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Looks fantastic to me

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PLEASE, break down VIKINGS

Just 1 week ago a computer taught itself to walk.

Name of the music please??

Is this patched or does it still work.

You’re confusing gender and sex. Sex is an essentialist concept, the sex you were born with. Gender is completely different: some people who have been born male, yet who are very effeminate, or conversely, tomboys as they call them. Gender has almost nothing to do with genes, sex has everything to do with it. We associate masculinity with strength, indepedence, entrepreneurship and femininity with emotionality, weakness, … That is a cultural construct that is sexist and harmful.

The gay man is very much a modern creature…

It’s rethorical aim is to ‘equalize’ men and women, whereby any detected difference is imputed to socializing forces only,

I wanted to know what you are about, but I don’t have time to view your video a second time to get what I missed because I was distracted by ‘guessing’ where your name comes from.

You ignorant turds

What is that circular artwork on the board? I can’t find any reference to it…

Hey Vlogbrothers please check out the book, “Autism The Fight In Side,” Written by A. E. Bower. The book is about having Autism, and serving six years in prison for a robbery that the main character did not do. The book is a bio-pic Non-fiction. You can view the book at, and or buy the book for the listing price. Thank You.


Me: Wtf?

Copy cat….

Still fucking nonsense!!!!!!



Great video!!!!!! But why did you choose milk? !!!!!!

Must…. resist….

Mediatized talking heads use the phrase all the time, gay men don’t, despite the intense programming.

You are brilliant

Cauffe meme xD

And this is He-man: jpg



You continue to be one of the most thought-provoking bloggers on YT. Thank you so much for what you do, and for stimulating our brains!

Who’s listening in 1816?

Kids in afrika have nothing and you destroying two Dollars? Wtf Bro

This guy isn’t as bad as I had thought.

Watching Jack be dumb gives me a headache XD

China isn’t in fact socialist, nor is it communist. From all of the countries I have lived in, not a single one of them has been more of a FREE MARKET ECONOMY than China; No public funds for assistance, no socialised housing. Socially, the government is bordering on dictatorship, but economically, people are wheeling-and-dealing constantly, with little regulation. We are largely misinformed in the West about how China is run, and I hope this comment helps.

How the human being

Good video. Really good. Love it.

Thank u.

Omg its tobuscus!

What if only one guy was stranded on the boat then the case would be to whether to eat a part of his body…. As a human you and we are only allowed to make choices and take actions towards whats within you and affects only you not another human. The nature already designed its death for them which they all had to face it together but they keeled in-front of their weakness to commit the crime. so the situation was to be faced like as if one individual was stranded. People show their reality on critical events.. to know a man give him power… that boat situation gave them power to commit crime and live or else die…….

I’v got my report and I di’nt do the pasusive writing

“Ahhhhhh music to my ears”

2. He never went to the US. He wasn’t welcome. He went to Egypt and died of cancer, due to the tremendous stress laid upon him. He did everything for his people, and everyone turned their backs on him.



Malkovich, Malkovich

I have said fact based statements before that people called racist so I had to remind them that what I said wasn’t an opinion but was actual non biased facts.

@Jader7777 As he said towards the end: If our upbringing, education, economy… Indeed our very existence, isn’t aimed towards fostering that empathic nature, we revert to our more baser nature – Greed, materialism, narcissism and aggression. What we see today, most of the violence, crime, hate and division going on in the world, is due in no small part to the mindset we’ve been taught – Of the monetary world, of the value of having more than others, and constantly trying to get the upper hand.

Hello Ms. Liz, I just want to add. I think that if the question states “To what extent…” Words such as “totally, definitely, certainly, partly” should be added. “I totally agree or I totally disagree that….” Introduction should contain 2-3 sentences. I hope this is a useful tip as well. By the way, I love the tips you have provided on True/False/Not given questions. I badly needed that hehe. Cheers!

Not asking an existential question.

I cried a lot.

I purchased this game a few days ago, and I finished all the puzzles in 6 hours straight, in one sitting (actually 5 hours and 58 minutes). Then I went back to optimise all puzzles, because several of them did not have all the lights “lit” in the “elevator”.

What is explained in this video is the research about “Critical (sensitive) Period Hypothesis”. I thought you would describe what is “linguistic intuition”

ICame, iSaw, and iRan

We can read those by ourselves why we need her to read it for us??

Hold on, im 12 and my teacher is making me watch this.

When the social and cultural context does not require that children have native-like proficiency, it can be more efficient for the school program to begin second language instruction later in order to maintain a stronger commitment to the education in the child’s first language.

Very helpful, thanks a lot.

