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The endless conflict continues to march into the vast darkness of space, battles rage across the cold void devastating planets, moons, and asteroids. Cosmic obliteration for a purpose long forgotten.

Very best lecture & very helpful for understand to HRM

Can you make a video on how to have a presence like trump?

“You have to be run by IDEAS, not hierarchy, the best ideas have to win”

Nothing more attractive than a smart woman who has a cool personality and doesn’t overly sexualize herself or put a ton of make up on her face. I just had that in my chest while going through this course.

Turkish: “He’s not English. He’s not Irish. He’s just pikey.”


Damn, the dude Charlamagne seems very ignorant and insecure. Martrin, actually seems like a very intelligent guy.

Company of Heroes


Turn on subtitles at 1:16 thank me later

I blame the british for all this social justice shit

I don’t think there is a second part anywhere, or if there ever was a second part. Searched youtube and their website 🙁

And thats how Wall-E was thought of

Dislike, just for the music. I’ve only seen 23 seconds and I already feel like crying and cutting my veins.

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I am so grateful of this video. Not only did this helped me, it has helped my son as well. Explanation was so clear and concise. I just did an outline for 2 prompts in 5 minutes. This will help me pass my Praxis Test.

Ahhhh it hurts cause it’s true 😄

Why the f*** did it take you 4 minutes before you started the list?

Do you associate yourself with Lance, a cheater? Or will you try harder? Or will you complain?

This reminds me of “Talking heads” by Kieslowki, you gotta watch it guys!! Peace!




Let’s put our critical thinking in motion: We have curving in stone of people hunting mammoths like 13.000 years old, BUT The Indo Europeans this great people that we HAVEN’T found some evidence of existence (NO writings NO carvings in stone NO city) just Migrated in the Europe and create nations and all the languitces xxmmmm Lets see what ISOKRATIS (436 B. C. – 338 B. C) said abut the Indigenus HELLENIC people : Becuse we leave in this cuntry not by forcing other people to leave or finding it deserted or as settlers with Mixed group with difrent Dissimilar sexes…On the contrary Our genus is genuine and Noble that in this country that we see the first light We are still constantly live in, Because we are indigenous And only we of all the others We have the right to call our city whith The same words Through which we have proclaimed the most known relatives.

But marvel movies appeal very realistic to eyes not over saturated..

LOL. You losers are so sad, everything you depicted in this vid has been standard political interview techniques for decades… used by all political parties…

The belt is awesome!

I LOVE your video’s. I truly do! It helps me so much but could you please slow down speaking? I keep replaying it but if it is possible, please. Thank you!

Plz post next video of this series ie part 2 economics in Hindi. /\


“it would be straight up remiss of yo bitch ass” – Wisecrack 2013 :’)

I speak Danish, English, Spanish and German. I never had any goals about learning a lot of languages. It’s just something that kinda happened to me lol.

I overcome anorexia, I work more than 12 hours to always thrive for the best in it and I still workout to up my lift and increase overall athleticism, I do it whatever the odds. Yet I still thing I’m an ugly trash piece of shit and sometimes need to scar myself so yeah it’s not because you believe you can achiever some things whatever the odds that you are self-confident, in fact the default of selfconfidence might make you think that you must prevail against the odds cause pain and hardwork are the only things that make you alive.

So anyone who’s fluent in French would like to learn Mandarin?

I liked your style in the presentation thanks sir

80 on my wrist

I was thinking he’d be a cool dude to hang out with when I was watching the video

John Goldberg. If there was no ‘free market’, he wouldnt need to sell any book or tell anything.


That was so cool



Instantly made me think of this video!

Thank you so much. i really like your video style

Good Day?

للاستفسار برجاء الاتصال على الارقام التالية :

Apologists for Trump your on the payroll what about your hyperbolic shit

This is absolutely excellent and this comes from a language aficionado with a doc degree in natural sciences, pathetically. You deserve much more credit than is possible on Youtube!

Fake news

Thank you. It helped me a lot with in my career

Rofl, Noam Chomsky was so bored by the introduction himself that he has bed head.

And human bla failed because of this.

Censorship….isn’t that the point?

This guy save my life!!!!!!!!

