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How about explaining how Charlize Theron’s Grosse Pointe dialect in mad Max.

I believe that we are here to make a positive change


I must agree.

4:40 who’s that lady in green?


This is amazing!! Thank you so much!! Got my econ final tomorrow 🙂

Thank u… I didn’t knew how shifters work… Now the concept is clear 😊

Plucked eyebrows attractive? for some I guess. How plucked? 20% ? 50%?

I kind of agree with that. We have to learn something. Learning to stab yourself is a bad idea. They encouraged me to be a traitor essentially and work against the interests of my country, which feeds me. I guess it’s to fight certain things. Hate yourself was a strong, trained impulse. There’s a happy balance. No, that’s not what I’m doing now. We all learn our lessons if we survive though.

Damn it i love this show

It is like a coward who runs away from battle saying he has “Ended” the War

@Clikzvidz you sir, win the comment of the year

Holy shit professor, what a theory!! Are you going to invent the wheel next?

Mediocre interviewer but I am thankful he kept interruptions minimal and the questions were alright.

All this advanced technology and it still takes 3 days for a check to clear. Isn’t that weird?

Got an exam tomorrow on of mice and men and an inspector calls, never read them but i think i probably know the book better than the authors i have that many notes on them! D:

I’m doing As English Lit and one of the girls from your school who goes to my College suggested your videos and I redid an essay for my English Teacher and went from a U to a B so thank you for sharing! xx

3: who are here selfish + sadist + narcist greeeed obessions? More im more more never enough! Get awake dude!

This should be a concern to homosexuals.



How to improve my skills in accounting? hope to hear from you Sir,

Leave the orthodox thinking.

I wanna practice British accent but it’s too hard for me to find a buddy to practice.. Maybe too shy? So afraid to make mistakes…

Rick and morty is soo perfect

Enjoyed the video! Hope it helps destroy that catch-phrase “trickle-down economics.”


Yeh. He sounds like my drunk grandfather.

I’m focused more on her than on the video’s content. Nonetheless, I learned.


The music is too loud and distracting. At one point it sounded like someone in the background was building a shed. A counter-productive soundtrack.

There is not love of life without despair about life.

What’s he doing for black lives matter? lol what’s black lives matter doing for black lives is a better question.

Stick to your own damn subjects people!!!

The clue is ‘you can’t escape intertextuality’. it’s inevitable, and it’s always is. hey nerdwriter bring Derrida out!

Oml he is so calm wtheck I’m here in 2017 just finished watching pinstripe on his chanel and wtheck it’s so much different XD

There’s far more than just religious separation dividing us.



What’s the opportunity cost of buying that much hair dye sir.

Thank u sir

Look at the statistics there’s a huge spike every may lmao

The Odyssey?

“nutella is life. life is nutella.”

I see all these people talking about high school, but I read this in 6th grade recreationally. Maybe that young formative experience is why I’m so ardently opposed to censorship of any type.

Thanks for your work it helps me understand English and Economy terms.

“The world will not be destroyed by people who do evil, but by those who watch without doing anything”

Canada and the United Kingdom.. Both are Democratic Socialist.


Who watching this on 2017?

I thought his desk was on the walls

Lol rly interesting way to learn. XD

Yes, very important on the Modern Texts paper, Section B. I’ve completed a video on it and will be putting it up soon.

These videos are so very informative, i’m a U. K student studying A level Economics for my exams in two months, self taught with the use of distance learning, these videos are very informative, easy to understand and explain things without sounding boring. I’m really impressed.

Sir, plz provide more vedios on recent topics

No novels by Jane Austin, no Hemmingway, not even Gone With the Wind? You need to do another top 10 list.



8.The Hobbit

Compare the characteristics of monopoly, oligopoly and monopolistic competition.

Something I came along succinctly describes Trump: Dark Triad. See Wikipedial The dark triad is a subject in psychology that focuses on three personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy.[1][2][3][4] Use of the term “dark” implies that people possessing these traits have malevolent qualities.[5][6][7][8]

Being unable to skip ads are unaccusable!!! I will now always use ad block on YouTube because of you!!!

