people preform gender.

Kudos sir!!!! u r awesome

He’s an idiot – period

This is how the space stage in SPORE should be.

What a mind!… and all his extemporaneous musing come out with exquisite structure

Also note that most your viewers are from the English speaking world and you’re giving them the impression that all Asian countries are poor and cruel to their workers. Which in many cases can be argued for but if you trace back to the companies they manufacture goods for you’ll see a different picture.

Check out TIS-100, same idea; doing assembly programming to do a task.

Try to be more self aware, especially considering the spirit of this video. Then again, I’m asking you to weigh human dignity against what you perceive to be your cosmically inspired obligation to what you believe to be the creator of the universe. Quite a quandary.

Great SIr…You explained so nicely. It directly goes in my blood. Thanks and God bless you.

Socialist wetrwpublik



Be a Communist

>Dumb bitch says something incredibly boring and retarded


What is moral..

Omg the date is my birthday I flipped!

I think that halo wars should have at least been an honorable mention, is it a great game? No but it was innovative and in my opinion very underrated (I’m a console player if you couldn’t tell so go easy on me)

Cinematography: shit

Median mode ka chapter explanation kaha hai????????

Please never play a fucking alarm clock sound again holy shit. i almost had a panic attack.

Great help mate, you are the best

Was 95% correct for me idk why others didnt got crrt 😂

To use your family, your loved ones, as an excuse to justify your actions, for murder or any other illegal or inhumane actions, for me… it borders with cowardice… a selfish motive… we all suffer and we will continue to suffer but to live on the expense of others is something we need to reflect on. If we ever allow such action and felt no remorse, then we must question our own humanity and determine if we have become less and more of a monster

Wow, I really liked this video.

Yayyy✨ can’t wait for traveling vlogs. I’m taking a gap year and joining up with the volunteer ics programme 😊😏

These retards got into Harvard?! Now that is injustice.

Nah, Nietzche was not Nihilist!



Most video games suffer the exact same problem, which forces many users to tweak the image with shaders like SweetFX or ENB. Especially when you play on a TN panel. It’s so ironic but most PC master race users have dogshit image quality, and they don’t even know it.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU because my teacher went over this in class twice and I went in to talk to him to get help and I still couldn’t fully grasp the concept until now.

Yuh I noticed that while watching the avengers yesterday but I didn’t know color grading was the issue it just looked muddy

Jiva jago, jiva jago ramacandra bole.

It’s odd that one of things we thought would never ask existential question did before (for the most part) apes and actually speak

Regarding the sound quality, yes, this could have been improved but it was perfectly audible. The sound of the keyboard was quite distracting, but more of a distraction was the flicking from one camera to the other. This, however, is a problem with the technology: when the software hears a noise from a microphone, it automatically switches the screen to show the images from the camera associated with that microphone. I had a simple solution though, I simply listened to the audio without watching the screen.

That sleeping grandpa at 1:24 tho XD

I score 250 , it means my mental age is 16-21 and I’m 20 .so…😁😁

Yooo your boy kaptain has some major bars 😂🔥

Empathy is very emotionally expensive, if you don’t wanna be destabilized and overwhelmed you have to harden – a doctor wont empathize to stay focused.

Und i sitz do und reg mi of wegen den Piefken xD

The girl in the video looks like steph from gametheory ^^

Wow the 2nd scenario had some hope, and upon writing it I frankly realized that dying to killer robots might just be better…

I am fucking wanna learn

How u created the whiteboard effect? ..whichsoftware u use?,…can u link me the sites were u download or else upload it in googledocx, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me 🙂

Powerful Tony. Loved it.

Soooo the novel that is the second most sold of all time gets number 9? Seems legit

Effective videos for MBA studenta

19:30 thank you, god allah, for allowing my husband to stab me

Are pandits ji we live in 21st century, just think about the human,

We’ve known each other for so long

We have become a society where the truth actually bothers people



I can’t remember what I watched because there’s to much gray and brown. The most boring colors

In the last case scenario, to my mind, they were guilty of murdering the cabin boy even with his consent SIMPLY because they should have eaten the first to die from starvation. NO NEED AT ALL TO KILL ANYONE!! There’s a somewhat famous case in Argentina and a plane crash where they ate dead people in the middle of the Andes mountains and if you put it beside this case most wouldn’t find it morally reprehensible.

By the way you taught very well!☺

Some of y’all need to learn so fucking respect… I’m serious! Let’s make it clear shall we: NOT ALL SOUTHERNERS ARE RACIST!!! WE DONT HATE BLACK OR HISPANICS OR WHATEVER RACE YOU ARE!!! And some of us are liberals and some of us are conservatives but that depends on the person and they are entitled to think and believe whatever they want so if you make a comment saying something stereotypical or racist then go fuck yourself! If you see those types of comments report them because they are driving me crazy knowing that people actually believe this! The events at Charlottesville were terrible and I don’t support white supremacy but they are entitled to their own opinion and peaceful protest as long as they don’t hurt anyone or break a law

It makes sense that he’s talking about Game Theory there, but still, i can’t see some enlightenment philosophers, like Hume for instance, having such a great problem with it.

