The best ever ted talk!

If urdu is not possible kindly dont use hindi words in speaking

Can I get the word in a sentence 😂😂 sounds like the lady from a spelling bee

You all have to pay closer attention. It’s not Charlamagne it’s Martin. Pay attention to the agenda

Also, member berries 🙂

Hm this is pretty interesting moar please!. btw what are you studying?

“Don’t forget to be irrational and exhuberant”

I love the text with exploding colors.

When Luther kicked the balloon tho! funny as fuck! 😂😂😂

Thank you so much! This is beautiful!!!


Uhhhhhh my handwriting is like all of these, like every single one, I don’t change regularly, be it honestly depends on the word and how my body position is

Lord of the Rings was a chore to read so I didn’t finish it.

Jaaaaaaaaaack when are You going to play tome raider its really fun PLAY IT YOU BOSS!!

My mother language is turkish and german, my second is english and i am fluently with it. At first it’s really hard to learn another language but if possible i want to learn another language after my bachelor ♥️

Bald guy from game of thrones?!

3) Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Excellent video for creative writing!!!!

You are fake news…

So many cringy DC fanboys it really hurts.

Balance of Payments

Good episode. A good example of the Levi-Strauss binary estructures are those about the lore and legends that involve twin brothers or heroes in many native american cultures and civilizations



Hi! You were so helpful to me with my GCSES! I’m not doing a level lit. Would it be possible to do some videos on Othello, Death of a salesman and Keats please?

Awsm seminar bhaiya

I write with an open o and I’m the complete opposite of what it said

Modern Marvel movies have a bizarre combination of character styles they are trying to unify.

I see

I’m fluent in english and greek, I can speak in Italian and French and I’m learning japanese and Korean. I still have trouble with Valyrian.

Thank you Sen-Si. 🙂

Which place in Pakistan at 27:11 ?

Twitter – @buggalluggz Snapchat – mckenzie.2114 LoveYou Eve❤️❤️

Judith says gender is performative, or a performance, but ignore the reality of biological gender behavior where one naturally expresses themselves in a very typical masculine or feminine way. These behaviors she talks about are created from society. The biological however that I’m talking about is fueled by how you were born, not what you learned.

Everything Mike does is awesome.

Ue, musica brasileira no final?

So when a document asks for your “sex”, either male or female, why do you silly SJW twits get all upset about that if you truly believe there’s a distinction between “sex” and “gender”? Just check off the box that corresponds with your biological SEX and stop going into your hissy fits because you want 57 more GENDER categories to choose from.

You are the fucking man Mr. Clifford.

Jesus Christ is infinity. An infinite cloud of revelation knowledge.

Writing – 90

2 am. Cant sleep. Must. Watch all. e. o

Did he get any pussy?



“what is it that i’m in danger of losing?” the right to express myself.

I am threatened by people’s petty and uninformed reactions to some dude wearing a shirt with animated girls on it. I do stand to lose from it. We all stand to lose from each other’s idiocy, pettiness and immaturity. It’s just like what happened on Louis CK’s SNL monologue. “He should have special license to skirt morality because he’s a comedian.”

That never even bothers to explain why people are ‘queer’,

I want those boots

I hope this game will be as moddable as the original TA.

Thanks bro, Now I try it.

Thanku PeopleMatters

We are Currently Hiring People from all Over the World,

@skyfantom203 he is trying to help, don’t like it don’t watch, don’t comment… such a hater

Sanskrt texts are much older than showed here. Aryan invasion theory proved false by genetic tests and clearly made to suit british colonial view on India. why is so hard to europeans credit north India Afeghan and Iran as the true birth of indo european languages and culture, i bet is for its racism and white supremacy tradition.

House of Leaves, Mark Z. Danielewski.

Haplogroup R1a is found IN INDIA AND SOUTH ASIA AND NOWHERE ELSE! R1a is found even among tribals and different caste groups in India/South Asia

I call her the Kellyanne Tea Cups, she spins and spins til you want to throw up.

Please, tell me why.

Weird thought, but lets assume that the near total automation of all Jobs will serve humans so that they dont have to work anymore.

I don’t want oatmeal! Synecdoche new York

Grew up on the web, really…




I’m waiting for the pile of books to the left to topple over.

I does NOT sound like anyone in my family of circle of friends. He sounds like a used car salesman, like the con man that he is. He would never be welcome in my circle. “Believe me” and “You can trust me” are phrases that, used as frequently as he uses them, are very clear signals of someone you know you canNOT believe or trust. Trump has repeatedly demonstrated the truth of this. This woman must be a Trump supporter.

The illuminati don’t like this guy. thats why his…..

55+ and im only 16 wtf somethings wrong 😶

Thus Low German have more in common with Dutch than High german in terms of pronunciation

Really helpful as the rest of your videos Emma, thank you! However, let me point out that country is not the same as nation, and that would be an example of the mistakes we can make trying to find synonyms 🙁 I’ll try to use the two other methods though.

