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I like this Video and Emma is teaching these lessons well.

For that matter, the shirt didn’t phase me. Now if he was being a jackass about it, drawing attention to it, asking me weird questions like ‘would you like to dress up like one of these girls for me’ or constantly singing about how much he loves Pamela Anderson’s tits yeah. When that socially awkward guy who speaks Klingon and sticks his fingers in his arm pits before smelling them at work starts staring at you at lunch and licking his lips while winking at you and using his ridiculous moonspeak language to make sexual passes you don’t understand to you it is time for him to fucking stop.

Interesting fact. Humans dont need a job to survive.

My English teacher taught me PEEKACW: point, evidence, explain, key term, analyse, context, writer’s choices – to write our lit paragraphs. We use this for literature and poetry although, with poetry you don’t include context.

Thanks for this video it will really help me in my presentation

In a capitalist world… you think that would actually function properly?

Mf doom is the god of rap

Have you read blood on the river

The map suggests that the Polish language has emerged out of slavic between 1300CE and 1500CE but in 996 Poland has already transitioned into Christianity and had it’s first legally recognised ruler.

Your fast response to emails, to contact to writer is awesome and customer service is really fast and efficient. Glad to see that organization is actually working for customer satisfaction.

The guy is speaking too fast.

not be fulfilled.

I like this video and the noble idea behind it, to answer your question about what’s stopping us. I believe once we discover that other intelligent beings live in some-other part of the universe this empathic bond will be triggered Or when are all in danger by an external source.

Who can get me have the subtile? thank you!

This guy is the person who needs to explain to English speakers that learning other languages or cough pronouncing foreign names is not tough since the vocal sounds are already close to many other languages!


Thank you! But i’m having a problem with the TS😅😅😅 if i just figure how it works i think i’ll do better at the exam. I hope…..

Haha that man just got trashed

I love that 🙂

(I learned about these and more on Mirykal lingo guide website )

As hard as this was to watch/hear sometimes… I lead with APPRECIATION for those to show us what it’s REALLY like for others in the world. At the same time, I’m so conflicted. OF COURSE I think of those who are hungry when I throw away what isn’t eaten after dinner…. thinking who would/could still eat this food. *Bothers me every time I do that. Seeing all that trash, and just thinking what that is like for those scouring through it to eat. My heart aches. Still… the scene in NYC… are we not to try to strive? For what we think is our dreams? For someone in another part of the world, their dream is different than those in that NYC building. For some.. owning a piece of land is the SAME as that corner office. For others, it’s running the family business, etc… By featuring the skyscraper, TO ME, it says “Look at you selfish Americans in your offices.” But we ALL are striving for something more. What that looks like is different for everyone. *I ADMIT I may be projecting my own insecurities, but the juxtaposition of scenes, poverty to seeming gluttony. To me, that part of this movie didn’t feel right.

I’ve always said that one of the few good things to come from the prequel Star Wars was Ewan McGregor playing Obi-Wan! He does actually a very good job.



Proverbs 21:2


Family member or friend??? He’s a shithead and a lying illiterate corrupt scumbag.

>> so unless the College Experience has radically changed in the past 20 years, my data about your generation’s times is still fairly relevant. But even if u guys are totally different, I still have the other data.

I see nothing in Christianity to contradict ‘xibipiio’. A fundamental teaching of the faith is the kingdom of God breaking into an earthly reality now. All can begin to experience heaven now! ‘Thy kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven’. Everett’s theological understanding is clearly limited.


Without accent = new jersey

Is Mr. Clifford the Bill Nye of Economics?

Excellant videos….pls upload more videos related subject

Anybody else pucture the “dog” as a robot spider? Cuz that was my favorite mental image.

This helps me fall asleep

Explained one chapter in four minutes. Thank u!

Szechuan Sauce, that’s what Rick cares about

So this means Indians, Chinese, Japanese and/or people from ethnicities that don’t use English as the primary language are mostly on a huge advantage.

Is this supposed to help???!

What a guy. Thank you so much

They don’t want to make it ugly( that’s my opinion)

I’m not pleased with this video. Maybe you should work on your speaking before heading to next video.

The Brits conquered New Zealand in the late 1700-1800s, vaguely after the New York settlements. The accent here has no Hyooj, the R’s are very dropped, nonexistent a lot of the time, with the “catch” present and no release. It’s also non-rhotic.

U know it’s me kid

This is supreme commander!



I want spit on that Brahmin guy wearing sun glasses while he is talking.

Kant believe you didn’t make a pun between Batman and his ‘Utility’ belt xD

If we don’t believe in any version of an afterlife; then life becomes much more fragile and finite; which would surely leave us with a greater empathic drive?…right?

