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Brutus was gay, and he took casius dick to agree with im

I can think of perhaps 15-20 also-rans of high merit, but, listed above is what I would deem an A-List.

Glenn Howerton is that you?

WARNING: There’s a mistake in this video at 8:14. He says, “As you decrease the price, what’s going to happen to the demand curve? Well, the demand is going to go up.”

The Electoral College is a Disaster – Donald J Trump on Twitter…😓

Thanks for video, it is a lot of help

I’m taking a gap year too, and although it’s not really by choice I have the same kind of mindset as you – we might as well make the most of it before university 🙂




Do these (visuals) exist in poster format?

You forgot Percy Jackson

I liked the how to write a good essay video. I liked the funny introduction. It was very good explained. Now I know it better how to write a good essay. And I also liked the little drawings on the side.

Loved this and the voice went very well together. it makes one take notice and more understanding of what happens when one exercises…well done and thank you….

It’s almost as if people in the comments never heard of exaggerated satire.

What are your favorite books

How can you even dislike this, yall should be ashamed

So nice sir

I know why their respective entries are listed, but I prefer AOE3, RA3, and Empire: Total War over their listed counterparts.

Worth the money!

Also, computers (i. e. Turing machines), and by extension AI, are limited in the types of problems they can solve. Look up the Halting Problem, and problems of Kolmogorov Complexity. Humans are able to solve these but not computers, suggesting perhaps that AI will always lag behind human cognition.

Get yours first. :p

Apparently this guy was indicted to five years in prison for child pornography. Go figure.

Science of linguistics starts with books of Petro Zheji…



UR very welcome, Fit!

Scythians (Saka)? Their origin is Slav and Turanic tribes. Their early names was Ye-Me. (Yamnaya or Yamayana cultures) Saka tribes immegrated to west (Saxson – Sakason). They was 3 big tribes 1-Saka Tigrakhauda ( tigrak so Tik:leg name of protoTurk in Chinese records. Tele or Ti-elö). 2- Saka Tiay daray (behind of sea) 3- Saka haumavarga from Iran records. And according to Iran records Turan (Saka) was enemies of Iran. Efrasiyab (Alp-Er Tunga) king of Saka. That name is Turkish no doubt. Alp is breave Er is men Tunga is tiger.

If people start to misuse this term for what is, officially, a completely different meaning, then this should be addressed and paid attention to, as it can not only lead to a great deal of misunderstandings, but also to a complete lack in historical accuracy.


More of a Marvel fan, but still love your poster..

eastern seem to often have a greater non specific spiritual connection between all of life.

I speak Arabic, Spanish, French and English thanks to movies, tv shows, Barcelona football club for making this possible.

What’s the game on the thumbnail

I want live like him

Wow! ? !

Great post KoolAidMan, and you’re right: Execution actually matters.

Great video! Thanks 🙂

Also I use YouTube Red and background watch doesn’t work on his videos until like an hour after they’re uploaded. God I hope steem destroys YouTube.

Yesssss. can’t wait.

Love this guy

Dammit Disney and Marvel! Stop being cheap during post-production!

Implement this into the corporate world, Senate and Congress. Make clear that corporate sized ‘religions’



Charlemagne thinks he’s all it lmao


He doesn’t sound like he could be one of my family members. Even the dumber ones of us are way above his level.

Also, such an interesting comment about on-line education! Your teacher probably does have HUNDREDS of students who she needs to monitor. Multiple-choice is the only way to make that work, and it’s probably a very ineffective way to measure students’ progress, especially in English classes.

13:23 That double breath tho

Consent Is Being Manufactured All Around You, All The Time

Thanks for your lesson. It would be helpful for my exam

What an embarrassment for country, thanks red states and rural poor people, now get to work in your dream coal mines. I am thinking more like Tesla moving forward. I cant wait for this poor excuse for a president to go away, F draft dodger.

I’m from the Northeast and I find Bernie’s accent obnoxious. It’s almost comical. I couldn’t imagine a representative of our nation speaking like that to the world.