That’s why I want to become a physicist. Super cool.

4. korak

You’re honestly a very inspiring person!! whatever you decide you always seem to choose what you think is best for you in every way and you always have very good, well thought reasons! keep doing you😍👑

Juega viva piñata

Obama cared more for illegals than he did citizens

I liked this video, however you totally punted Watchmen movie,.It was reeally good.

Well – why change the formula if it works.

This guy is brilliant but with a voice that puts you to sleep lol

◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \ Youtube if you are with us

You’re an amazing teacher. Explained economic concepts well and in a fun way. Wilnes



Nonsense! Instead of letting it happen, do something now and prevent the extra billions to appear. This old man is a fool.

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! you made this playlist after my economics exam! :(((

Omg im doing homework for this bord as hell.

Concentration or Meditation

Some of the questions do not have a 2 side opinion(agree-disagree) such as “Teenage driving causes many accidents. hat do you think are the causes and suggest solutions”. Are these type of questions (not presenting alternative opinions but on a fact) discursive as vell?

Thank you vary much so helpfull and wanted to ask where do you place the refferences

When we abolish secret societies entirely then the world will truly see something remarkable.

Bless your soul Mr. Clifford

4. Love


I’m sorry I had to dislike this video…it’s waaaay too real

Thank you so much! This is a very informative and clear video lesson on how to write a Lit Review. It’s helped me out a lot.

I love your videos! you are so awesome

The neutrality of these videos is impressive, it can’t be easy to do when you’re discussing some of these topics, not to mention the quality of the content itself. It’s really appreciated by us all, thank you!

Why are there these documentaries. Any one who knows india knows how arrogant and elitist and lacking in civic sense indians are. These documentaries won’t change that. But this is good information for any foreigners who might want to understand india and how uncivlised they actually are.

Simple solution: publicly funded, privately provided education

Compared to the german Rap-King Kollegah Eminems rhymes seem very basic.

Who made nuclear weapons 🤔

A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life

Don’t Forget To Be Irrationally Exuberant!

I WOULD LIKE TO LIKE THIS VIDEO 1.000.000 TIMES IF I COULD. I JUST LOVED IT! One of the bests I’ve ever seen!

Who came here because of QnA #90



Great informational stand up special.. thumbs up

I like it so much

I am studying for my Master’s in Clinical Counseling, and I want to let you know how much I appreciate and learn from Crash Course Psychology. Thank You

What was your concluding song called

Good lord, this episode was depressing.

I had a couple of economics classes during my time in university, and I’m really happy to see the critism of this video is honestly directed at the content at not at the pace and style with which the models are introduced. I thought this was moving fast for many people, great to see everyone following along!

Thanks sir

(my opinion) have you seen wonder-woman😂😂 i watched it in theater’s (when it was 5 dollars to watch movie im broke i know) and i was heart broken at the CGI it had.

I am not a native speaker in German, but I have to be honest that you are the owner of the YouTube channel. You did not understand anything of the German language. Even the examples you translated into English are wrong

And lastly mko v ni pta tha 6 no. Pr (F) ata h

Good looks

But……………….why is it so funny?


Ok people. “Humankind” has been enslaved since time immemorial. This will not change. The very fact that some out there say it will is in itself, a fraud by virtue of the fact that it exists at all. Go home and take the blue pill. You wake up in your cozy, overpriced homes with your spoiled rotten kids and watch reality shows. Splendid!

Raymond Lai (Member of the Buddhist Family)

Thank you so much sir for giving us such a nice video… really helped for my exams…you are the great economist

Hey Wisecrack, The Philosophy of Bob Dylan maybe? anyone?

Nah, its just witchcraft :O

Frodo is a hobbit xD

I don’t want to live in a world were i have cannot serve a porpuse doing the thing i love.

Climatic adaptation and not because of a migration of Aryan pale

I wonder if a lack of exercise, i. e. flying caused his early death. Stop clipping their wings and keep them in an aviary instead of a cage. It would be more humane too.



Hermann Hesse!

Fair enough.

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Good video but you might want to slow down a bit. U are almost rapping

This exercice unfortunately doesn’t involve some interesting new, ‘queer’ way of assessing reality and culture though,

1) Try to speak without knowing what the words look like first. Listen -> speak -> read -> write. Most ppl do this listen -> read -> speak -> write. It is unnatural.

Peace ✌️x

Someone should hook her up on a Lie detector while doing an interview. HAHAH I can just imagine how when she replies the interview the Lie detector man is like “lie lie lie lie lie”

Dennis reynolds

I’m from Venezuela T. T


Hablar de tu puta madre…..cobarde de mierda

That was gr8 thanks!