This is my challenge in life; to show compassion and love towards the followers of the most evil and hateful religious ideology.

Thanks for the help!

Wow, I didn’t realize there were so many Africans in European armies during WW1 lmao

WHAT?! Not any family member of mine nor any friend of mine.

I love this guy… soo inspiring… kudos😎

Pizza John shirt!

Have the audio to this on my phone, really glad to see it right infront of me

The interviewer is such an idiot. Why don’t they pick someone qualified to interview a legend. One of the worst Chomsky interviews. I can see Chomsky being wildly discontented about the stupid “Googley” subjects brought forward. Just horrible questions.

Wow its awsome video and right way to learn

Jfyi, it’s actually “smartestest”, not “most smartest”.

Lololololol all us mathematicians are safe


These are things that were drilled into me in jr and sr high school. Back in the day!

The aetiology of homosexual desire and identity.

Face to find her in an over-sized witch gown and Christmas hat dyed an

I’m a filipino and almost 90% of filipinos speaks english. It’s like our second language now. And I’m learning Korean

Saw several comments about how this is used by lazy directors (as if they always write the films), uninspired stories, ‘since it’s a fancy $10 word i’ll add a fancy explanation,’ blah blah blah, but, ya know, sometimes it’s okay to have fun and indulge in some nostalgia. heaven for fend some people get a kick out of seeing the millennium falcon, right?


I would love to see one about Kafka!!!

Winger it is a really good book about a 14 year old boy trying to survive high school at a boarding school

Romantical music aint for studying bro, you need barroc, Bach makes you better at focusing.

So in a society like this a disabled transgender lesbian black woman (who has also watched a pigeon die) would have a future brighter than the fucking sun



When I used Concession, my teacher said that why would you mention any other aspect when you are provided with the topic you want to concentrate on!

I never been to college….. I don’t think it’s that bad, is it?


. Week 2 3: simple pronoun, simple noun,

How do you know what is easy and what is not? Something may appear easy exactly because human brains are hard-wired for that. For example, any 2 y. o. can look at picture and tell whether it is a cat or a dog. Easy, right? Now, try to create a program (or an artificial neural networks) that will do this task reliably, and you will find out that is a very complex problem to solve.

If you wanna see some fucked up dr seuss shit watch the paraphinalia wagon scene in grinch night

Thanks alot

Huh, never knew i was a utilitarianist, thought i was just stupid to allways take one for the team, or psychotic to easily sacrefice one for the many. turns out, im the sane one!

All these atoms are not so different than we are,

What makes a villain?


Great lecture. Thank you!

And by joining the mob, like nerdwriter1 here does, all one does is create an atmosphere of bullying and moral outrage that is currently sweeping social media.

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What was the comment?!

I love drawing people and that is all i can really draw. People in my class would talk about me because i only draw people. My mum says that artists specialise in different things but it still annoys me. Is it wrong for me only to draw people?

This guy seems uncomfortable when chomsky criticizes advertising

Im driving to school listening to this, not studying

Thank you so much

I feel like i can really learn life lessons from these



Or facebook id. Bilalashrafjalip99

“Go pick up corn” – 2:06 – that’s the most amazing part really – his ease of use with the english language is truly remarkable. that sentence wasn’t solicited by her at all, he did it of his own volition and desire

God! I hate when it when your writing something down, it sounds amazing, but then you read it and it’s shit! -_-

Why is the PPF graph not linear?

When I’m on my Cal HR Portal and I want to apply via electronically. When I click on submit application, i get a red pop up that says SOQ not attached? Where do I attach that?

5. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

People be cautios about this videos and learn that there is much more that the eye can see from what they present.

You missed age of empires III

4:16 – officially goes nuts.

There is no right thing to do just because you killing 1 instead of 5.!

Omg jacks looks and sounds different back then, and now jack is so mature, hes growing up in front of our eyes

Wild-born African grey parrots are thought to live longer than those raised exclusively in captivity. Life span in the wild is up to 80 years; one specimen is known to have lived to 90 years. Captive-bred African grey parrots average 50 years, but some parrots may die at 30 or 40 years of age.

I really hope I wasn’t the only one who got the “Great Gatsby” reference.

I speak french, English, Arabic and wolof

Wow.. super explanation..

I’m a keep it 100, my music was terrible

Can you do a 30 mark question, and show us visually how to do it please!

This is quite possibly the Internet’s single best review of any academic subject. You’ve really packed an amazing amount of valuable information into these 15 minutes, and done so with remarkable clarity and completeness.

Thank you so much you really helped me ❤

Cambel bowyer



I have seen this video. I am very poor in listening so I listen again and again,

Obama was the best in my opinion

«Να είχα δώδεκα αγόρια κι τρία κορίτσια, να τα έσφαζα εδώ μπροστά σου, για μια ακόμη στιγμή μαζί σου».