The indirect object can only be found between the verb and the direct object…

We have 7 grammatical cases in Czech. As mentioned in the video, the cases apply to nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs. Different cases for singular and plural variant of nouns. And not to forget, all nouns inflect differently, according to its grammatical gender. (E. g. chair = feminine, car = neutral, curtain = masculine form…). Every gender group has several model words. So all in all, there are 13 sets of 7 cases for singular, 13×7 for plural. Perhaps is sounds complicated but the language is incredibly rich, colourful and pictoresque like this. As far as I know, all Slavonic languages still keep this system (not exactly this but a system of grammatical cases – some languages have less of them or they would not have cases for all of the word categories etc.).


Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye



What happens? Does this lead to earlier existientialism?

Awaken your minds from this illusion that “they” have created for you. You are not your credit, car, phone, house, college diploma, ext ext….. have a nice day 🙂

Excellent presentation..8min of talk gives an complete meaningful overview of SCM..good one..

Yeah, i too gave up on the “major revolutionary change” possibility some time ago! You’re absolutely right that true, deep, honest change cannot come this way.

It’s a little disappointing that Chomsky doesn’t recognize the value of statistical learning methods, and the learning potential they represent regarding human consciousness. He does have so many good point though, in this and his previous talks regarding the history of science and politics. I’m really grateful to him for giving me a vocabulary and basic framework for considering a lot of these deep questions.

Tomorrow he was going to bring Skinny Puppy or the Misfits. Or maybe he’d make a spe – cial bus tape with as much screaming and wailing on it as possible.

3 Dawn of War

Americans love hyperbole.

“NAFTA has had a net positive output on 3 countries.” Nope, sorry, off

The Monday one is so accurate😂👍

Kind of a social commentary…

It’s only about of seven minutes passed, and my eyes are already full of tears…

Could you send me the notes for all economics units, Thanks : epio@hotmail. co. uk

This video just made me morning. Wow that thought process of the writer is so elegant. He/she added all the elements of modern social unrest/ movements which derail fundamental human values like education with discrimination. This was one epic video. Kudos to all the artists too

11:10 did she say a porn joke

Q locaso esta bulla



@phatcorns the common enemy doesn’t have to be personal, it could be our environment and our very own destructive natures. I think such a society would emerge eventually

3:00 tell that to Donald Trump

I call it nostalgia-milking.

Thank you

The black guy with spectacles made the most sense

Next 40 weeks lol…I need to finish these before tomorrow xD

Omgggg life saver 💯💯

I love this so much. I love hearing other people’s stories about finding vitality, and I’m crying now because they give me so much hope for my future. Thank you.

What dread hand? And what dread feet?

Best lecture thanks Sir very helpful

Blar blar

Gráficos de little inferno

You make everything so clear to me but you speak so fast ahhhhhh its like my brains on overload


Respected sir, your channel is helping me a lot. THANK u sir, u make us understand in wonderful manner, like the way of your teaching.



Video was basic and easy thank you it helped

Marvel are using different color grading to separate one planet or one world for another.

Specialists there squeezed out a hitherto-unknown malignant B. M.I. (Brain Mass Index) analysis that was nothing less than SHOCKING!

他妈的! 我的华文太差了。有华人在这里吗?

Later efforts to civilize the Germanic androphagi led by the

Add 1

All was well.


This is sooo helpful, usually I struggle to find good quotes under pressure. sooo thanks Eve : )

I don’t think pianos are made from elephants

I dont understand in term of no policy. Why?

You made one mistake there is not the same number of even numbers as there are even and odd numbers. Both are infinite and go on forever, but the group of even numbers has the same number as the group of odd numbers and both added together equal the total of infinte whole numbers. Just as the group of rational numbers is infinite it is clearly larger than group of infinite real numbers. See Hilberts 1900 Most Important Questions for 20th Century Mathematics which the solutions contain proofs of certain infinities being greater than other infinities.

Well, this seems like a perfect way to learn basic algorithmic thinking and assembler languages. Definitely stuff they should have at schools.

The Styrofoam balls are like “No touchy!”

Time to binge watch for the apes in less than 24 hours :’)

We are not animals…

What song was played in 13:16??