Swiyzerdütsch is so diffrent the most a german speaker will have troubles to understand its nealy inpossible for highgermans but the swiyzer dont have problems with that

2: If I was the driver I’d just flip the trolley. I couldn’t live knowing I ended a life, it is better to die a hero than live a monster.

I still can’t get over Ben Kingsley’s very bad, so called maori accent in Enders Game – was hoping it would be shut down in this video

What kind of brainwashed dumbass kids actually go to this university?!?! Isn’t this HARVARD?! Shit… I don’t think I’d pull the lever for any of them.

Now instead of getting c’s i get straight a’s

Can’t imagine Trump doing one of these…….oh yeah…he doesn’t have the balls.

I just suggest u for a summary in description

This was just so sad to watch. The cast system needs to die already. No one should be treater higher or lower thn anyone. Times have changed but I believe its going to take along while for things to change in certain places. It’s the way in which people think that need to change.


Yeah because Nazi-Germany was a country without hierarchy.

There is no real polish accent if you’re not repalcing ‘th’ sound with ‘t’ or ‘d’




Has there ever been a good Robin Hood accent? Whether he was from Nottingham or Yorkshire, neither Russell Crowe or Kevin Costner came close.

What about women who are trying to attract women? do these same things apply to lesbians, too? or should I make a point to not expose my neck, stop plucking my eyebrows, and hide my hips in order to reduce unwanted attention from men?

This series is shaping up nicely.

When you want to address someone by name, you usually add “e” to male names and “o” to female names. For female names it sounds a bit rude so it’s rarely used. For male names however, it’s the most common way to address them. Example (in Latin letters for readability): “IvanE, kade otivash?”, translated: “Ivan, where are you going?”

This is really sounding like Religion, I wonder why🤔

Hey! I am 16 and I once thought that I was suffering from depression which turned out to be just the fear of my peers getting ahead of me. It was a bad feeling and I was really feeling low and almost gave up on studying, the only thing I was good at. My elder brother was very angry with me and my behavior, so he decided to enroll me in a classical guitar tuition class and also forced me to exercise daily. From then, I have never felt depressed. I still get bullied by some stronger kids who have been exercising since they were kids but I am catching up. I no more cry. I feel so strong and satisfied as well. So, if anyone of you is feeling depressed, I would recommend you to exercise daily and also try to learn a good musical instrument. It works like charm. Believe me.


That you have decided apriori are “X” and “X” needs to change into Y” in oder to fit preconceived notions, for example, of “normalcy which again is banal and infantile, as it TELL YOU NOTHING about the engagement and the affect-co-created engagement (co-created meaning making) that can occur by engaging the child rather than a priori labeling it as positive vs, negative. Relationship dynamics, meaning and co-created affective engagement; deepening reciprocal; attachment which allows for

Get yours first. :p

Well that’s what Jobs did, he was a damn parasite. He fired a team of engineers because they couldn’t make Apple’s cloud service magically work perfectly overnight. Jobs was known to harass the staff, he sure as hell wasn’t fired.

Now i understand thanks!!!!

I spend most of my time on the internet watching videos and learning a lot of stuff about math, physics, biology, phycology, language ya know just the stuff that interest me and fail at school at the same time (something is really wrong there)

And that is why Asians shouldn´t drive…I am so sorry

The problem is technology and how fast it’s advancing. Technology is making us live longer while making us breed faster.



Demônio arggg Fora do Brasil


Well, I like that.

Zabel is Bae

Would have been a great video if it weren’t for the stupid and infantile end remark about parrot heaven.


LEIGH NATASHA AND PRIYA KAJENTH: I’ve just sent them to you – hope they help! 😀

I’m not sure what exactly this video is saying. Because we live in a free capitalist society where we work and pay taxes to a government that then uses the money to keep safety, order, provide services, and protect our rights, we are slaves? I dare you to go to some Third World country where slavery is practiced, look an abused, enslaved child in the eyes, and tell him all about how you are a slave and how your enslavement is just as bad if not worse than theirs. What are the alternatives to this terrible “slavery”? Communism? An anarchy in which there is nothing protecting your life and liberty, in which the people at the bottom of society are forced to fend for themselves with nothing, where crime is rampant and people are still just fighting each other for power to set up their own de facto regimes? The best possible system is one in which there is a free enterprise, but we still pay some taxes to a government that helps to protect our rights, provide safety and order, and give services to help those who are struggling. This video is just another attempt to seem edgy and philosophical when really it’s just complete stupidity.


Plz do more

I wouldn’t consider “actioning” ugly because it’s new, I’d consider it ugly because it refers to nothing, yet another stale, nonspecific word along the lines of “nice” and “very.”