But yea I would love to see you scratch your head on the rest of these.

Excellent video…. kudos to MBA I yr – Nehru College of Management Students. fascinating and fantastic. every must view this and post ur comment.

I feel so trapped these days in society, with PC liberals who’d rather get distracted by the nickel and dime shit while corporations raid what’s left of this nation’s future in my back, while facing the religious proto-fascists trying to take us back to the 1950’s, when women and minorities are oppressed in silence

If you can make me one

@justgivemethetruth Oh come on, it’s not that bad. At least it doesn’t fail at storing logins, like Chromes does. Just wish the Windows version would support the OSX font rendering instead of Cleartype, Apple font rendering looks much better.

I’m watching this and my mum walks in and says she has to got to the hospital because my nephew shoved a battery up his nose.

This is a cool looking game. It reminds me of when I had to write a few assembly programs dealing with registers and doing math operations. Those were the days seeing all the different outcomes different students got by making tiny mistakes in their code. 🙂

Using your phone at school leads to procrastination

Now I kind of want to see the video about learning how to draw

2 resourses: metal and energy..both will be generated per second via metalextractors or powergenerators..spending resources is rate based

Thats a quote


37:55 survival instincts kick-in. The law of the fittest works in this case

Fear porn, we the humans are gods creators, the agenda is finished the game over babylon is fallen. Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! times

Wow learned more here in a few minutes than i have studying all week with a College Economics Book that i paid more than a hundred dollars for… The irony…..

All these books sound awesome! Thank you!

If you’re genuinely being loving towards one another, his other talking points will follow by default. This is why Yahushua (Jesus) said to love one another as he loved us. Love won’t harm, lie, cheat, gossip, judge, blame, complain, nor compromise a relationship. The ways of men are vain and lead to death, but the way to life and love comes from the one person that most are doing their best to avoid, even those who claim to be looking for love.



Ahh now i know the legends of seven sin. and seven taste budha the bitter taste. lao tzu the hermit that tasted life as sweet and few others.

Sir mujhe movement and shift kb bnta h vo smjh nhi aa rha

Ha im doing an essay for good will hunting and looks likes one of the main character is telling me how to write it. Thanks Robin Williams

What are govt bonds excatly and what are repos

Im 12 and I have a crelative mind I would love one day to save the world but this song have me tears I would love for people to send money to different charitirs

No it’s not that, its about perception when he displaces or slangs words it creates a prism which is up to the listener to perceive what they want based off their nature(frequency) it creates ripples of uncertainty sort of say and it also makes the listener work by making them listen closely and pay more attention, it’s complextion and bizarre tripy nature also entails different emotions depending again on the nature of their light. nature simply put their development or travel from no understanding to understanding. young thug genius prism

This map is wrong. The Minoan civilization was the first Indo-European civilization in the map of Europe, started in 2600 BC. Make your Homework!!!

If the world will become like this in the near future, I swear I will be a doctor to force vasectomize the majority.

You Waaa Compost lefties are whining because she didn’t say negative things about Trump to support your feelings.

Yes, I would like to join Filip, and thank you Ariel!

This music tell me to read cmnt what other people tellin abt it.

Albert Camoooooo

Well if you dont like automation then try to return to the ground where you belong, you clearly dont need technology and science after all

+Dhrubadeep Das Understanding native speech is difficult, but the KEY is knowing exactly what to listen for. Learn how native English speakers pronounce certain words and listen for that. For example, as I say in the video, “The kids could have been drinking the milk” will NOT be pronounced with stress on each syllable. If you think these words should be stressed, then you will not hear it because native speakers do NOT pronounce it that way.

List dal do aap

There’s only one problem with the eightfold path, and it is the problem of Right Livelihood. In the modern world, it is very very difficult to work for a living in such a way that doesn’t compromise you ethically in some way. If you drive for Uber you’re helping contaminate the planet. If you’re a cook, you’re contributing to factory farming and the cruel treatment of animals. If you’re a banker. . . well, you get the idea. There some ‘right livelihoods’ though, like being an organic farmer in a self-sustaing farm, or a teacher/professor who actually wants the kids to learn, for instance. But for the most part, we all do work that’s very harmful to the planet and our fellow man.


I like this guy Martin……he’s down to earth, well spoken, and very intelligent……this interview was very entertaining although the breakfast club think ghostface is some kind of rap god like 2pac or Big…..The east coast have fallen to the South almost 20 years and running

It’s easy to hate on trump. Mostly because of what the media tells us. What’s more difficult is to hate on the ruling elites who are telling you to hate on trump.

