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Yea! Great advocate for following your heart!!

He’s one of the smartest intellectuals currently working in the entire field of social sciences. However, listening to him talk is like chewing on Valium-laced molasses candy.


Obrigado pelos vรญdeos Paul, estou gostando muito, embora ainda esteja aprendendo inglรชs, the videos are helping me to increasing it.

This was a great help because i cant write intro’s or conclusions to save my life so thank you very much

Could you write the general structure for IELTS Writing Task 2 in simple way to understand how can I write like this kind of essay, please?

WOOO! Ya used Command and Conquer’s No Mercy sound track for your Number 1 ๐Ÿ˜€

Thx soo much and my brother watches this too your nice :3

Theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s

Olahh saludosss

Amazing movie

2 am. Cant sleep. Must. Watch all. e. o

I so respect this guy!

Thank you so much.

Thanks you so much professor.

Age of Empire 2 had the best macro options in any game. You could dodge projectiles by changing squad formations. You could destroy an upgraded enemy army with good macro and no upgrades.

Tbh i never put the dot in the i lol

Mashallah a very nice lecture.

True in most cases, but sometimes it is important to use the correct wording, punctuation, etc. (i. e., their/they’re/there, your/you’re), or else someone will have to take a little extra time to try to process what is meant.




Dosto ek channel hai saini ji ka darbaar naam se..vha economics exam 2017 ke liye best video padi h vo dekhlo bassss akeli bhot hai 90 se uper dilane ke liye

Maybe sometime all people will have learned it…

Repent and believe in the Gospel!!!!! How much time you have!!!

I get it, thanks

This is among the best place ever for you to read any books you want, โ€œfetching lobon onlyโ€ (Google it). I couldn`t find books free everywhere but here thanks it will help me in my future financially. With the aid of this website, I had been able to grow, learn, and widen my imagination anywhere I go! I really enjoy all the audio books as well.

Listen to the “chief priest’s” entitlement! He sits there in a diaper wearing a pair of fucking Jackie O sunglasses, arguing that a person’s honor/dignity is determined simply by what family they’re born into. Such unsophistication and ignorance for a sagacious highborn.

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Please, Like this comment that they should be..

Dude this wouldโ€™ve made the perfect summary for my English class. Dude EVERYONE would understand this

Prejudices, it is well known, are most difficult to eradicate from the hearer who’s soil has never been loosened or fertilized by education: they grow there, firm as weeds among stones

Great talk! One of my favorites

He’s actually a huge jerk to his fellow employees.

I am from the Balkan and i study english at school but i didn’t learn it from school i learned it from playing games in english and watching cartoons, so i think if you watch movies and tv shows in a language your trying to learn you wil learn it

Gotta love Stephen Fry.

This shit scares me boy because most self learning robots can only learn about a strict thing. But not that one that you said they can learn it by seeing you do it well if you got one that could walk and move around. you could teach it to KILL peopleโ€ฆ This is serious LOL I’m not even making a joke

Es wor of gu

When free markets get things wrong: Monopolies, Human Rights, and THE OLIGARCHY OF THE USA.

Startled, she turned her head, she couldn’t see him anymore, she could not understand him and humming continued to live in the moment, like he never existed.


Please may you do one for ocr macro, thanks

“Escargot/ My car go…”



Denmark doesn’t exist apparently ๐Ÿ˜€

(roughly around 20 minutes in the video)

I do try my best to spell but sometime I can’t spell what can i do? ๐Ÿ™

(Means the old days in Arabic)

End of Nations sucks.

Did she pay college tuition and then study DJT to learn that… linguistic analysis? Disappointing.

In terms of shows like ‘Smallville’, this might be better categorised as ‘Obligatory Intertextuality’, since it’s directly invoking a known canon of work and twisting it for it’s own use.

The new We Happy Few intro looks great!

I’d like to see some tutorials on personal motivation and procrastination. that’d be awesome

What an asshole!

