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“Most existentialists would remind you that the world and your life can have meaning, but only if you choose to assign it.” (7:22)

Can you imagine staying in a single room for 13 years straight without communication and just eating baby food and soft boiled egg? for me it’s traumatizing.

Sir, put some more on essay and letter

My favourite novel is probably Lord of the Flies.

At 4:33 ;”when naz………to find” @8:53

16 to 21 Exactly correct I knew I would ahve a more mature mind!

Very Nice Documentary!!!!!!

I learned a lot, THANK YOU SO MUCH! 💓

She hit the nail on the head. I’d rather have a president who speaks down to earth like Trump does, than have a president who speaks like a cool, smarmy, deceitful snake such as obummer did. Charming demon from hell he was….

I don’t mean to be rude but you have horrible handwriting man

I speak Dutch, Armenian and English! 😊

(the only place they go to translate that, and old high german are south Australia

JACK play world of goo it’s a really fun game!

Nice Presentation….

You’re in charge of a field hospital in the midst of a military conflict. You are a utilitarian. A bombing has caused massive injuries in the civilian and military populations. There are more people who need treatment than there are doctors/nurses to treat them. Which injured people do you help first? Explain why your choice conforms to the principles of utilitarianism.

These are great!! Thank you.



Oooo flying penties, me likey

Are you gonna go over essay writing?

“This is the greatest gift God can give you: to understand what happened in your life. To have it explained. It is the peace you have been searching for.” Mitch Albom.

2:59 “We as Weaders”!?

I like how the conlang Ceqli (pronounced Chehng-lee) uses the letters c, q and x for the sounds ch (tsh), ng and sh, respectively.

You should rap man

When the day comes when you realize you cant eat money thats when you’ll know its worthless. Lets just take care of each other. We’re all the same, we’re all human.

I thought intertextuality was a direct reference to another text to create or demonstrate an idea. Such as in, “The Catcher in the Rye” refers to another text, “Comin’ Thro’ the Rye by Robert Burns in which Phoebe states to Holden. Mm.. I may of misunderstood it, oh wells.

0:23 vegetarian shit

Depression and bipolar disorder run in my family hardcore. Not one person in my mom’s family doesn’t have a mood disorder. It’s rough. I worry more about the bipolar ones because of the added rage, impulsivity & unpredictability, which puts them at a higher risk of suicide than those of us with unipolar depression. At least the stigma is decreasing.

I think I am in love

Explained the entire chapter in 6 minutes thoroughly 🙂

Everyone here is complaining about 20 page papers due tomorrow, and I’m just sitting here wondering why I was complaining about a 5 page paper the next day.

Thanks for sharing the well done NLP video.

To us however, not stuck in this scenario, living in a world where we do not have the need to kill to eat the idea of killing regardless if human or bunny seems brutal and grotesc because its unnecessary.



Your rhyme, his rhyme, no rhyme, none

Dear Soma Ji, Thanks.. It’s very simple and good one… I like this very much

Thank You for this thoroughly enjoyable and provocative presentation on “Sophia’s Plea”

I’m still learning my 3rd language rn skdhsndkd it’s so frustrating

I actually prefer the why marvel looks then the way you made it look, it’s too yellow and brown and looks less realistic which is what marvel is going for a more realistic superhero movie, they always try to ground them in reality bisdes gaurdrins 1 & 2. but it’s just my opinion and I’m not saying you are wrong if you like it, i just wanted to say my opinion

Philosophy of adventure time please!

Hi! Thanks for the videos could I possibly get the notes? –

Jessica Chastain’s vegan brother.

Which planet are you from

I agree what Professor Crystal says, he explains so many aspects of learning the World Englishes. By the way, he tells us that we need to explain our culture, myth, legends, the food you eat, the folklore you have, the songs and so on in English, which extremely attracts me. If we do this in our daily life, then someday we can learn more know ledge as well as our native language. Thanks for sharing this useful and inspiring videos.

Maybe it’s.. intentional?

I think millions of people could pick out individual words. I can, just can’t spell them. I’m a fan of Star Trek, but never studied Klingon. Just learned a few words here or there from the Movies and TV shows just from watching them over the years.

If your message cant be understood in an objective sense then i dont see how thats evolution of the language more like a step backwords if two people can listen to it but come away with two different words thats bad now when two people can both listen and comprehend the words fully then come away from that with different interruptions on what the words actually mean that seems better too me

Relax the mind and soothe your brain

Let’s get something clear;

Too long

जाति व्यवस्था का सर्वोत्तम समाधान हैं अंतर्जातीय विवाह।

Good. we have heard so many stories from moms of kids who started out

I wanna point out that the Frankenstein complex made an appearance in Season 3. In Rickmancing the Stone, the slave owner/king person says “Slavery was a family business! I didn’t ask to be born into it! If anything, I’M the victim here!”

I really like Beethoven so i give it a thums up

Patrick, is it possible for you to share to us the “color calibration” settings for popular media players like VLC, Media Player Classic, etc. to make Marvel movies (specifically) look like the footage (3:37) you color graded?



Good health and good luck.

