Emma, the subject paraphasing in fact is extremely important in an exam, thanks for the easy enphasis on how change the meaning with our own words.


Sir can you solved hole incidents in pratical

This really helped me in AS.

Im 16 – 21 yet im 13 LOL

Sorry i meant who know.

Hi there, this student gained 99% overall for AS. She studied Cambridge A Levels (the international version) in New Zealand. I am unsure how much flexibility students in the UK get with topic choice, but all Cambridge students are free to choose their own topics (within reason). From what I understand, UK students are able to interpret topics individually, even if the starting point is preset. Hope that helps!

The greatest book of all time is ‘The Taxman’ by Brian Cockerill!

What does it mean to survive? To survive means to consume multiple services for the mitigation of one’s survival needs, in exchange of a specialized service one performs, and isn’t at all expansive in that matter.

Enjoy. There are about 15 more courses. Spread the word too.

So the next time you feel annoyed at a t-shirt, take 60 seconds to think about whether in fact you feel annoyed or threated. And if it is the later…ask yourself, what is it that I am in danger of losing?

When you had it all to start with it is very easy to give it all up.

Este acento de cocni ya me encanta bastante. Estoy casi enamorado de usted.


Tried listening to Freddie Mercury Couldn’t do it had to come back to the favourite. 😊

Do The Road or Flowers for Algernon next please!

TOSEEF KHAN – I can send you this PowerPoint which has general structure for each of the four question types, and a sample of a Micro and Macro essay (they’re probably longer that what you’d actually need but give you a lot of detail – I don’t have the marks back for either yet so I can’t guarantee anything in terms of quality). Just send me your email address and I’ll send it all to you 🙂

Interesting topic and lecture…. being the current condition of our work force.

Later i found out I hadn’t even flunked like I thought I would.

1/3 2/3 -3/3-

Politics: The difference between Left & Right, which seems so clear & distinct to poli active youth, are actually two faces of the same worthless coin.

In this vid, stating, a Dalit in a christain school sounds like an oxymoron.

This is so true.. people these days are so sensitive.. then they make up rules and reasons why they’re so defensive lol



We have got a let’s play of the early alpha on our channel. We play a few online matches and comment on it, so have a look!^^

So Targaryen hair do exist in real life.

I felt like that too. I honestly still feel a little behind but I would suggest that you just read as much around the subject as you can. Good luck – I’m sure you will be fine 🙂

Don’t tell me you’re too blind to see

I really liked this except I don’t think people have an optimistic smugness about now (as mentioned toward the end of the video). People hate on technology a lot and mass production/media. I do think there is a optimistic smugness politically though. People think there’s a lot more freedom these days compared to the past. When, in fact, there’s less original thought, activism, privacy and so forth. I guess, as Foucault identified, it’s because everyone is dressed as the good guy now. Interesting vid, thank SoL

Hey Eve, do you have any tips on how to memorize facts and key details? My memory isn’t that great :/

I think I still dont’t really get exchange rates full… Especially I don’t understand the second part, when you were done with mexican-american currency exchange rate comparison. Can this be elaborated more, maybe in another video?

Just stop scrolling! Go up and study dear 😉

I love your voice. Thanks for sharing this inspirational video.

Somos la peor creacion

However, can you please do more videos related to the new gcse’s (9-1) because I’m in year 10.

Fucks given:0

My emotions seem to contradict my logic often.

AP tomorrow!

I think he needed to rush off the stage because he needed to blow his nose the whole time.

Wow, you seem like you really enjoy all of this…

It is unpleasant when you stretch you month too long

And the cry-baby meltdown of the leftist Deficrats continues. LMAO! At least he doesn’t whistle his “S’s” like his America hating predecessor Dingle Barry does.

Edebiyat bize yaşayamayacağımız, göremeyeceğimiz hayatları, insanları, ülkeleri gösteriyor ve kendimizle karşılaşmamızı sağlıyor. Bizi gerçek anlamda bir dünya vatandaşı yapıyor.



If only my teachers taught as well as this dude.