Is there another video that goes into those hand motions a little more?

Thank u mam

@zashgal — a conceptual framework just means your slant, your angle on the topic. For example, your topic is “social media.” Well, you slant can be “impact on education of the growth in social media.” So one way to organize your research is Impact #1, Impact #2, Impact #3, and so on. A conceptual framework implies a relationship between your slant on the topic (concept) and your presentation outline (framework). Conceptual framework.

Were is he from voice like blew me up


Charlamagne #illuminati #fuckboy


He has very clear thinking of lenguages…. i liked a lot, from argentina, i think we need to go to the roots of English during our learning, i mean to the british English, to keep enought elements in common to be able to speak, in this global world

Can i get a credit class for Watching this video. 😆


Every time I try to watch this video… my head hurts



So, you read them all, Mojo?

Senpai!! Watashi ha senpai ga suki desu~ Eh~ senpai ha suki jya nai desuka~?

@sergioapuzzo Belgium is a beautiful country, the politicians come up with crap like this, I hardly think you’d meet any politicians when visiting the beautiful cities and countrysides that make up Belgium.

Hypocrite Chomsky. He is of very few people who promote communism but will never trust his life to communism. So they will live in democratic countries like US.

I miss alex so much I love him

Not like this.


This sucks bad

He keeps looking to his right, could he possibly be trying to describe something that he is seeing like maybe some groundskeepers outside working or some sort?

Thank u bro for these lessons.

F0451042 陳怡秀


I like how he just coolly gets up from the seat and walks off.

Studying for my drivers license to this

Why do you have no representation for pollution????

With smell of steaks in passageways. – [smell the steak now right? the smell wafting down a hallway]

Im having a hard time finding sources for my depression literature review,? Where can i find it? Someone help?:) 😀

Since I’m year 9 but have a very important end of year, since I have no mark scheme to go off of, the text is completely unseen and almost random, would you recommend just using as many techniques as possible since I don’t know what the mark scheme is… they can’t really say my analysis is irrelevant? That sounds too confusing, I hope you understand!

Cool sir!!

Actually, English has retained 4 clear cases in pronouns: nominative, genitive, dative and accusative.

Would have loved to see you cover Leonardo’s impression of Jordan Belfort. I thought he nailed it.

SUBTITULOS en castellano

Sitting at psc watching this….

According to my mother, I knew how to play chess when I was a toddler. Now, I couldn’t even tell you which moves are legal…

First time I see a video about this guy.



Thank you very much. Your tech help improve my English writing very much.

I think some of your analogies are a little off. Providing healthcare, safe food, safe roads so people can live and work is not enslavement by any means.

I made some coffee for you.

Rifkin is one more well funded globalist scum bag. Listen carefully to the ethicists – they have nothing but contempt for you cattle. . .

Tried listening to Freddie Mercury Couldn’t do it had to come back to the favourite. 😊

Thank you soon much, it’s really useful.

Ya dejenlo el solo iso una pregunta ya sea tonta o no pero hay gente que solo ve comentarios para insultar y no digan que yo tambien checo los comentarios solo que vi esa pregunta y le puse que si en plan buena gente pero veo que nadie de aqui tiene buenos modales y solo por que asen eso de insultar si ni siquiera el los insulto

Can you mail me this

Hahaha yeah charlamagnes being annoying but this dude Martin is a fuckin CHODE

Very belatedly, I’d recommend “A Darker Shade of Magic”. It’s the story of 4 Londons; White, Grey, Red, and Black London. Ever since Black London was closed off from the others, only Red is left with enough magic (White is starving and Grey is IRL London) there are only a few left who can traverse these worlds, and Kell is one of them, but what will happen when he finds an ancient, powerful artifact from the forgotten Black London? (It’s really well-written and will 100% make you cry, I promise)

Je travaille normalement dans le silence. Ce mix musical, cependant, représente pour moi un comfort et non une distraction.

This whole country is a big shithole, thank god that these ignorant Indians that come to the USA and even the highest caste are ALL Dalits here. They clean our toilets or run some shitty mini mart, my toilet smells better than most of them!

Scary as f*.

Im only here to spam comments

Why do I get the feeling this game will go from:”We have done such a good job” to “Crap on a cracker” really quickly Genny…

“What’s inside the box? I think it’s a turtle.” Pondering if this is at all relevant to all the current (mid 2017) boxes surrounding John.

In my high school in Denmark I was at an oral exam and had to explain the difference and uses between consequentialism, Utilitarism and deontology with focus on Bentham vs Kant and also I had a case on assisted suicide/death/help evaluated by a philosophical board in Denmark on a text where I had to apply the different ideas and theories. I got a grade equivelant to a B+… So it was alright.

Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta

Can I ask, what makes him a propagandist? I’m just curious because I read this word being used for all left-leaning minds in the USA. Is it because he doesn’t support the conduct of the US government that has made the USA the number one hated country in the world? How would you describe the pack of lies the US used to justify a war against Iraq? And before you use the Saddam argument, remember the US armed him to commit his worst chemical atrocities, the crimes he subsequently got hanged for

2 days till my Macro final. Let the playlist begin. 🙂



2:13 wut de actual frick

Erik is incredibly hot <:pˇˇ

10. The Stranger – Albert Camus (opened discussion about immigration)


7) The Catcher in the Rye


Overly self critical and artistic cos of my rounded letters..

Charlemagne is so full of anger and is lacking self awareness. Like dude, why are you attacking this guy who is literally just trying to talk. Even if it was Hitler, wouldn’t you be curious about his principles or vices, how he goes about life, where his mind is at?? You need to relax man. And why was he always trying to pull a race card. As an adult I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that I have realized and understood truthfully that in this world, there are people who have self awareness, and people who don’t, and can’t have a calm, reasonable conversation with someone they dislike without throwing low blows or getting defensive about things that have nothing to do with any of the dialogue. Those are the only two types of people in this world, and that man is on the not-so-self-aware side. Just relax, please. Also i’m super stoned and am surprised with how passionate this got me lol. Weed and wax, are God, thank you Quantum Vibration Lords of the Multiverse, this THC has satisfied my cannaboid appetite. Apetits looool. I’m sorry future me for this post.


I’m surprised he never mentioned The Fault In our Stars on this episode

Even though I live I the west I often agree more with the teachings of them than any idiotic teaching of Catholics because their form of religion has become so corrupt and people do not fully understand what Jesus truly wanted. Instead you are pulled into church and taught to obey god and do his every will or else he will not forgive you and send you to hell. Europeans have gotten this so wrong, which makes me so so angry with our society. Jesus wanted peace and forgiveness, not fear and hate. Even the government is run on fear, so are police stations. Europeans think that anyone who defies them is evil but they do not realize that there is no evil in the world, it is only people suffering that commit the most crimes.

When you had it all to start with it is very easy to give it all up.

When any sexual deviance or non-normative orientation is forcibly lumped together with other

The rich should help the poor in stead of exploiting them.

“It sets a dangerous precedent.”

Iii. Don’t write: we have used wiz woz in practice’. Do write: ‘we have build a GUI toolkit in wizwoz, and used it to implement a text editor (section 5). The result is half the length of the java version.’.

Thanks to English Lit, I know everything about Of Mice And Men like the back of my hand, from themes to the significance of a water snake that is only mentioned twice throughout the novel!



Then the 3rd would be, “understanding the true nature of reality is the way to end suffering”

This is blah

Loved the video! Snapchat – amy1xxx

Primer comentario

Thank you it will surely helpful for me

Sir your all vedios r very good and your explanation method is very simple and excellent


Man you really need to talk about how badly americans fuck up australian accents


There is no objective value to anything. Minds give everything value and minds are subjective by their nature.

Be* this* or you are going to fail your exams

Your purpose is to pass butter

With accent = georgia

Anyone that has actually read Nietzsche will know he’s in no way a nihilist.

So you don’t recommend drawing diagrams for the 25 mark question?

I hope you do many more videos with Erik. I re-watch his videos sometimes for no reason. It’s addictive, good content.

You might want to discuss market manipulation, currency forex, and government picking winners and losers.

So in conclusion, life and the law are all about choices – the train



6 out of 10 is not “very good”. That’s failing.

Really i start understand paraphrasing after watching your video. thank you so much

“Why? cause I’m black?” man get this fool out of here. what an idiot.


The problem with minute 28:00 is the difference between making a choice of two options and a life of work. I am hoping this is rectified afterthe commercial break :\

More videos like this please!

She messed up at the end and said men dont approuch from the front but meant to sat back

Once a year 1000 remarkable people gather in Monterey, California to display their skills. Tony is not one of them.

Let”s all put away our BLAMEthrowers!!!

So, here the case is not 3 vs 1. It is 12 vs 1. hence, it was justifiable to kill 1 boy

Thanks. Simple and easy to understand charts.

Just wrote a letter to my self with things I’m proud of. I suggest you do the same, it can be quiet uplifting.

The map is as real as JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth. . . a mere speculation.

The takeaway is that half of America is gullible and stupid. Believe me.

Very well explained. Good examples and understandable. LIKE