P. s. Richard Dawkins is shit.


The media is controlled by Jews as is America as a whole. Chomsky knows this but will never say this.


An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar…

[Chorus]We’re no strangers to love


Its actually shprachraum with a sh like shoe

Peele’s eyebrows are amazing rn

No.. you really have to use Iodine. Food dye would pretty much stain everything the same colour. However saying this.. I have never tried it.

Personally feel that teaching “love” as a theme is simplistic and not

White Aryans created Caste to segregate Black Dravidians from mixing with them.

And btw don`t know why but I have this strange feeling of familiarity when I see Mint somewhere

Yousef Atta kebabs?

Check out the crow puzzles and the talking ravens, they are amazing.

Thank you, sir, for this video. It is short. clear, and straight to the point. Again, well done.

I love him!

Who set up the lure?

Have you done a video about Elasticity of Supply? πŸ˜›

It’s supposed to mirror TA with the extra addition of plants being destroyed.

“Ack-saint” = accent.

As you can tell, my teacher loves romance. I do not.



We have superpowers real super

I really want that bulls and bears statue behind Mr. Clifford πŸ™

I really needed to hear this today, thank you for this lovely speech πŸ™‚

-Command economy = everything controlled by the government (including output) , which is opposite to a free market economy (or capitalism) where individuals own the factors of production, and government stays out of production, commerce, and trade β†’ meaning businesses make things with the sole purpose of profit

Seriously?? It is so hard to follow this video because of the robotic voice. The speech and explanation of the HR concepts are not fluent at all. SMH

Hi Liz, thank you for your lessons, they are very helpful. My English teachers always told me that in academic essay we must not use “I”, “in my opinion” or “I think”… So now I’m confused. Please help me.

Good explaination..i like it.

I read intersexual…..oops

So fast in speaking… .

So the woman lost her daughter and grandson, fell in love with the man who murdered them?

Yes but you half the size each time the split is made

Does anyone speak or learn Korean? I’ve been learning for about 4 months so I was wondering if any of you have any tips. I find the accent or sound of it difficult to nail down. I’m embarrassed to show my friends because I still sound English when speaking it. Thank you so much!

Shame on you, globalists, sham on you!


You didn’t change your shirt. You just recorded it at two different times. Nice cover though. πŸ˜›

Whatever your opinion is on what OUGHT to be, Taiwan has been an independent country for quite some time and has benefited through trade. This video isn’t stating what OUGHT to be, it’s stating what IS. And whatever you think of what OUGHT to be for Taiwan, you are lying if you think that Taiwan hasn’t made it’s own economic decisions INDEPENDENTLY from a certain douche bag neighbour.


Thank you so much from Dubai Mr Clifford!! You deserve the world for helping us kids everywhere!!

Does anyone know the name of the philosophers and books, that he is referring to, please!

-Mr Meeseeks

The background music reminds me of lush life (the song)

@ColdCoffy nope luckily :L, but i do have my theory pe exam πŸ™

Self-interest does not mean selfish. Also, acting in self-intetest avoids the pretense of knowing what’s good for other people.



Amazing this gave me the highest mark in class

Ok, Mr. Revolutionary… I’m glad you’re defending “Patriotic Americans” by throwing bags of dicks at Eastern Jews. Really I am. That image is so picturesque. But you see… I’m not a Jew, I’m not from America (I’m European – but you don’t even know where that is, do you?) and frankly don’t give a rat’s ass about that country. And neither should you, since I see you’re from AUSTRALIA. In case you haven’t graduated preschool yet: Australia is NOT in the US.

All that shit is based on my own opinion and experiences though. I’m sure all these thangs have been different for y’all.

Fun fact: Female strippers in Atlanta make more money than doctors. Let that sink in

The one at 1:12 and the one after that is completely the opposite for me πŸ˜‚

Wow! 4-9 years old it guessed I was. I am 14. I am ashamed of myself. Well, I bet a 4 year old couldn’t stay up until 2 in the morning watching youtube like I am doing right now.

My head hurts

Foreign Exchange

Wonderful Tony Robbins, Keep fueling us.