$50 alpha

New narratives about these native peoples,

The change i wanted once to see

Very helpful,, many thanks

I could have used the extra 5 seconds to play counter strike…rip pasha would be mad

Thank you for playing this game. I’ve been looking for a fun way to introduce my kid to programming, I think this one may be it.

Could I still get the ultimate revision packet if I live in the UK?

Dear The School of Life =)

Well, the ap test is tomorrow…

I love your opinion about the symbols in books, and that it’s not a important question if the symbol was intentionally. That’s something my teacher should see. She alwyas says “What want’s the author say to us by…” and when interpreting poems she’s like “NO, that’s not what the author meant!” and I said “Well, did you talk to him then? And even if he didn’t mean it like that, poems can be interpreted in many ways and as a “author” myself i find it very interesting what other poeple see in my words.” Well, she got mad.

Thank you for making this video, I understand very well the lecture…I feel also I’m inside the room attending the class.



Well said. I cound not agree with you more.

1. The terrible background music that didn’t fit the normal epicness to your videos

WTF Space RTS + Normal Land RTS, for the first time I see this kind of game, looks nice, I am glad that people everyday are coming with new ideas and pursue them, so everyone else who is interested can have a good time.

Wait hol up if u tried to make a new real number in between 0-1 with the decimal adding method wouldnt that number already be in the list

Wtf is up with the sound in the beginning?

Where was this video published

The hell? Leo’s Crio was so off and we switched between english and crio too often

This is an overreaction… classes these days aren’t that clean.

I’m putting these videos on my ipad so i can brainwash myself later

OMFG THEY WHERE RIGHT. It they where off one year cause in 2017 we are ruled by a 4 year old

Hey, I know you really want to read these comments because you’d rather do anything else but study. But take a quick second to think about why you put on this music. So you can study. You need to study to get that mark. This test/exam could be the very thing that makes it or breaks it for you. You know where you want to go in life. You just need that push from someone. I get it. But you have to remember that no one will benefit from your success but you. I know there are many people who don’t believe you could be something big in life. They are the people you need to prove wrong. And the first step is to study for this test / exam. This could be the very mark to bring your grade up to the average you want. Minimize the screen. Pick up your pencil. Open your book. And read your notes. You can do it.

This game looks awesome.

Micro verses Macro i turn up no homo

Hey there!

Your voice = Donald Trump

Um thanks for putting this in my reccomendations YouTube…I guess

Ahhhhh, I actually really enjoyed this video!

Ok, if you move up once on the sphere, why is that different than moving right, up, left?

I mean as in they still don’t make a change to kill anything but just to show that the humans are trying to fight back.

“he got it from an aids bar” really Button the bar gave him aids? lol

The other thing is to get what you want but allow the other guy to save face. That’s extremely important if you have to interact with them again or they’re providing you a service.


Charlamagne is a fucking idiot




I love the way he deliver his thoughts 😙

That was quite helpful thanks 🙂

George Watsky.

I love it, GREAT!!?

Not even honerable mention for empire at war

Lord of the ring number 9? Are you stupid watch mojo?

“The City of Ember” Jeanne DuPrau

Hey Jack do u know how to add a pic to your account on YouTube😜😆😇

This was beautiful. You’re my favorite YouTuber

If you make something TOO cheap though, people might not want to buy it because they get suspicious.

She could not understand him because he was a Piracha.

I felt exactly the same for the majority of my A Levels too so honestly don’t stress. YOU CAN DO THIS! How many full, compulsory texts do you have to read? Make a mind map of the things you have read (or know a lot about) – I think you will surprise yourself. If you are really struggling with reading full texts invest in some extract books and just get your secondary reading from them. Good luck. I hope this helps 🙂

Emma is bad girl

The video is good and the information related in the video is helpful. You can also visit the website of the software called as which does provide all the compliance related software.

Why does his name tag say Bryon?

I always appreciate his videos for taking a very measured approach to these types of subjects, showing both sides of the argument and ending on an opinion that he identifies with. I know I might be shouting into a void now but I think the whole lack of women in STEM will be fixed gradually. While we see a divide now, within a few generations these gender norms that are lasting from bygone times while fade further and further into antiquity and I feel that wearing a shirt wont stop that. What I am worried about is the pleasure that you mentioned not just in the traditional way but also in a reverse sense. There must be a sense of pleasure felt by the people demanding that these types of images be taken down when they eventually are. I worry that free expression might be damaged by these people and the pleasure they seek.

Jack not to be mean but jump means it jumps back to the program you want

Thank you very much 🙂



Many Thanks and very helpful indeed..

This video must be sponsored by Albanians. 🙁

People who dwell on problems become depressed. People who dwell on solutions don’t become depressed.

This harsh reality breaks my heart……

Pff, the universe isn’t infinite! This is the 7th universe, and we have some galaxies. Then there’s the 6th universe, which contains some galaxies as well, that are slightly different from ours.