29:58 major disrespect cutting dude off like that. was not the first time he did it either.

Also, you lack the acumen to understand desktop metaphors on touch devices will fail in the market. You’re whining and crying about MS releasing a tablet first. No kidding. An intelligent person has the ability to discern the fact MS released a tablet that failed while Apple released a different type of tablet that succeeded.

“One fish, two fish; red fish, blue fish” 😍🙏🏻💯

Suicide lockheed martin

Well it’s about time!

And if you can find it…

I want to read the comments of those 606 people who disliked this video

Now i can write a proper essay

I’m really…I have enjoyed and benefited a lot from this lesson…notice I’m beginner student pls correct my comment if it has any broken English

“Trump is just like everyone else when he jumps from topic to topic”. But I bet the people that WRITE HIS SPEECHES aren’t. Trump can’t concentrate long enough to stick to a prepared speech. Does this woman have any official qualifications?

The only people I know that jump from subject to subject incoherently are stupid female linquistictics…..

10:14 I always joke that my skin isn’t white it’s transparent. But holy shit I’m dark skinned compared to that girl. lol

Yeah? What about the guy that’s putting sawdust in his bread so he can sell it cheap, giving people appendicitis? Or the guy that ships toxic chemicals in a tanker car to one area and saves money by not cleaning the tanker, then ships milk back on the return trip that he can sell cheaper because he’s willing to poison (only a little bit) his customers?

Well I am a Chinese students and when I taking my eco class, I always totally lost. hh But your small quiz and practice are really helpful and it let me to concentrate on the question quickly. It is really helpful videos for international students!

Cossacks : European Wars and Empire Earth.

Can someone please elaborate on the New Zealand part?



Kudos for the great efforts none the less.

It sucks

As true as it is sad that we were made like this

‘That is precisely the type of pedantic nonsense up with which I shall not put.’

Thanking you.

The question is whether the noun has a allomorph or a null allomorph as an afix. Then so far, every language in the World has gramatical cases shown or not shown.

And here before the corrected title

Este juego me encanta mucho me gustaria ver como estaria ya terminado

They discovered my bi-polar in jail atage 52. They couldn´t understand an old man in the middle of riots all the time. Lol

Pi is an infinite number, it is a never ending sequence of never repeating sequences, so basically you can find every combination of numbers that can ever exist, computers can interpretate numbers, sooo, that means that you can find any picture ever created or that can be created, or any song ever written or that can be written, or any game, etc… Everything is inside Pi O. o

Hi liz, is the introduction pattern the same for general training.

Currency is an obscene measure of real value. People are currently, and have always been, the only real currency of tangible value. To say that money controls elections is both correct and incorrect. The dollar isn’t what money represents. People are money and we have to buy into it in order for anything to function at all. Everything in life, and including life itself, is a pyramid scheme.

The best medication is intense exercise. Have you ever heard of a marathon runner attempting suicide after completing a 26.2 mile run? Why not? Because their brains are so flooded with endorphins they literally CANNOT feel depression or anxiety. Do you have to run a marathon to stop having God Awful depression and severe panic attacks? No, but when you can get up to running 1-3 miles per day consistently, at a fast pace, you’ll watch 90 percent of all your psychological problems evaporate. Don’t knock it until you try it. And btw, if you hate running, ask yourself which sounds better, a one hour run followed by a full day of happiness, or an entire day of apathy, misery, guilt, anxiety, depression and self loathing. LEARN TO EXERCISE.

How about athletes? Sportsmen?

What happened to Kermit’s black hand-moving things?





So cool

What will happen in trials when the hero dies??? Need an answer very soon writing a narrative for school and it’s due in the morning


A video about the Greek language. Why not?

I doubt it, because when people say “Could of” your brain interprets it as “could’ve”, which is exactly what they mean. But you meant “type”. You would have to just be a complete ass to want to correct someone on facebook or the likes, places of informality, when they say “could of” instead of “could have”, or rather “Could’ve”, because they sound exactly the same, they arent expecting asses to jump out from their audience on youtube and judge them, and even if they are, they really dont care.


Weaponized intertextuality = “member guys? I member? member???”

Right now Im so tired of winning.

Every Indian who hasnt stood up against this atrocity should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of humanity.

I freakin’ grew with Warcraft 3

Speak slower. I cannot translate what you’re saying.

Somewhere in the galaxy the Core and the Arm continue to battle…….. *looks again* Oh right….sorry, was getting nostalgic.

… it’s been running in near foreground of my mind.

Вчера смотрел порно с женой

I have to say, as a German, German is an easy language, but in German we have like 10 words for “the”, so you may have problems learning this. I’m just 14 and I speak English really well, so English is really easy if you compare it with German.

How can anybody be happy and feel free, knowing about the killings and tortures and suffering going on for millions of people and animals on this planet – and even call it progress?

This is amazing 🙂

In the end automation is still the key to rising quality of life. This time by reducing the time we have to “waste” on work.

Still bumpin the original ODB (Old Deaf Bastard)

Martin is actually cut from the same cloth as Jay z, 50 cent, Diddy, Russell Simmons, Rick Rubin etc. They move shit in NYC and money has replaced time for these cats! It’s Powerful!!!