Thank you

(just some light teasing… I know your message is infinitely more important than my dumb joke)

Doesn’t this guy resemble Mark Cuban?

And wake up the neighborhood, rap in your yard

Command and Conquer

How do I leave a point for Romeo and Juliet/ novels because don’t we have to track through the play /’novel in order? Xx if I wanted to write about Juliet what could I write about her in the conclusion that would be different?

Reading the book alone did not help, but your video really filled in the blanks.

90 people were high while watching this

You are AMAZING at art

One of the greatest rappers alive but he still a man and he still bleeds like I do and I am not one (gangsta)


There’s this old man that rides the city bus with me sometimes & he sounds just like Bernie sanders. I pretend to have music playing in my earphones just so I can hear him talk lol

Life sucks. My buddy has begun seeing a stunning woman as 8 weeks back he registered to a site named Master Attraction (Google it if you wish to learn more.) I’m envious because I wish to fall in love too. Why is it so hard? I’m going to check out this Jake Ayres man’s stuff to determine if it may help a person like me. Crazy point is, my friend once had Zero joy with girls. How can you improve that swiftly? His girl’s a fucking model.

Can everyone recommend a book on philosophy or a book which may have had an impact on their life (I. e. enriched not just knowledge but transformed the way they view the world or interact with thoughts and ideas)

The last one some birds do.



Who agrees that we cant say ass in school but a health teacher can show us a video with the word

Hearing this has really helped me. thank you for posting this


Even 4th Graders would find Trump ridiculous.

I have a parrot. :3

Pls tell me what I do

Ironic that a video on language has such poor sound quality, & zany subtitles.

Hermann Hesse.

It’s amazing that something sounding so intelligent (all of the phonetic devices) can end up sounding like awkward barbaric grunts

Wait meek mill is on digits??

I am a Spanish native speaker and I speak kinda fluent English since 13 I think and it wasn’t really that hard for me to learn the language but now I am learning French and I’m really struggling with it πŸ™ I am about to quit, HELP


Amazing speech. I was listening this for an assignment but it actually also helped me in real life.

In comparison, land before time has 15 movies… and there all good!

Good talker stupid thought

Why did you mirror the image at 9:22

Nietzsche, the true hero of doubt.

Brave New World – Aldous Huxley.


This makes me so sad…. πŸ™

He kinda looks like Glenn Howerton

Clean N clear to understand each topic sir



That Christina Perri song isn’t necessarily full of hyperboles as she is writing about a vampire who did live for thousands of years.

Guys. Screenshot the Szechuan sauce and zoom in. What’s that on the packaging? That’s right. We found the recipe

I must watch more!

I love my President! If you speak like the “educated,” you will be speaking like the Bullshitt artists that we are sick of! Obama types who use fancy, feel good words, while they betray the interests of the American people.

Indian english is english spoken r written by Indians. it is only in india not accepted elsewhere in the outside

He’s so beautiful and I don’t feel he deserved to die..

It is also, frankly, a bit offensive to those of us who strive to capture an idea precisely and go through the trouble of learning the nuance of a language for the purpose of doing just that, only to find that it was all for naught since no one else cares enough to use those words correctly and you end up with a wasted effort. It is pearls before swine. Spell check is making things worse since it only reinforces the wrong notions when people pick one of the offerings without knowing why.

Come on move your body

How much coke did it take?

“dem Tische” sounds so weird to me. Must be northern German πŸ˜€ I could also see this in a “Grimm” fairy tale book

A very moving, powerful piece of documentary.

I watched this to help me fall asleep

This bitch thinks we’re all 10 years old.

Andrew is hot

Historically, gay activists and militants, media-puppets like Harry Hay, Frank Kameny, or today Dan Savage,

Sr plz meri request py zrur dehan dijiye ga

I love that part where she rubs herself.

There are many books on this topic anybody know of a book that is the go to or the book that has been proven to be effective for a long time? thanks for the help

Do maths and history please!!!

And also: Haben nicht alles Sprachen in der Schule gelernt oder..?



Control economy = control country

Can you do a video o how to write in chains pf analysis?