Instant downvote for the unnecessarily long intro

Play minecraft story mode

It was a great lesson.


S T O P!!!

I understood way more in 19minutes than i do this entire semester.

Why does every little thing exist?



TURBO TURBO TURBO Replay: pause, pause, pause…

She has pretty eyes

Hi Madam Niharika, i really appreciate your way of teaching\

Is he hitting that though?

Can u do a video on writing a better long answer and its structure

Your lesson is valuable for those who star writing essays including me. Thank

Thanks alot its very useful.

So very deep. sucks that the world had to go to the shitter just as soon as i’m starting college..

Thought was gonna see a talk about languages used for hacking…


So I guess you people should stop being hypocritical about other people’s accent in the South.

The way to overcome this is to all band together and break down barriers. all the different gangs fighting over territory, land, or color. And the people segregated by skin color. We need to open out eyes and see the reality to bring world peace. We need to empty out the prisons, and jails that keep the puppeteers in the high chair and paid

Typical DC fan who’s ass is burning from Marvel’s super success…๐Ÿค”

At first, the material production was so underdeveloped that with certain reason it could have been reclaimed that there is not enough for everyone. Those who did not criticized the political economy as such, had to stick at the limited principal that was proclaimed as the irrational appropriation at the cost of the weak. The objective basis for that has changed. Neither only to the social nonconformist, nor to the bounded commoner has this limitation had to appear as obsolete in the face of the immediate opportunity of possible affluence. The implicit meaning of master morality, who wants to live has to work, has become a more miserable lie then the wisdom of priests in the nineteenโ€™s century. […]

Great job

Too difficult for me…Y I SO STOPID?

My handwriting is a lot because I change it a lot.

John – Are we supposed to freeze-frame the intros to read the clever images and asides? Just wondering ’cause SOMEone went to a lot of trouble for them zip by in the scant time they do. ๐Ÿ˜ž



Ummm Harry is not human neither is fro do lol

The Divine language from The Fifth Element is not just gibberish. If you watch the directors commentary version of the Ultimate Platinum edition, it’s stated that Mila and Luc Besson (Director) combined Russian and Latin to make the language and that they are both fluent in it and can converse with each other.

Say I, not like a fucking maniac please

7:00 RIP headphone users.

“let’s say career” stfu, goon. Noam Chomsky is a living legend.

Nice one watching from #Tanzania ahsante sana

What a gangster.

Being able to free-draw curve charts for short-run average costs is a lifesaver, this term.


I watched this in first period today in class (English class)

This is why at birth you’re issued a SSN, Slave Security Number.

Garbage caste system to keep others down

He is:

It was feared by the west that Mossadegh was a communist and there was a lot of propaganda to portray him as one. As he was not a communist, he planned to keep the Shah as a symbol of Monarchy to reassure the world on the issue. A patriot of Persia by Christopher Del Bellagigue is a good book about him

[Verse 1]

All of our “accomplishments” in one video, not sure what to do w myself now.

The way we can brcome truly free is to destoy the farmers from the inside

Ruse and command and conquer red alert 3

Three examples of people who have better flows and lyrics then eminem.

But….who knows.

Lmfao i thought he was a teenager and his mom was filming

The one rich kid who didn’t turn out to be an asshole



I havw to do this t ommorow for a mock exam

Work from the Comfort of your Home…

It’s easy to think that you’re an exception to these rules but you’re not. I’m not either

Anyway, you’re videos are very helpful. Thank you.

Should I use all of them or only once at a time?

This series may prove very beneficial for my microeconomics course! I found this video particularly useful at the moment, as we’re currently discussing supply & demand. Thanks, Crash Course!

I’m taking a Economics of the EU class and this helps me with some questions I have been having. Thanks Crash Course.