I freaking love Nando de Freitas! His talks and lectures are always great!

this is called controlled opposition…i used to be a slave to that, but then i realized it and stopped following these saboteurs. i hope you do also one day, because with this kind of stuff, you are doing so much bad for simple minded people.



This would have been helpful to watch before my FOREX unit test last week…


Oh, and I don’t agree with Plato on this! Myths, like Karen Armstrong so eloquently stated, are always true.

Google:Erős Cecilia emlékére

Interesting perspective, but consider this: the history of scientific progress is defined by people overcoming challenges of society. And those challenges were a whole hell of a lot more than clothing that made them emotionally uncomfortable. If somebody can be so offended by some images on a shirt doesn’t that mean that something is wrong with them? Are the rest of us supposed walk on egg shells for fear of making them upset? And why is accidental offence an excuse to say overtly offensive things like accusing someone of being a bigot? The fact that an article of clothing was able to eclipse the single most impressive feat of human space exploration in decades is down right shameful.

Outstanding, thank you.

HR is affirmative action for women.

(*) Beyond the usual brain warping, I mean.

Why economy take long time to reach to equilibrium? I don’t get it. Please help^^

Huh…this is why I love spanish as my mother tongue. No weird sounds at all 😀

I mean goddammit, this is so darn cool 🙌. Bless you, sir! Like, sincerely thanks


Please, tell me why.

The caste system is related to karma. They believe that people born in lower castes have a bad karma. It’s their karma to do shitty jobs and grow up in poor conditions.

Hey!! i m janvi..

I enjoy your videos!



No seriously please I’d love it

I don’t understant, what will happen practically if wee get so called “freedom”

Es una clase de spinn off de little infernou

Don’t use there is. But then at 5:00 she herself used it.. This is “very” confusing and I “don’t” understand it.

If you voted for Hillary or Trump. Do us all a favor and eat a bowl of aspirin.

Some very good information. Thank for taking the time to go over it.

I love this! it is so true. There are so many great books out there that are not widely read.

Thanks for uploading so knowledgeable video

You can’t beat physics, you can only study it.

Thanks it helps me to grawup abilities for writing an essay

This is great, thanks!

Any one like help me in English?

She never talks about her education

I understand why those “lets tear this country apart and use it’s resources” type of Western powers prefer having a sharia ruled country filled with ignorant hate-filled people as opposed to a secular country with educated people.

Thanks sir bht achha lga hr ek bat ko bht achhe trike se smjhana very nice sir

Good looking pretty




All of my high school readings, yay!

That’s Jared from silicon valley…

It’s funny how fast you can get addicted to this videos! Absolutely genius! May I have one humble suggestion? One video on the meaning of archaeology would sit well on your channel, please do it.

So did he shake his hand???

Haha this guy has zero understanding of what a linguist is



Jews talk like that

OMG!! Thank you a lot. I actually owe you for this video. I JUST GOT MY IB DIPLOMA (INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUERATE. I hope everyone that is listened to this video got succesful.

Its like ur few of the guys nowadays with many features, maybe thats why ppl find u hot

I’d like to hear more about when people prefer one economic system over the other.

This shit is my JAM!

Can I donate Marijuana?

Wish I could reverse my life and go to one of these colleges…grab the knowledge that’s flowing from every corner of these places. Sir Sandel, thank you for introducing me to Harvard. I realised how a lecture looks like. It’s pretty different in our country. We basically mug up facts and there is a very lil focus on reasoning.



Crystal clear recommendations, thanks for being straight with your explanations and recommendations

Bought on gog.

I can not believe that I will enjoy studying economics, ever, thanks a lot, thought I topped economics test last time, I was uncertain if I will do good and keep doing good, because I took economics as an extra subject, but after they devided the book into micro /macro and teacher being not a good one, I had to find an alternative, and boom, I got your ur videos!

Good presentation and accurate statistic survey, but i do not heard anything on the other factors except birth. What if Africa goes 2 billion in next 40 years. Europe is currently pressed by huge migration wave because of economic factor. Whats going to happened if that continues? There are also cultural, religion and ecology factors. Statistics are accurate enough but didnt get those additional factors in equation. Disturbing times are coming and more precise projection surveys have to be made.

“Life is better lived than conceptualized. — This writing can be less demanding should I allow myself to indulge in the usual manipulating game of role creation. Fortunately for me, my self-knowledge has transcended that and I’ve come to understand that life is best to be lived — not to be conceptualized. If you have to think, you still do not understand.”“Defeat is not defeat unless accepted as a reality-in your own mind.”

The Princess of Iowa

I’m in year 9 doing my second year of my GCSE in French and my speaking is on the 8th of the November THIS video is reallly helpful

When she mentioned Charlie bit me video I immediately went to see it 😀

This is ridiculous, after explaining shit over and over again Martin still gets bullshit thrown at him

Thanks sir

This is ignorant propaganda at it’s delusional hypocritical worst.

After watching this video, I made myself a cup of milk

That is confusing

Tears burns in my eyes that the world is so corrupted