Any one in 2017??

“Its incoherent because that’s the way we all speak”

If your handwriting changes everyday, your diffrent every day

Topic of discussion: How asking his guests basic questions always got him the best answers, answers that nobody ever received on any other show they were a guest on. e. g. “What’s the best meal you ever had?” Was one of them.

Easier said than done


Please tell me the video of Martin and the goons is a joke….. this guy is so far from gangster I was cringing the whole time….

Please do a video on getting top marks for exam questions at A Level!!

Thugga puts me in a trance when I’m high

My o’s are closed Bc of ocd

This guy is the definition of a genius

Who came here because of World of G…


Hey Ryan! Big thank you from Norway!

Yeah… this is really stupid. I’d kill myself if I made this… and i’ve made some stupid shit.

I watched watchmen right after reading the graphic novel, which was just dissapointing, its a good film which looks amazing, but as you said, its exactly the same story only with less in it.

What’s everyone think of the “You Have A College Degree, Now What?” book. This book fits in with this video.

“Men” do not MISS these things. We may not openly show our reaction internally because it is not often safe to do so. Feminism and our hostile mothers have caused us to use more caution than we are given for…..

Pride & Prejudice?


I only support video cause died at the end

Who know who the Ukrainian lady who moved to France for work is? Min 55 aprox



I think I am really well read in the topic (being a hungarian), but I have no recollection of him.

Your video was clear, concise and to the point.

8-bit invaders or 8-bit hordes

The sweet evil series😬

“It is in the nature of an experimental analysis of human behavior that it should strip away the functions previously assigned to autonomous man and transfer them one by one to the controlling environment.” B. F. Skinner, Beyond Freedom and Dignity. NY: Alfred A. Knopf (1971), p. 198

Future jack sent me

“God is a comedian, playing to an audience afraid to laugh.”

Well made but still. But wtf


Thanks a million πŸ‘πŸ‘

I think the lack of color grading is a choice in order to make the otherwise edgy costumes more acceptable. Captain America has color grading throughout until the scene where he wakes up in the present time. The grading is gone. I thought it was a nice touch.

This was really interesting to watch.

How did Einstein learn? How did anybody from the past learn?

That’s what we wanted this is not what we got πŸ™

Artistic and c5eative and comfortable and childlike

Wtf is his voice tho it goes from really low to really high



I had the honour of listening to this great scholar at the University Kansas in 2003 I believe. In my opinion, he is one of the few cultured scholars of our time but his political overtones I find are controversial and bias somewhat.

Micro exam went really well today! Thanks for the great videos.

Super duper coolio awesome fun times.

I never realized avatar looked this fake

>albanian before greek cause pelasgians

I think killing the young boy makes other three guilty and its an act of murder. First thing as said in the video that his consent or opinion was not involved. Second making them not guilty promotes act of murder as not being a crime. That is to say a homeless person with no food and money should not be guilty of murder to kill people in order to survive and feed himself. Just because they are in middle of ocean does not change the law. If Law start defining act to be just or unjust based on different situations it wouldn’t exist at the first place. Law is something enforced on the citizens of state and in no definition says it has to be moral.

Something tells me that this map kinda sucks… Not what I studied back in time

Same here – I also wanted to single handedly develop a AAA-Space-RTS-Game “Spacecraft” with 3 factions: the Derran, the Serg and the Brotoss – so I was searching for some Marine Models i wanted to implement into my game and the suddenly i stumble upon this crappy little Title by this pretentious indie dev “Blizzard” which COMPLETELY stole my idea and they called it “Starcraft” – thats so terrible…. well but at least i now have a super original new idea to develop a FPS called “Call of Duty”!!

Lol, including the bible in books that are necessary.

His shirt looks cool tbh

Excellent video, Stefan! Well thought out and easily understandable – even a sheeple can understand it if he wants to. Trouble is, no sheeple wants ANYONE to understand. Keep up the good work!