This is a great video. Correlation does not imply causation which requires linking facts with transformation rules as discovered in historical linguistics. A common misconception is that language is tied to people so a language change requires the extermination of the old by the new invaders. Recent evidence shows that instead language changes in the direction of the language with the higher prestige. In the case of Indo-European that meant adopting the language of a raiding culture. Either the raiders become a ruling class or a settled population will invite in a chief to rule and protect them. The later situation raises the prestige of the ruling class’ language. The native and ruling class languages then merge to various degrees.


Movie at 4:34 ?

No infinite jest?

OMG! You helped me soooo much!๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‹

9. Warlords Battlecry 3

This is so amazing, I feel like this could be said about a lot of subjects. In my class my hispanic teacher gets offended when people say “nigga” or “ni-hard r” and so he trys to ban it from class but everyone is like your Mexican why do you care, what does it matter to you? And his answer was everyone should have respect for everyone. I don’t want hate in my class even though it’s derived from a simple six letter word that may not be used how it was originally ment but the history is still there.

5:12 sounds like chocolate cake

9. Jane Eyre

I am Bengali..we are free to think

Actually it from the romantic period.

What about cursive?

Well, total war games are not RTS.

Sauron is the dark wizard in the book, maybe itยดs not explicit in the Hobbit, but it becomes explicit when Gandalf tells the story to Frodo in the beginning of Fellowship. Far from me trying to defend those movies, but Sauron is there in the book too.

I tried to study but now am getting sleep…ready for a nap.



Please do maths science and history


Mediation is only way, as buddha said, is the best choice, not only to end sufferings but in some extreme cases where rationality becomes ambiguous, and only it(mediation) can maximize welfare and utility.


Ctg is hard he said dont worry about me

Everyone should watch it

Good job

Thanks. This helped lots. But an essay is still like looking death in the face maggots and all. XD Pancakes looked awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

You actually made me cry

And University of Minnesota but also has Indiaโ€™s largest body of published work with 8 ISBN titles on in marketing +

Copy cat….


WHAT IF I WRITE IN CURSIVE ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค????

Can you see me revision notes for unit 1 ocr and unit 3

So best nation name will bulkal. hwankal.

The only thing that could maybe have life on it

Meaningless is just another meaning, just as the Truth can be anything, even nothing. And that can never change us to stop searching our meaning through living.

Of course, some people claim they HAVE SEEN HIM….



Hey Dani, I have my unit 1&2 exam this afternoon. Please can I have revision material for only unit3 (exam next week), you can send them to

You’r making all that experiences and you create the musics also? Omg, great human, good job.

Don’t dignify humans, they are (because I change my lifestyle to a green one) all perfectly design to destroy the planets natural life.

Sir, in the start when i was searching a good teacher on YouTube i felt that you were bit fast. But.. When I put your vedios on playlist i kept the vedio on 2x speed and i could easily understand the things.. Actually i made. It fast to avoid distractions while studying. No one noticed it.. If your teach in a fast pace.. There’s no way a student can get distracted or day dream. Thank you sir.. It helped in my exams

The answer to the Question at the end: Annoyed.

These videos are awesome!

“There will be jobs for horses we can’t imagine…” Belongs on a t-shirt.


Most of this dark skin people live in S. India. Even amongst themselves, they practise this system. The more powerful and rich abusing the weak and poor.

Wait, I thought putting my hand in my pockets made me look cool?!

Many of us know this all too well. . . along with Chomsky, who put it into words, so graphically, and frightenly, animated in this film. Alas propaganda has been all too strongly here in the US retooled as a war between the “Conservatives” and the “Liberals”, the “God Believers” and the “Other religions and Atheists”, etc. Both sides use it to a point no one trusts the another. And unfortunately the media amidst it all, in this world of multi-sources, it is our avenue to view the world, and maintain our sanity.


Its not the average you divide. However, good explanation though

Could I still get the ultimate revision packet if I live in the UK?

I just started to watch your channel, and it is great. Keep it up. Nice work.