5,000 people accidentally missed the like button


In the end, you have to live with yourself, the choices you made, and the actions you took.


Alpha = 90 to 70$, beta=60$ to 50 or 45$, prereleaseorderpack 40$ and release bout 30$ … pick one or none



1 mosadegh was from national party not the Communist party.

We’re better for Noam.

Originally the queer core was basically LGBT, but many categories have been identified and added since.

And when called out on it they tried attempted to play it off. Not to mention that those the Kick-Started their other game (Planetary Annihilation) they go TITANS for free those that paid for it on Steam in Early Access had to pay for it again, which just increased the number of people pissed at them since TITANS was NEVER mentioned AT ALL.

Woah the amount of editing of this video is insane

OK there was more

25:00 actual beginning of managerial economics

Agree. Hierarchy sometime slowing down the work. Put person as on their expertise with their managerial skill will take it into fast and great result, just like in startup organization. Fachim – CEO of Aman Technology

Sad but truth

You may think that you’re a creative, unique snowflake. Actually, you’re not. ROASTED

The economic fallout is something to consider. If 45% of the working age population is unemployed. Then most products won’t be purchased. The tipping point is something to consider. Customers need jobs to be able to afford goods and services. Without those customers automation will become a moot point.companies and governments would have to introduce automation at a pace equal to the decreasing population plus development of new jobs. If not then a universal basic income would have to be used. Although a stagnant population is not a good thing and could be viewed as a threat. If they push for WWIII you know they have no plan besides just the quickly depopulating the planet of people who can no longer be of use to and pose a threat to those in power.

I am literally all of these

So each supplier starts producing less (or supplying less) to avoid surplus supply (waste) and distributes in regular patterns of small bursts of supply.

The auto play feature on youtube mobile always feels the need to rick roll me

The guy who starts at 1:05:51 kills me. I want his name. I want his address. I want to help him so much! How do I find out how I can do that?

Does anyone know what level of economics this is? is it IGCSE level or A levels? (grade 9&10, or grade 11&12?)

Beethoven is truly one of the most brilliant composers of all time, The person playing his music in this video, must be having the time of his life, amazing talent.

In my opinion there´s a huge difference between the 2 choices:


They become part of people’s ‘Reality Principle’.

What the fucks that???!


Is this guys last name have something in commin in inklewiter?

Selfhood coincides with empathy. Does this means that a psychopath has no selfhood?



How average utility is calculated

Man where was this in undergrad?

Creadores de little inferno llore con esa serie ; (

Can you make history of the caucasus?

You are just wow teacher well done sir

I swear you are the best teacher out there! I am first year master student, neither my professor at university nor any tutor in youtube made me understand as easily as you did! You deserve a standing ovation… Million thanks for taking your time to teach us and for making education available for free!

You destroyed me on 10… I paused it and couldn’t figure it out.

This guy gives me dhivers up my spine☺

Dhammam Sharanamm Gacchaamii..


You are realy clever

You should read Just Kids by Patti Smith, it’s beautifully written

Awesome tips! 💙

I’m sorry to say but was not able to be clear about real GDP?

Thank you very much.



He should make a video titled,

Sir explain of economics comparable and longly

He’s reading all of these quotes from the book “Adolescent Psychiatry” lol

I still can’t believe that someone would use such a corny and generic name as young thug. Harder to believe that people are seriously listening to this. Yung thug is potentially evidence that Black people actually are an inferior race. This guy being famous is actually a psyop… a test to see exactly how stupid society is.

I would help but I can’t I’m to young 🙁

Don’t make it like Spore my gawd… Graphics look a bit cartoonish but stylish. I wonder if they will get the weapon ranges accurate? Considering how tiny the planets look the sense of scale is way off. Will units also fight in space? I like the idea behind this game a lot but other than units reminiscent of TA and some borrowed gameplay concepts I don’t know if it will recapture my love of TA. I will have to wait and see. If this game has DRM I won’t even think of buying it.