Buddha’s philosophy sounds strangely like Aristotle’s moral philosophy of virtue…

In addition, there are different ways for governments to control the means of production that lead to different outcomes. Both France and Egypt tend to intervene fairly frequently in how businesses are run. However in France those interventions tend to be less biased in favor of particular companies, more open to international competition, and not focused on ensuring particular individuals take over the company. In Egypt, these regulations tend to be a way for the government to reward cronies and punish dissenters. As such France is still able to maintain a rich first world economy (if less rich than less business-operations-intervening countries like Switzerland, Canada, or the United States) while Egpyt is mired in economic stagnation and poverty.

One of the best things, if not the best thing people can do for the environment right now is to go vegan

(South African studying at a Canadian Fashion school in the Istanbul campus)

I’m here cuz of ssundees hair cutting video

Is anyone else using this for musical chairs



Chomsky never defended Holocaust denial, he simply does not believe the State has the right to imprison for an opinion.

Terrible answer. Too long.. not compelling.. This is the most important question of the interview because its normally number one question and most interviewers have made their opinion in 3 minutes.

You clearly haven’t read any of his material so there’s no point in commenting here.

It took her two years to figure that shit out?

“If markets are transparent…” That’s a HUGE if. Industries hate transparency and in many cases spend billions of lobbying dollars fighting against transparency. Corporations aren’t evil because they’re greedy, they’re evil because they don’t want to operate in a fair, free market and instead rig and manipulate the system in their favor through lobbying and holding influence over politicians. So, yes, if the market were transparent, you’d be right, but the markets is NEVER completely transparent.

I’m in love with woman at 14:00

I passed both my macroeconomics and microeconomics by watching your videos, thank you very much, your an amazing teacher!

Coding : Yay!!!

Ohh gfandu…

You make me see things i have never seen or heard of before!! nice vid man!!!!

This has seen me through three years at uni, a masters degree, and now my PhD. Thanks Beethoven

Mobile number gore sir

What did the librarian say to the student?

Thank you for this video

Hi there, I know this is quite an old video but I’m doing the exactly same A Levels that you took and am really struggling as I just don’t have the support of the teachers at my school as the english department isn’t the best at the moment and the majority of our class is retaking the AS exam as well as doing the A2 this year. I was wondering if you could do a walk through of the AS WW1 course, how to answer both question one and two and what types of things to bring in.

…i luv u incredibly much…

Y’all talk way to fast

I was thinking exactly the same thing as I watched this. Any example of humans coming together for a common goal also involves some kind of common enemy. In my opinion, the human drive to create empathetic connections with others goes hand in hand with the drive to exclude somebody else. Without a common villain, there’s no immediate incentive to bonding together. That’s why I can’t imagine the whole human race coming together for any purpose (other than against aliens). Who’s the bad guy?

Why isn’t this funded by the government to lower the price of the game, also Genji GRANT IS A GRAMMAR NAZI AND A BUTT FOR CORRECTING ME

If a person plants an apple tree in his back yard and uses the apples to feed his family was there an increase in GDP? Should the person have to declare the value of the apples as income and pay tax? If I trade my hockey stick for your baseball glove was there and increase in GDP? should I pay tax on the exchange? What if I sold you the hockey stick and you sold me the baseball glove and we both made a capital gain?

Wouldn’t that make the dialog sound very awkward and stiff

Fluir, ação em



I have a easy way to speak a new language, like french… i listening to Stromae… i repeatly listening to a song i like.., find the lyric, translate it… sing it.. etc etc.. you Can also watch movies…

Holy fuck, this guy should explain beatbox sounds

/watch? v=TDY2sIMDZLM


Hey Adriene! I’m Adrienne!


Wow. If you ever needed a reminder of how grateful you should be for YOUR life, this gorgeously produced movie is the perfect place to start. I stared watching a few minutes and the next thing I knew, I’d watched the entire film (which, I’m sure, is infinitely better than the party I was going to would have been). Brilliant! Looking forward to watching the others.

My class read this book last year in 9th grade, he did a damn good job and hit some of the things we discussed in class

Looks 16

Useful, seriously thanks!

@Peeki Mine is an AP book though :S

More libs trying to tell you what to think.

Awww I wanted his number πŸ™