Thank you, brother. It helped me a lot.

Am 12 but my mental age is 16-21

Sexless, programmed theorists now tell society how we must conceive of sex and freedom.


Law school is boring.

Production less cost more??

Quality content!

Fuck this I’m going to Europe or Asia

This man is a liability to world peace, a disgrace and shame for the office of POTUS. Impeach him and good riddance!

Human beings are savage AF

Does anybody know which company substitutes project management with the help of machine learning?

Sal said titty

This video helps me a lot. thank you very much

This is really easy to first that part of a research work was like a monster under a 4 year old kid’s bed to me.



How do the assumptions of the “laws” of supply and demand as “efficient” market forces square with the advertising industry?

More helpful than my own uni thats supposedly in top 10 lol. Literal life saver!

Would you push it?

Imagine Morgan Freeman reading these, oh my gad

Thank you 🙂

It’s just gibberish

Omggg this is soo freaking amazing

G malog dečaka

This topics helps me a lot! Thanks. Hope for more videos on that topics.

Your voice is very nice

Great video. Your knowledge on the topic of color grading was really insightful and got me thinking quite a bit. It is very true that lots of the shots do look dull and bland as well as…well very gray. And while the shots do look better and more vibrant with some color contrasting and scaling as you have shown, I feel like even that does not totally fix it. What you did often makes it come out with more of an orange tint and makes it look similar to the Hulkbuster scene is 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is helpful with certain locations but often odd looking in others. I Definately agree that Marvel should work on color contrast (and I thought it was better in Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2), but I think that the color should just be more contrasted and the black shades should be brought out, as you explained. Anyway, thank you for the interesting content.

Why the remaing intermadiate count in national incom

I lavom (with who/what I travel?)

Patrick, I think you do a good job of explaining your personal aesthetic and why you think these films should be more colorful, but I disagree with your assessment that these films are grey and ugly. IMO It’s fair to say that the MCU color pallet is muted compared to films like Transformers and Pacific Rim, but it could also be said that the latter films are much more visually fatiguing than the movies you’re talking about – the Transfomers movies in particular are famous for having action scenes that are hard to follow, this is in part because of the super hot highlights and the highly saturated colors. The Star Wars prequels are also good examples of how a saturated color pallet coupled with lots of CGI can be fatiguing to the viewer. It’s one thing to add a contrast curve to a short sequence or a still, but making a (watchable) action film with lots CGI look somewhat realistic is REALLY challenging, especially when it has to sit comfortably within a series of films. The correction you posted looks more like a glossy ad for a superhero film (in my opinion). 🙂

Thank you so much! I have an SOL( which is a major test) tommorow and I have to write an essay. Your video helped me so much! Thank you!!

Ok, but someone please answer me. Emphatic people can not harm their enemy, their enemy would be those who do harm to others. Ie: the psychopaths in suits that run corporations that rob oil from Afghanistan for example. Those who run the capitolist world do so because they don’t care for their fellow human, they care only to control their fellow human. Autism, Aspergers, ASD people lack empathy as do psychopaths, people can not feel what their brain isn’t wired for.



That is really very useful Mam,

And thus, the feminazi was born because men are at fault for everything and they have to wipe them out. Now lemme go to see who’s knocking violently at my door saying “YOU NEED TO BE PURGED”.

I wonder whether Pokémon Go owes some of its success to intertextuality? The original 151 Pokémon characters are really iconic, and for those of us who grew up collecting them on the Game Boy, the prospect of being able to do the same thing again on our phones in the “real world” is rather irresistible. The recent 3DS games have also played with our nostalgia as part of their marketing strategy, by giving the classic Pokémon “mega evolutions” and new forms.

I think he was on the moon while giving this speech lol

That was amazing!

Very good introduction and you have great expression for information thank you

Who listening in 1782

Ue, musica brasileira no final?

Dagnabbit, I fucking love Nineteen Eighty Four with all of its quixotic ideas…

Lol muy good bro mye suscribt

Thats awesomeee!!! I loved it

This music has reached a new level of epic.