It’s a really helpful video

Very nice!

What kind of highlighter do you use?

5 frameworks x 7 points with 3 characteristics each – this guy is so all over the place that I have no point of reference. Is he just recycling the catch phrases from his DVDs? What is his actual point??


THANK YOU for not only showing the graphs but explaining them as well! 🙂

It’s very good when I look at your IELTS videos. It’s in very simplified manner and easy to understand. Well my exam is coming soon in this month and I am average in writing. Can you give me some more useful tips to improve my writing. I’m eager to hear from you.

Thanks, again, Nick!

“celebrities” — “the best”

Can u provide me a quantitative technique for manager lecture..

8:30 2017’s another brick in the wall

Napoleon Dynamite can tell which farmer produced the milk…

I just watched The Man Who Wasn’t There… Had to come here.

Cool history bro

“He’s interesting to me linguistically, because he speaks like everybody else.” How is that “interesting”… from a study perspective? Isn’t his crude, poorly-constructed, speech evidence of stupidity… or, even worse, laziness? Laziness is rarely interesting… and there is nothing interesting about Trump’s speech. Trump is a carnival barker. He is a cheat, a liar, and a slob.

Are yaar ye baar baar candicates kyu..bol rahi ho…puri waat laga di

We are born with no plan and we pave out own fate. we are born to died.


OMG u guys are going to get me through ECN550!!!!



0:27 That. Was. Amazing @_@

I wonder if his son would’ve taken the language up fully if he was surrounded by Klingon speakers?

Secondly, whats with dealing with all the moral issues as part of school? I’m here to learn facts, not to debate the morality of mankind

Also Chomsky > [watch? v=YIpJQEcXP7A&feature=related] hehe

The only sounds Beethoven could listen to were the mysterious thoughts in his head..

@DimebagVision But your whole claim is that professors are inaccessible and do not “help the students enough.” If “the small percentage standard is objective, if a professor does not reach it, does that mean they weren’t doing enough for the students? What about subjects like Math, where very few will become interested and most are taking it to eliminate some general studies requirements? If your standard is subjective (it is), how can you criticize?

Hi! sir I want a vedio on PPC only where we can distinction between PPC and what to produce, PPCand how much to produce, PPC and from where to produce pls sir reply

And i’m using my moms account

“Modern liberalism”

Do you have a video on the HRM Functions?

Yes, but he has the body language of a 14 year old bully so he has that gong for him.

Because he wouldn’t be able to clarify much about this specific people, the Eskimos,


Tryna get dat ol’!

Verpiss dich Kanacker

We south Indian people are little bit poor in understanding Hindi. so please try to post videos with subtitles or try to speak completely in English. thankyou

Interior more import rstokb subsequent ally page curve really ceremony sponsor.

Batman is kind of really sick in the brain and sadistic. I say that because Batman I still one to beat people up so badly that they end up totally crippled for life, but still won’t kill. Lastly, I strongly believe that Batmans morals ultimately come from a place of total selfishness. He’s not doing people favours by not killing them. He’s too afraid of stepping over that line, for his own fragile personality…;)

I want a million dollars given to me?

I made a video on Artificial Machines once.

I am MBA student. sir you taught so well. Easy to understand. Nice work sir.

I did it twice and i am 16-21 and 55+



Nice video

Madam can u pls give us more lesson for writing letter

Man since he talks so fast, I had to watch about 20 times. lol

Secondly, I feel that the feminist movement has actually deepened the rift between genders (in recent years) more than actually helping. When people are constantly comparing the two genders instead of accepting their differences, saying that equal has to mean the same, it just forces us farther apart. I don’t like the idea that women and men are the same, I think we’re different and I think that’s beautiful. For instance, I think women are better stay-at-home parents then men, not that the women are incapable of going in to various carriers but that statistically men make worse stay-at-home parents. Men (usually) as good as nurturing and comforting, I’m not arguing whether that is is because of conditioning or biology; regardless the fact remains that they aren’t as good at it. I definitely don’t want a future where children are sent to nurseries and raised by hired babysitters, I find this selfish on the parents side and think this is detrimental to future generations. Although that is besides the point, it’s meant to be an example of what I’m trying to say which is that equal doesn’t have to mean the same, this is perhaps my biggest problem with the feminist movement.