What did you get in English literature As/A level



Thanks but sir elementary mathematics

My teacher wants me to write a “Florida Journal” style summary about one of the event i went to…what is “Florida Journal” style tho’? Or it is just a normal way to write a journal?

Great liz gbu


Thank you Mrs Emma

The tone in the video of ‘oh my goodness, if they take all our jobs we’re screwed!’ is an interesting one. Quite understandable, but it seems to beg a pretty obvious question: people need jobs to get money to get the necessities of life (food, shelter, clothing, sanitation, doctors,) and perhaps a few non-necessary things too… If we don’t have money to get these things, we will (an increasing sector of the population will,) become increasingly dissatisfied. And Dissatisfied people demand change. Governments will not want to change for as long as possible, because the status quo benefits wealthy companies, and governments are often deeply in the pockets of the wealthy companies. But there are some decent people in positions of authority (not many, but a few,) and these people will be able to get the winds of change moving. Eventually of course, politicians, good or bad, will have to change the system if they want to keep their own jobs. This movement will of course be hastened by the fact that robots take people’s jobs so a company can make it’s goods and services cheaply. But they still have to sell them! And if there’re less people to sell them to (because the people are out of work and don’t have cash to spend)… you can see where I’m going: at the moment most businesses are so short sighted they can’t see that future, or if they can, they don’t care. ‘We’ll deal with that when the time comes.’ But as that future looms larger, it’ll be in their own best interests to change the system too.


Maniac magee it think its called? And lord of the flies.

Really awesome talk.. absolutely motivating..!! ๐Ÿ˜€ (y)

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Very well said, My point exactly. We don’t need to learn things only used in everyday life… But learning as much as we can itself is the ultimate goal.

BvS sucks, but Watchman is amazing, faithful to the comic and explores the philosofical repercussions of the story well.

Dammit kaptain, shit was good

A book you prabobly didn’t read is transall saga by the way I didn’t watch vid yet

These books warrant high consideration due to their epic nature and/or degree of influential literary innovation.

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So its increasing marginal opportunity cost

What The Fuck?!

Lmao this dude tryna say that young thug is “evolving the language”, well if that’s so ig we all gon be retarded bc that’s just mumbling ๐Ÿ˜‚

This is absolutely brilliant! All teachers and students need to see this!

Paraphrasing is helpful when writing my assignments. The briefing is very informative.

Just got here first


That old fart speaks like he is having a brain aneurysm..





All I know is I wanna cop some LooLoo 7s ASAP

I just binge watched the philosophy playlist and I can’t stop thinking now


Everybody is my country is at least bilingual, lots trilingual and some know more languages!

Listening to this while i take calls for work usually is funny when someone is calling and crying about their situation and the music just goes right with the moment haha beautiful making every moment enjoyable.

Thank you so much for uploading this talk. I could not stop crying during the whole video, because never has someone put into words the pain I’ve felt.

I’m in the minority here, but it’s already too late to save the earth. So, the point for most people is to exploit as much for YOURSELF, since if not you, it’ll be someone else. Besides, by the time earth is fcked, you would be too dead to care, meaning it’s not your problem.

@Doctor Turdmidget lol i was thinking the same thing. How do you not hear a fucking train is coming? All 6 workers are idiots, so you have the chance to rid the world of 1 or 5 idiots. I think we would all agree that having less idiots in the world is a good thing.

Hi Liz, I changed the second part of example with two words synonymous :


Yes it’s fair.

Again, thank you very much for your videos, AWESOME.

“Maybe this is because women just don’t like science as much as men. If you’re operating on that assumption there’s little I can tell you save to suggest that maybe your assumptions are following from cultural norms so invisible, they seem like insights about gender.” Nope. Steven Pinker stated the former years ago, citing research from sexual psychology which, incidentally, he noted was the most female-dominated field of science he had ever witnessed.

Distributives examples are quantifiers according to my textbook. Personally, not trusting this source.