Stop looking at comments do your homework or you won’t get a potato

Forgot to mention how rick started praying

Soo, that would make Dexter an Act Utilitarian. If he’d only harvested organs to save lives!

SupCom f. e. had a cost of 11 mil..

Dude… your really confusing:(


The left thing through me off, I announciate the t, I didnt know that was a yankee thing..,

All your lessons are good, however I don’t agree with some of your tips, the passive voice is acceptable in some cases and shouldn’t be completely avoided.

I feel so relieved to find this video!

Can you please upload some more revision video’s please, thanks alot

Cool! this is what the world should be like! 🙂

Help, school is beating my butt!



But of course it’s not just his talk. It’s very clear that he actually does not understand a lot of what he’s asked. Then of course he’s famous for his science denial and not even knowing the most basic scientific theories. Like when he talked about using hairspray in his “closed” room and how it couldn’t possibly affect the ozone layer without realising, that obviously his room isn’t actually hermitically sealed and second of all gases stay in the air. Gases don’t just magically disappear.

Thank Mr. Clifford this was the best thing to watch before my final! 🙂

“Is that a straight white male?”

Sir mla tumch nav mahit nahi plz sanga,,,plz plz

Jade remember when we dated u clever beast

YES!!! I’m an SI Leader for microeconomics at Kent State, and these videos will be SO HELPFUL!!!

When it goes to the voice that comes out of the chest, it reminds me a little of the voice of the Francis Underwood!

EVERYTHING is beige even the thing that have colour looks like someone sucked the life out of them

This guy is awesome!! More of these please

Mr clifford, can you go past this too? i love your stuff and no one is as good as you… it makes me sad

Hypnotical and such energetic talk! Robbins’ style :o)


Much better Carlos Maza video, I appreciate this one much more.

Would love you to do Brave New World. I might be able to show that to my seniors and still keep my job. 🙂

So why hide it?!

Where are your sources?

People who refuse murder in any circs [also] are standing up for civilised values. Unfortunately civilised values may not withstand barbaric ones…9/11? Isis?

Read Limit to Growth by Club of Rome.



I love your poster!!! And thank you for the advice. It’s going to help me a lot in the future.

When you replace 45% of working force with machines, the consumption of goods slows down by 45%. Not only that, the government gets 45% less taxes. It’s called Deflation, and it’s really bad for the Economy, cause there will be more goods and services, than money can buy, as a result, their production slows down.

Humans for the earth are like cancer for humans…

What’s the password for the Ultimate Review Packet of 2017 for Microeconomics?

That sucked

Glad to see everyone is against CTG he was so disrespectful.

You clearly haven’t read any of his material so there’s no point in commenting here.

Never plucking my brows again

Insanely well explained. Thanks!

We need to bring back the Rick roll

@happylearner Even if it is an inside job it mirrors your emotions. So if you are selfish unto your own reality your own negativity will flow back to you. Reality, be it objective or subjective, has a feedback mechanism. The objective and the subjective are the same thing, which is infinite probability experiencing itself forever. Yes, there is just you, you are consciousness, part of the greater consciousness system, but you’re not living all of yourself at once, unless you transcend ego.

Sources: google “index of economic freedom”

This is really cool




My favourite quotes are

All of my favorite rappers but where is Nas

Trying to learn Arabic and Korean, hopefully I can improve more using these steps.


I love what your doing this stuff gets me hard

Coolest American president. will miss him.

A Christmas Carol

I have found this video very useful thank you

Those dancing chicks in black are so hot

Wonder why jesus didn’t let dogs/animals run the world.

We are evolving… or getting back to our true nature; this is excellent, honestly clear, with enough humor and enough sadness, to present a compassionate and balanced insight. Life consciously is both joyful and depressing, which makes it complete. Sharing our feelings is not a North American passion unless we are frustrated, delayed, compromised or seriously depressed. Let the joy of knowing liberate the energy to thrive.

It is incredibly easy to imagine how religions started. cheated on your wife during this season and coincidentally suffered a drought? it must be a punishment. and there must be an arbiter of said punishment.