And i´m sure PA was´t the only game that went this way..

Every politician.

– the people who sow the wheat seeds (or those who oversee the machines who do it);

Reminds me of when i used Scratch when i first started my C++ class

I love crash course, but is there anyone else who hates how childish these two act?

‘Til you keep sleepin’ on me, I’m at large

I’ve listened to this multiple times. I love his voice

Meanwhile, other academics don’t really take all those queer studies seriously,

Many many thanks sir……..

Thats their problem. These same black indians deny their african origin and try to look down on black people. Thats karma.

GREAT BUT LITTLE KNOWN: Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith is a novel that takes place in the USSR under Stalin in which setting and atmosphere are as important as the characters; The Good Earth by Pearl Buck – there’s a good reason why people used to read this, but somehow it’s fallen out of fashion with readers of classics – TRY IT; the Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper – an excellent eerie adventure in England; Harris and Me which is often missed by Gary Paulsen fans; Illusions by Paul Volsky is a little known science fiction novel of a world in post-technology state; and The Blue Sword, a Newbery winner, but doesn’t really fit in with their usual selections (a bit higher reading level).

There is no argument there.

Thankyou emma…..your videos are great help👍

The guy speaks so fast wtf


Its really productive sir Thankyou 😊

Ambien, concerta, prozac? A sedative, an amphetamine, and an antidepressant? For a manic kid?



Much easier to understand than our Prof. 🙂

King of Pluto had no religious agenda, shitface, he was doing this for money.

Very interesting! Thank you 🙂

You should see if you could get a beat boxer to help you with this one. I’ve been on a Pentatonix kick lately, and their beat boxer went to Yale, so he’s probably smart enough to get what you’re saying and do a video with you. He also plays cello.

Well i’m convinced that philosophy is a fake science of it isn’t bound by a belief, with the limits of a belief philosophy descends into a long list of crazy ideas.

NB: adjective and noun changes through Dative and Locative are the same, the only difference is the use of preposition “o” (“about”) in Locative.

“After actually watching the entire video” Oh…that makes sense…Sorry

Goma subí fnaf

4:00 yay, Polish! (my mother language)

Happy birthday, thugger.

I have yet to see a window through his public (and occasionally meant-to-be private) language that reveals a deep and thoughtful and highly intelligent brain from this gigantic suit of fast-food accumulation, hot air, and age.

This list is a piece of cr*p. The most popular book of the 20th century, voted by the people, was a Tale of Two Cities, followed by the Lord of the Rings. Maybe you should include what people actually think next time.

Hey thats pretty good.

This is like the opposite of the original humanity. The chubby man is “gay, overweight, walking so slow like a turtle and unintelligent. People are just like killing themselves. In a very special and rare way.

Thanks maa’m you help me a lot

The Stranger



Is there any whatsapp gp for m. a economics? plz tell if any bro knows…

Thank you for making this video! I have been studying Foucault for a bit now and it was so helpful to have the audio and visual components instead of just reading the words, it really helped it all click. Thank you!

Si me sonaban los muñecos

Everyone who swaers are à peace of shit

2:19 – 2:26 …boink

JazakAllah (thank-you)

This is a great video but I just can NOT find episode 6

A really cute girl appeared on the last trick, it’s the best trick ever!


The system of white supremacy now has you LOCKED OUT. Dr. Michelle Alexander’s recent book, The New Jim Crow, states that black folks in the U. S. have been pushed back, socially, to 1968 levels. In other words, you have been pushed back 47 years!! And they are NOT going to stop pushing, because they want you either DEAD or under permanent servitude.

– Could do better than Bronislaw Malinowski with bringing up the fact that many people believed in these myths. These used to be religions. They deserve mention too. Could fix this by doing a theology video.

Nah I should have been more precise

Great to hear! Thanks.