Shia are also a majority in Azerbaijan and Bahrain (don’t ask the Bahraini government if thats true though) just saying, might be something to bring up…

References to the books please…

Love this guy



Can u please include pic with each line. it really help to have image. thanks

CrashCourse represents everything wrong with outside sources who care little about the art of LEARNING.

Great question. The question is asking about the market for Country Z’s currency, not the market for other currencies in Country Z. Country Z’s currency is bought and sold in other country’s, so the graph could be “The market for Z’s dollars in Europe” and the exchange rate would be “Euro’s per Z$”, let’s say. In this case, the supply of Z’s dollars comes from Z’s residents. When Z’s interest rate’s rise, Z’s residents are less willing to supply Z$’s abroad, so the supply decreases…

Yes. Keep doing these I really love this.

What is the difference between hyperbole and metaphor?

My english teacher used an overhead too. Then it broke, and she wrote on the whiteboard. Now she finally has a projector, and uses that instead.

Taking the exam in one hour. How’s this for last minute?

Nice game. would like to see more of it 😀

Ий снэгк ахнажой йий донаэч.

| || -__|| | || -__|| _|

Those aren’t liver spots. They’re the result of decades of excessive grey matter.

Sehr schönes Video. Das wird mir am Mittwoch in der Englisch-Klausur bestimmt helfen. Danke!



This molded silicone has got me begging please

This is the very video that I was recommended watching by my university professor! Thanks, this was very helpful.

I speak 4:Tamil Hindi Gujarati English and a little bit of french

Hilarious! keep em comin’! 👍

The male narrator looks like mark cuban’s nicer brother

Saving the world isn’t exactly pretty

That curve shouldve been a line

Shout out to those of us that just came here cause we like Classical music.

Anybody got a list of books he was talking about?

Nietzsche did not embrace nihilism. He wrote about it yes granted.

It appears as though 250 odd people either lack a love for language or prefer a love of rules.

Dafuq is wrong…he’s just mumbling

A Crash Course on Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury or The Perks of Being a Wallflower (not very classic, I know, but indeed very good) by Stephen Chbosky would be really cool. 🙂



I wish the world was betterp

We will try to upload some clips in english to give some guidence.

Are you the same person you were ten years ago?

The title is in english


Bro Obama looks piss

He should have put the book “Wonder” in it. It’s THE BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t keep a knife under my seat

Check ( human resources social engineering in the 20yh century hq full ) on youtube

I think Spiderman: Homecoming does color grading really well. I have a feeling the directors and artist wanted to make sure that spiderman stood in any scene he was in. They color graded the film to where you could always spot him no matter where he was in the shot. Maybe that is why civil war was muted because all of our hero are fighting each other and there is no set hero above them all.


He’s a snobby fat faggot now.

Hmmm, I wonder?

Note — A person that had a tight lipped smile..or not showing teeth does not always mean that theyre being secretive. From what ive learned…VERY often in this case, the person is just self conscious of their teeth….either because they’re crooked or worried their teeth are not white enough.

He’s just too great.

Thank you so much! i found this very helpful for my essay I am currently writing!

AC/DC belt buckle


Peter Finch says in his 1976 movie “The Network”:

24 minute video! I could watch a 24 hour video if it had Vsauce in it 😀

Stop studying and bow to beethoven’s greatness



Turns out it only adds to needless suffering.

Good job!

Mr. Fisher brought me here

What about Crime and Punishment? Such a wonderful book!!

They didn’t realease ANYTHING about this game just the trailer, gimmie your money, bye.

An interesting academic course

You don’t sacrifice the message at all in that time.

A good trick for a false ideologues, It would greatly benefit Judith and Homophobes exemption from scientific criticisms.


Why am I even studying, my college doesn’t validate this course

Don’t be such a pessimist – times are changing.


Watch Hitler’s speeches and you’ll understand what trump is the hand gestures grandiose adjectives I alone can fix everything if you tell a lie make it a big one and own it and keep repeating it the idiots will accept it

@12:24 “…if I put a gun to your head and I live in DA HOOD”…so only residents of the inner city are gun-toting violence driven people? You’ve never heard of people in offices using guns or folks in the suburbs? Damn Tony!