Next topic: Avatar. Plz

It doesn’t matter if it’s assigned to be read. The fact remains that many teachers assign books to be read and then do not actually address the thoughts in the books or even test the students on the information. It is pointless in the confines of the course. As a teacher, I would never force my students to buy books that they would never need to actually pass my course. As a student…I have bought many books, which we have NEVER addressed in a course or even needed to take a test.

Crammers unite. we stand strong and numerous.

Anyone else see his AC-DC belt???

I hate growing up!

That false dichotomy between “fake news” versus “real news” was exposed long ago… its all fake news on the mainstream media side. Time to wake up side-playing sheeple…. your “news” and politics and world runs on money and serves only the interests of big money, NOT you.

The force is strong with this one

This woman is a linguist?? She’s as much an insult to the average American as sucker mouth. To state that most of us speak like that ignorant POS is infuriating. The turd speaks like his beloved undedicated supporters.

This video is 100% true!

your incredible smile makes me happy.


To be honest, a couple of those kickstarters were led by some shady people

Theoretically we live inside of infinity. If the universe is infinite then why are there finite things inside of it? How can limits exist inside of unlimited?

Thanks to you, I’m droppin’ mad literary references like nobody’s business

The human race must also have negative energy towards others who they do not see as part of their extended family. firs tit was the people over the hill, then others in other religions, then other states. now what you’re doing is saying let’s join all the energy together, but you’re not eliminating the negative energy that follows, you’re just directing it outwards, towards either god or whatever aliens are in the universe

Prescribing literature as Medicine, this is brilliant. I have been handing out books for a while now. Only 1 out of 10 actually read, but you can tell they are changed forever.




Thank you for this very short and simple explanation! Great examples as well


Five ways for writing are great for me and my goals.

I bi z Bärn gbore, deshalb räde i sälbverständli Bärndütsch (Schwüzerdütsch)!

And then today there was information about Facebook experimenting on customers presenting them with altered reality. This is the most dangerous technology, the ability to make people think that other people are thinking a certain way and that they should think that too in order to be normal or in order to maintain some kind of reasonable world view.

This music help me finish my 5 paragraph essay in one night

🔥🔥🔥 fire


So do you advise me to continue?

Them: “Sprechen sie Deutsch?”

You cannot be utilitarian unless you are omnipotent. Period. There is no way to know the ultimate consequences of the means you used to justify the end.

He looks sexy! I bet he’s got a big tool 🙂

Im not sure but did you find out though?

Fucktard, if you read my post I wasn’t complaining, I was just stating that a long schedule can be done by a college students. The douche after me questioned my hours so I defended it. Wasn’t cryin, just stating what people do to get by. I worked damn hard for my degree and I’m proud of it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. So fuck you, sir.



We world is not like that video

Is science compatible with religion?

I would use the terms “ideational,” “simulation” and “auto-replicating mood program”. But then again, a mind-fuck by any other name would smell… like a soggy novel from the 19th century.

I am struggling to find. Source for Thesis in Managment. I really confused on how I should start it..your help will be highly appreciated


Emperor of India. :D. Yes, good what u said.

I genuinly want to know why i never had great techers like this when i went to school… who knows, i might actually have given a crap..

“They do not speak Persian, they speak Farsi, or as we call it, Persian.”

Bullshit. Go and research, but do it PROPERLY this time, who gave the Cyrillic alphabet to Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Objectivity is the root of science.

Reminds me of Latin

Most students ARE lazy.

Yoh thanks bra, i have been struggling with this economics thing, but you are fast wish you can slow down your pace

We’re fucking screwed

We do these things all the time but this was execive there are good people out there are there are bad if they are trying to stop this make a change instead of making a video about it see people complain and argue and bully if you want to make a difference do it cause complaining about it isn’t going to do anything so that’s my opinion but hey what’s I matter that’s what the world is another opinion down the crap hole😾😡

It’s so weird when you hear Jack’s energy in his intro for his newer videos but then you come back to these older ones and it’s just… not there

That unit cannon on the moon totally sold it for me.

I didn’t even think Kevin Costner in Robin Hood was aiming for an English accent.