This only makes me support the destruction of humanity even more


I’m here to support you x btw, it’s me cactusqueeni on Ig! I drew you! I just wanted to say that whatever happens, whatever decision you come to, we’ll support you no matter what!

The invisible hand of the free market? that is not what the invisble hand means in the wealth of nations. It;’s baffling why people use this idea in a waay that has nothing to do with adam smith. please educate yourself in economics!

The Jesuit school may have taught some to label Jews Kikes – or the propensity of its pupils to strike a young boy named Noam because he was Jewish may have come from elsewhere than from the teachers. The Yeshiva may have taught some to label non-Jews Goyim va Minim.

30 min before test… Leghooooo



Your editing is lit

Sir your project is really good please sir can u send me the source code? im beginner i really need it

잘봤습니다. 근데 말 ㅈㄴ 빠르시네요^^

ANS: a

Education is just here to make us into Another Brick In The Wall…

Hi, Liz, you paraphrased the introduction like this,

Please let me hug her as long as I can, very warm big huuuuuuug, OMG 😭😭😢😢😢

Thank you, i really appreciate your work, i had to ask you a favor, would you please write and awesome Essay for me about the mentioned below topic please.?

Sitting this exam tomorrow.. i’ve had to revise macbeth and a christmas carol(???/) and honestly i’m shitting it :’) i’ve spent hours and hours studying and annotating and writing, but i feel its gonna 100% go to waste. good luck to everyone doing this exam tomorrow or soon!


I laughed HARD at the boat beating against the current born back ceaselessly into the past.

Great job on the video, an awareness of these things is the first step to making a change.

1) flat purchasing procedure


Why no more 8-bit philosophy?

Thank you for your comment. Yes, I have a blog

”what are you doing for the BLM movement” He asks this all the time. I would answer

This is so sad 😢 but also amazing

The situation at 3:00 is quite different since the people on the plane would die regardless of what you do, therefor it seems foolish to not attempt to avoid a large crowd.

Read this book in middle school. It was an eye opener.



I am by no means making fun of his accent (I’m from Texas an’ love me a good southern accent! Lol), but my favorite part was the way he said “dog” in his non-southern accent. Lol I so need to try this with my friend from Georgia. He’s got an awesome, thick Georgia accent. Lol

Could you make a video of how to compare and contrast poems? it would help me so much. hope you’re doing well.

You are one of my favourite people in this world.

Cade a traducao para o portugues?

1984? Catch 22?

I love the time riders series.


Mr. brown lol

Dog borks at 19:35

This was the introductory lecture and other points would doubtless be raised in the body of the course.

Adrian is really cute!!

“What are you doing for the black lives movement?”

Http://healthandfitnessmagazine. info/learning-language-easy-adults/

Anyways snark aside good vid keep up the great work. 🙂

All long images at xxx

WOW! What a nice docu, … I love to know this history

The example you integrated in helped me understand it better! Please do make more videos on economics. This really does help us out. There’s a huge fan club for you!!!

John need a new suit.

Does Letter writing and Article writing also requires ur tips?



I’ve watched this video an unhealthy number of times…

I was ready to disprove this speaker on his statement that depressed people are delusional and/or deny the truth, but he disproved himself. Not only the study he mentioned, but others as well show that depressed people are more in touch with reality than ‘normal’ people. I think it’s best we start from this point and move forward. This is one of the great truths that has helped me in my depression: freedom from depression is the choice to focus on that which is good despite the fact that life may be more bad than good.

The girl is so annoying

You are so beautiful 😍

Fullmetal Alchemist… Anyone…..

What does dogmatism mean?

Khud ba khud he “Pee” nikal jaye ga :V

30th anniversary🔥🔥🔥🔥

Caste system in india should be complety abolished in one go.. this can only be done through undemocratic means.. as people here are so rigid about caste and all that they have closed there eyes to humanism.. which is much more superior than casteism is.. present govt. if want to develop india of dreams.. than they should bring a law which resists all kind of caste related activities in india.. we all hav one class-caste-and religion i. e ” humanism”


So, what’s the profit for a bottle of water?

Currently listening while writing a crime scene for a class project

That was very helpful, thank you ❤

Many of those who adopted the term “gender” had no idea of its ideological roots.


What kind of English is “he has been very threatening beyond a normal statement,” Trump went on.

I love your analysis. Great job

I studied this “linguist” for a few minutes. She’s working with substandard skills. Her understanding of the patterns of language, how to recognize and analyze them and then how to report her findings effectively to the public is severely lacking OR she’s a propagandist, playing “dumb as a fox.”

Fun fact: ‘shite’ is one way that Scottish people say ‘shit’ and everytime we hear ‘shiite muslims’ we have to try not to snigger.

He speaks fluent asshole

Being Polish…. all 6 of our grammatical cases seem to make sense, but I can’t imagine why Finns need to have almost twice as much. I can’t imagine the purpose 😉