U. S.

I was hoping he’d include the verse from Twinz by Big Pun. It blew my mind the first time I heard it when he said “dead in the middle of Little Italy, little did we know that we riddled some middle men who didn’t do diddily”

That shirt though

It was awesome

04:07 Trevor Philips’ secondary real life counterpart.



Im in an online course and this is literally my course lesson for lesson. glad I found this

Short sweet and to the point.

Show me whatchu got

*cough* the government represents the politicians and government employees, and the rest of the crony capitalist businessmen.

WOW, that helped A LOT, I have an exam in 5 seconds, oh jesus, thank you varry muhch Crash Course!!!!

My question is that all this information about academic essay? can we never use this strategy for general essay? kindly explain me. Thanks

a justification was needed for this new, modern narrative.

Hallo, Ich bin Omar, Ich komme aus Syrien, Ich lerne Deutsch. 🙂

Do Max Stirner’s Egoism

When was this interview recorded?

Our future will be so bad. I don’t want to live in a world where a job is not applicable to humans. I hate the idea. We will be lazy as never before! We will all be fat and have too much spare time so we don’t get to appreciate moments of rest and spare time. I’m not sure, maybe I’m just afraid and know too little, or maybe I am right. There is one way to find out what answer was right, and I don’t want it to happen.

Thank you sir, you helped me pass my writing test! And now I have my GED

Really, Nietzsche embraced nihilism? He embraced it with fear perhaps…

We, as a society, are too concerned with who is offended with what. The real question is what is The right thing to do. In this case, freedom of choice (to wear shirt you like) wins.

Economics is common sense lol

Duuude, you lost me in dog trying to reach a tart…. best 2 minuts on internet today… just kidding awesome video

Programmers everywhere bash their heads on their keyboards

“He saw there was no firm line between what was sick and what was healthy


Sure-fire sign that a novel is great: It causes a riot!



Thank you 🙂

Thanks a lot Liz, amazing lecture.

Our voices before we sing.


A short kaptainkristian video but a kaptainkristian video nonetheless insta like

In fealty of the God-Emperor (our undying Lord) and by the Grace of the Golden Throne, I declare Exterminatus upon the Imperial World of Typhon Primaris.

Omg never been so early ur one of my top utubers ilysm eve hope you see this 💗💗💗💗

Very nice lecture. I also agree on many tips which have been said. Being a Polyglot myself speaking 6 languages, I also try adapting my lifestyle towards Languages. I tend to choose a Language as the main target language everyday but still being flexible to practice and speak the others according to the situation. In case you would like to have a look at my multilingual channel where I speak about different topics in 6 languages, please have a look at it. Thanks a lot

Ok, so the description is life.

Please do a video dedicated just to of mice and men revision

Dutch sounds very funny for a german. Like satire or someone who just pronounces some consonats wrong all the time. Roken is dödelig is easy to understand but dödel means jerk and sounds so funny in german xD

Not having cases makes German and Russian harder, this video was of great help to consolidate the concept! Thanks!

OK but Frodo is a Hobbit not a human. So maybe I don’t have that in common with him.

When it comes to philosophy I like to look at everything from two perspectives. One of these is the big picture perspective, that everything is meaningless and nothing is here for any “reason”. This perspective of course over shadows the “smaller unimportant but still important to humans” perspective that we use to navigate our made up little world, were we try and cast meaning onto meaningless things in order to try and survive in an incomprehensible and meaningless universe.

Rose under Fire by Elizabeth Wein

Mainers, typically the ones who live in rural areas (myself included) drop the R’s, when we say “Mainer” it comes out “Mainah”


Examining changes in the his speech over time demonstrates a progressive and marked decline in the sophistication, choice of words and coherence. As a forensic psychiatrist and political psychologist I pay great attention to speech patterns. It is unlikely that he has deliberately decreased the sophistication and coherence of his speech and it is unlikely the change is the result of anxiety. By far the most likely cause is early onset dementia. Wilson, Roosevelt and Reagan also developed dementia in office. Congress, or VP Pence should insist Trump be evaluated.

10. Channel should be called BS Science =P

I cringe in these “interviews” where superior intellects are being asked the most inane fucking questions by mere mortals. Chomsky is gracious beyond the call of duty.