I have mastered the art of “not thinking about it” a few years ago.

Great lecture. Thanks a lot



C. – the lowest rate of unemployment that economy can sustain over a long period.

You look like Avril Lavigne by the way. 😅😅😅

Please continue!!!

This is one of the best things I have ever watched in my life!

The priest in this video openly supports caste syastem and these manuwadis talk about equality then in the name of reservations

Things must be pretty slow at Paddy’s Pub….

Name Of the piece on 22:45??? Anyone Please!!!!

Hello! does anybody want to help me improve my speaking English? i’ll glad to get any responce from you

Thank you for sharing your professional thoughts! This was very insightful and we are happy to have you as part of the mission to help bring human back into human resources as well as fun into the workplace!

The syntax of High Valerian is also akin to Japanese with its SOV order 🙂

This douche

Ayyyy que recuerdos de little inferno….

I like adrien and mr clifford. i can process things in my head with crash course now.

Also, this is just my opinion, and I might be wrong

I feel you’re completely wrong in that statement. We shouldn’t go to college just to get a degree so we can get a job– college is about learning and experiencing way to further expand your mind.

Beast mode

Whoever makes these videos obviously has no concept of how real social justice theory works.

Am I the only 7th grader who is learning this in school xD

And grammar

I think the most touching quote to me was near the end although they all hit me deep.

Diggle diggle diggle 😂😂😂😂

I have final exams on this book tomorrow and i havnt read it.. any suggestions?



Age of Empires is Best

So she admitted he is honest! I bet the Washington Compost is upset with her for that. Also He is from NY many NY’ers speak like that. All you clowns that think he is stupid! I don’t see you morons worth Billions and get Elected President! Jealous globalist idiots! I love watching these liberal morons lose it everyday! That in itself is priceless.

I would like to see a breakdown of Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi.

That shit is hilarious! But seriously – y’all, don’t be afraid, everything gonna be alright!

You damn right its a joke bitch

Hallo, ich mag sehr gerne den schweizer Dialekt. Der klingt (für mich) gemütlich und lustig zugleich. Ist natürlich Ansichtssache.

Si eres de la escuela, subscríbete a mi canal XDD


I did them all 😲 YAAS, most of them exist in my language others are in my slang dialect.. It wasn’t hard at all and I did them all from the first try 😁😁🎓🎓

How does increasing the amount of jobs in the economy not decrease the unemployment rate? At a total loss right now.

“Use your weaknesses to show your STRENGTHS!” oh lord, this made my belly hurt xD I wish I had this advice when I was younger

Sensitive sparcle smart people……….bettina we do what we do because we think we are those we think we are

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Sir plz give me your contact no. and your institution adress

The letter “i” is pronounced EE. Motif = moteef. Rakim = Rakeem. Sheesh.

WOW you lost me… why do they need to replicate and split up the files?????

Where philosophies and ideas do not need to be substantiated with hard evidence.



Even though I’m not bipolar, this really helped me cope with the feeling of stress and depression when I think everything is my fault, I knew it wasn’t my fault but somehow I couldn’t convince myself before I watched this documentary, stephan fry is fucking amazing, if you ask me he’s “morgan freeman level” amazing!

“And to day the Great Yer tle, that mar velous he

Hyperbolic? All of it? Constantly saying “great” is hyperbole?

So many comments are completely missing the point.



“His heart smiled” – Beowulf

Adolf Stephens A as in apple an apple like a macbook a macbook has a screen which is a rectangle cut that diagonal its a triangle ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED

That would be so amazing! Thank you!

The happiness hypothesis by johnathan haidt. it’s kinda about philosophy, it takes “ancient wisdom” and modern science together and it works so well in 10 chapters

This guy is amazing. I learned so much, about my past, about my friends, about my family and how common this disease is and how often we misunderstand, misdiagnose and ignore it.

Quien se a dado cuenta que en el nivel 2 pone con las letras que eposita “L O A D P R O G R A M E R ” QUE ME DE UN LIKE EN ESTE COMENTARIO PD: No me di cuenta de que estaba escribiendo en mayúsculas pero al verlo me dio palo cambiarlo

Shout out to Chopin’s e minor at 6:00

Someone is holding up a sign saying “Deport Bears.”

Kevin costner as robin hood…english accent! lol. Its impossible to get past the haircut, let alone worrying about the accent.

“Embrace Simplicity, Save Planet”. Thats the message it implies for the Rich People here. Either they listen or suffer. The speaker suggests the onus lies on the Rich to limit the use of resources that we use to comfort our living.

Why do I keep reading YouTube comments?


Another salty washington post video

We are making a survey about globalization, please take a minute to answer it https://docs.