Great video and animations! glad to see that people are still looking at the works of Chomsky these days. if i could just say on critic, it’s that the music was a tad bit distracting for myself personally. bit too loud at times to the point that some of the narrators words felt a bit lost in the intensity of the music. but overall, it’s a minor complaint.

6. Scandinavia was Indo-Europeanized much earlier.

And now compare the colors of this to the Thor:Ragnarok film. They definitely went all out with color on that one.




The only very obvious error I saw here was the placing of the Urheimat in Anatolia. I have a very strong and disconcerting suspicion that, given the rarity of people with extensive linguistic knowledge, most of the comments reprimanding the video are extremely specific; people from certain areas of Eurasia who don’t know about anything but their own language and its general history are pointing out very specific errors. It is not wrong to be scrupulous in your analysis of the video; in fact, it is laudable. It is wrong to bring petty nationalistic biases into the question.

So interesting and informative

Love, love, love.

This map is shite. early Celtic languages were spoken from Portugal to Italy to eastern Europe and even Galatia in turkey after it was conqured by Celts from “Doggerland”.. Gaelic was spoken in all of Ireland until a few hundred years ago and was spoken in all of medieval Scotland. The welsh and Breton languages aren’t even shown as existing??German territories up to the Lithuanian border lost after WW2 that had never been polish speaking are not shown.. Slavic, Celtic, and Germanic languages and people are all descended from Scythia alleged human migration and climate change doesn’t match up with DNA, Linguistics and known historical events.

I have been watching TED Talks for a long time, and I noticed most of speaker hold a presentation clicker on hand. Does anyone know what kind is that? I wanna get one for my presentation too.

My world has been turned upside down! I didn’t notice that that was Gallifreyan!!!! I AM NOT WORTHY!!!!!!!!!!


Can you please make a video on the distinction between economic profit/rent/surplus?

Education is to produce workers, not to think. Mike

I hope you catch the big fish!

Correction: When Trump says “Believe Me” it indicates to me that he is just told us or will soon tell us telling us he is going to or has told a lie.

Never realized this before but you do have a valid point. I wondered why I like the first two iron man movies so much

A lot of theory but not really helpful in reality.

Excellent Job VEry Nice

I have an econ final tomorrow…about to turn myself into some I’s in the middle of it LOL 😂 that bonus bonus round was genius



Your awesome!

Hey Azerbaijan is also shia!!!

Let’s see if I can use them all in one sentence. . .

Great video. thanks

Replied to someone in the comments with this. Very basic but is good fun to do with lyrics.

Well, simply on the basis of a demonstration that all past historians and scientists were biased and homophobic,

This was a waist of time WP.

Jail that cunt

Hey, I just wanna say thanks for doing a better job than my teacher


Hello! You don’t know me, but I wanted to thank you for helping me get the grades. You don’t know it but because of your helpful videos and guidance I got A*’s in English Lit and Lang so thank you so so much. Don’t stop what you do because your videos are helping many students across the country! 😀

‘Equitism’ is seen as “generalized social equity”; as “generalizing” social equity, to beyond the small class of owners of “controlling shares” of capital equity, to encompass the whole society, including every citizen, by constitutionally endowing each citizen, as a human right, with the ownership of new kinds of equitable “property”, of equalitarian ‘social shares’.

Dude, i just found your channel, and as i can see you are being mislead by the system that wants to control people. david icke is controlled opposition!!!

Were warm once and bright with blood

If automation can make every product and service dirt cheap, then why would humans need jobs at all? Even a universal minimum wage would be unnecessary. Everything we need to survive will be provided for nearly nothing. We will be boxed in apartments occupying only 5% of the earth’s surface and the rest will be for food and raw materials and recreation.

Thank you again Mr Armin. I am really enjoying watching this

Sach mei boss apne musjko pass karwa diya,,,

Where is albanian? because is a isolated group like greek and armenian

Love this. A masterpiece. Timeless. Makes me cry. Truth is powerful