I think a gap year is such a good idea!! my brother took one, traveled the world and will never regret it. I love that you’re defying the expectations of typical ‘high achievers’ – it will be great for personal development – Im also applying for Biology at Bristol too!!

Beethoven was an ugly motherfucker


Step #3 – Give it a Constitutional mandate to “tell the truth”

People b honest n confident i have work for mikidis, burgerking i have been a super viser on a movie theater, sales rep i have work on customer service also for time worner cable technician, construction and at buffalo wild wing as a cook and now papadeoux restourant as a cook cheft as well and guess what?????????????????? I DONT HAVE A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA AND IM 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n getting pay 18 the hour right now n im not saying dont go n get ur high school just dont let that get in the way

Damn this guy is smart. They can’t touch him intellectually. And listen to that Illuminati thing he says….what was it Bridget Capital??? They asked him how did he get the money to start the drug company…. He said “the same thing your boys do” and referred back to that meeting Charlamagne said he was at 👀👀




3:22 False.

“I have loved the stars to foundly to be fearful of the night”- Sarah Williams, The Astrounomer (sorry if i spelled anything wrong).

Wow!!! hats off to that country’s politicians and media….. can keep this alive when they enjoy everything…

D’he say his mom was STILL a Janitor?…

Why the fuck does everyone hate trump

I am a man not lady

This would have been a more relevant message when the media was spending 24 hours a day worshiping Obama. Oddly enough this accurate criticism of the media is gaining in popularity as the pseudo intellectuals seek to gobble up any propaganda supporting their shabby vision of society. Everything is nauseatingly predictable.

,,Wir müssen Rückzug machen,,

Mr Bush sounds especially bright today.

2nd year of college

Stardust is Cody Rhodes.

BEAUTIFUL animation!


This man is one of the so called controlled opposition his mission is to collide everybody in service of Zionism

I watch this whole Porsche commercial

You are a good man.



I have my Drama paper remaining this Friday. We get either an extracted passage to analyse, or a general essay question. (I’m doing Merchant of Venice, by the way.) Which one would you recommend is easier to do? I see this method in the video is more appropriate for shorter texts, such as those of passages, if I’m not mistaken. The general essay question is a little intimidating because it’s so open-ended, but then again you are very much in control of the content and not limited at all in terms of evidence (and my Drama paper is open book, so it’s not like I have to memorise the whole thing).

Yes, i was just correcting the guy who seemed to be confused about her gender or more likely was just trolling. i wasn’t trying to label her or diminish her point of view in any way.

Very easy language 👌

And go where after u leave it? lol

You fucking slavic and mongol mixed rats can`t claim middle eastern Peoples heritage, “Israel” has never existed, and the real “whites” are the Middle Eastern People our history proves it and Roots are in Anatolia stop splitting my nation for your new age zionist ideas, this is not your History, i look on Race and non of you looks like someone from anatolia, so stop claiming it you filthy fucking we wuz kangs gyspy jews.

I played TibSun way more than Red Alert.

Never believe someone who says “believe me”

You never heard of a rapper that kill it like I do

Seems like a sweet and kind man. I hope his condition has improved since then.

Which planet are you from

Well i’m glad that i’m woman :3

Am I the only one seeing this?


Dear Liz. I am a beginner to Ielts learning. your videos are out standing and it helps Ke a lot to correct myself. keep posting and hopefully end of this year I’ll appear for test. once again thank you so much for these awesome ideas

I’ve read Deep Work after your podcast with Cal in combo with forest app for pomodoros and brain. fm for focus and my productivity exploded like a final smash on a 300% brawl against my procrastination.

No need for swearing. Either than that he’s a good teacher

Ur all videos r awesome it’s very helpful for my exams thnk u so much sir.

I really want to learn czech because I am part czech but it’s really hard to learn

Autopsy showed he died of ingested wool and blue block materials that never cleared his GI tract. : ( jk Amazing bird!!!

5:24 Voicecrack

Lets go last minute cram! #APMacro