“No i cant stop yelling cause this is how i talk” — Dave Chappelle

Why tf is such an innocent videos comment section so full of hatred?? smh this is why we cant get along you people want to make everything political and a race thing

Go right ahead and become boring and irrelevent if you want, but don’t expect respect

If you find this one too difficult, I have added a newer version that shows the lyrics and then identifies the type of figurative language. Check it out for practice.

Ollie Bye – I really like your presentations, and truly hope you can represent an accurate account of history. Please take this comment seriously and read this article – Thanks! – http://indiafacts. org/aryan-invasion-myth-21st-century-science-debunks-19th-century-indology/

Great work! 🙂 Cecilia xo


2:38 the dude is apologizing for saying the authors name wrong?!?!? What’s wrong with you Dude! Why don’t you learn to say it correctly. You Americans always apologizing for pronouncing foreign names incorrectly. Are you lazy or just arrogant? My name is LIND-GREN or ‘Lindgren’ aka Johnnie de Bangkok Pattya Today Life & Leisure Editor

Looks awesome! have to check it out myself. you should check out the app hacked, it’s like this only not graphical, a bit more fast paced and it has an open world mode

Did that guy just shit on Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Fuck ooofff you SJW asshole.

Martin should thank Charlamagne for making him look like a fantastic human being by comparison.

Would an OLS degree with a minor in Communications be good to get into HR?

Again, another great video. I’m not sure where I stand with Foucault, but then again I’ve not read much of his work to make an accurate judgement. I wondering, if you get the time, could you do a video on the philosopher and psychiatrist R. D Laing?

At end: he was mean but now he learned his lesson from the aliens




Excellent.. 👏👏

–Ironically brought to you by AJ English

This girl is amazing!!! Much better than the classes I took – that still were good, but these are the Actual tips we need! Thank you a million, Amazing Lady!

I’m truly lost.

Oh and btw. I was also beaten with extention cords, hangers, shoes, sticks, switches…etc. hell my sister was once beaten with a butchers knife (no cuts). And none of us grew up to murder anyone. I will watch the rest of video though that guy got to me with that ignorance. Peace and love.

Pls have a look at

I love crash course!!! I totally support it! Please keep doing these videos. I love all of them!

3 Ulysses by James Joyce

Thanks a lot to MIT and Mr. Abbott! A very lively and essential lecture.

This exercice unfortunately doesn’t involve some interesting new, ‘queer’ way of assessing reality and culture though,

Finally i have a word, to go with something i have been thinking about for ages!!

Also read the teen book series Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas!!!! It’s is my favorite book and if you love fantasy I know you’ll love this series!!!!

This annoys me especially when it’s just a small side character role. Couldn’t they just cast actual German-speaking actors/extras if they were to only have one scene in the movie anyway?

I just have to say, this is great music! Now to write 3-5 pages that are due tomorrow morning! Haha.

Everything he does can be seen by the average motivational speaker. This dumbass woman isn’t saying anything intelligent.

Man’s not hot

The average American will not be better off in 4 years! ” believe me “!

I wish you will post more videos which will cover other topics.

“I still stand by my principle where the amount of human life must be optimised, and in the situation you describe I would yank out the organs. However I want to stress that the thought experiment is unlikely and incomplete. It’s very unlikely that one donor would be compatible with all five, moreover I think that what matters is the Quality Adjusted Years of Human life, and the healthy patient probably has a of those… whereas people who benefit from grafts will need constant therapy with important side effects, high risk of reject, and a loss of duration, quality and usefulness of their life, so in a realist case it’s very unlikely that such a situation would in fact yield an increased survival for all 6 patients, noncounting the massive costs on society. Moreover I belive that the principle that we found in the previous situations should be that the suvival should be, not just improved. As such I believe that it valid to explore other possible solutions as my collegue in the back row did, and that it doesn’t denaturate the problem. But in the simplified thought experiment, yes, I still think that we should chose the option that has the most beneficial consequences and it appears to be organ theft”.




Thank you. You may also enjoy this article called “A journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step”

Mam aapki voice bahut jyda achhi hai… and the way of you speak is awesome to be understood…

Superb 🙂

Was the camera operator working for some agency manipulating distraction? “Anything so that people won’t listen to Chomsky”

I thought these stories where kid games I heard this in kidnagarden

Damn, show those tits

I have just discovered your channel, Nerdwriter1, and I love the videos. Thank you for an enriching youtube experience! 🙂

و لا تجهر بصلاتك و لا تخافت بها و ابتغ بين ذلك سبيلا 🙄

The original Red Alert was much better than RA2.

NICE n great Presentation

One of my favorite books. This was the first book of Bradbury’s that I read but certainly not the last. Great summary btw!

Mark Cuban is a great teacher!

Are no longer set apart due to our hierarchical, biological differences. SVB directly

Article services for sometimes now and he is the best so far.

Y u dnt study the tanctanies from ALIEN NATION TRY THAT1

Can you guys do an episode on doctor who?

Very well done on this episode, love the Camus breakdowns. Can’t wait for Season 3, also thanks for doing all this good work on this specific show, you helped lead me to it.