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Hey if you make another one put red alert 3 command and conquer

B.) Send your Army to 3rd World Countries to steal their resources & pretend its for their Benefit?

Actually, should I use passive voice or active voice? my teacher asks us to use passive so not use active voice.

Just like they can be created, genetic psychopaths are born. Robert Hare has done some interesting MRI studies with it. They have no activity in the brain section where empathy is seated.

You look very hot when you are nervous…. oh i am sorry

Neat! My Master’s Thesis was on intertextuality in the Sandman and how Gaiman developed it as the series went on.

This video just predicted 2016 without being made in 2016

So true about me

To start it off, installing solar panels onto the school can decrease their electricity bill significantly. In many places, the cost of solar energy is the same, or even sometimes lower than what your school is currently paying. Since solar panels have an average ‘survival’ of 25 years; in the long run, it can save millions of dollars. For example, take the Portville United School District, located in California, which installed solar panels in 6 schools and is expected to reduce energy costs by $44 million in the next 25 years. By going solar, MY school can also protect against rising energy costs; signing a contract to purchase a solar system, or solar electricity, allows schools to guarantee their electricity prices for up to 20 years, saving districts money and making budgeting much easier. The Boulder Valley School District, located in Colorado, recently installed 1.4 megawatts, which is equivalent to more than 5,000 panels, on 14 schools, in an effort to reduce expenditures. Not only did the District do this, but they also signed a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement with a solar installer; so they will be paying less for solar power-generated energy than the conventionally sourced electricity that they currently use.

I know literally nothing about coding, and I understood that jump meant loop. lol

I am mesmerized by the titles of books.

Pharoahe Monch (king of multi-syllabism and generally badass rapping)

I died in a car crash.. should’ve walked..

Wow, your tips are verry helpful and thank you verry much miss Niharika, if I can learn english from you please let me know, thank you

Excellent discussion on an important topic. Good work.

Thank you for your verbal response. Your behavior has had an effect on mine and it’s allowed me to focus on a segment of the video for longer than I would have. I saw a very emotional Skinner speaking of how Chomsky was 180 degrees wrong. I do not agree with you, but I’m happy it had an effect on me. Thank you.

Who else came here from Jacksepticeye?

Ater reviewing a random assortment of the immense number of comments, I’m wondering if anyone actually questions the premise of this video. The video was made three years ago, and I haven’t seen much evidence that machine learning and automation is making people redundant since then. In fact, it seems there are more jobs than ever. Even Amazon, that temple of warehouse automation, is hiring huge numbers of people, many of whom were recently unemployed in the brick-and-mortar retail sector that Amazon is displacing. And whole new categories of jobs are popping up to capitalize on the new possibilities that machine learning and big data enable. To me, it sounds like the same story we’ve seen again and again throughout history, and not something new under the sun. Machine learning is just a form of generalized numerical optimization – someone has to provide the function to optimize and decide how to apply it. That takes people. And don’t confuse ML with general purpose AI, which we are no closer to figuring out that we were fifty years ago. I would tread lightly in basing policy or societal decisions on such an extreme prediction without seeing solid evidence first.



Thank you

He got 10 million views for stating the obvious. Have we become so detached from basic, natural principles? Every immigrant follows the exact same baby rules for language acquisition and most do well in the new language.

I was watching a joke animatic it had a link i typed it in this happened

RIP chicken 1 like = 1 prayer

Gona si tu haces al final de los episodios un reto que te falto?

Cutting his wing might have had something to do with hardening of arteries, what with all the stress of training and lack of natural flight to exercise and destress

Please, say it and maybe make a video about.

Not just in villages, in cities also such people exist…

“The following comment does not apply to trees, woodchucks, dolphins, breakfast cereals, badgers, amoebas, Oakland Raiders Fans, used crankcase oil, expired boxes of Pop Tarts, embarrassingly public farts, soybeans, or starfish.”

This trailer gave me a boner.

He sounds like dry from dispicaple me

Wwwhhhaaattt where’s the communist manifesto!

Another awesome video

That was impressive.

Mine doesn’t have. I tried to learn Finnish but they have 15… I had to stick with German instead. Much easier.

Please, tell me about the teacher responsibility. Your teaching is good but i want to know more about how important of Passive voice sentences.

That… was so eloquently put. Im not buddhist.

Most concepts & ideology mentioned in this video, regarding Buddhism & “Gauthama Buddha” are incorrect!

I like how they are all wearing black except for the guy showing he was different. The girl at the end was wearing all black too so I am guessing that she was like them. At least I hope that is what they were going for.

This video gives meh chills

It isn’t?

I think this video is fantastic – it explains why you need to use databases in a fun and entertaining way

Of institutional forces, and therefore have developed more of a reliance on individual processing.



I think we should just watch the wonderful lesson ” What is history for” by this channel again. That approach to history seems much wiser to me. On that lesson we have learnt to see the history NOT as an ” impertinence and injury” but as a source of “solutions and consolations”.

Going to a large university I can understand. I agree that colleges need to engage their students more because I sat in a class of 200 people and I fell guilty to not paying attention and looking at my computer cause the teach didn’t know whether i was their or not.

I am complete enchanted and speechless of it..

Bought the game today. liked to invite a friend but it did not worked. anybody a idea how to solve the problem???


I came to this video to learn about Foucault’s idea of Heterotopia in space, but nothing about it was mentioned.

This bitch talking too smart for my dumbass 😂. Well I’m not dumb just very ignorant in English. Since I grew up in a different country. But who gives a shit 😂. Alright thanks anyways I’m out to find more dumber explaining on how to write a mothafucking essay

Thats so true and the humanity cant anderstud that! Why….


Go do some interviews with the Free State Project guys! Ask them how much they’re implementing crypto into their community?

It’s honestly feel like marvel color grading is all the same because it sounds weird to say it but it kinda gives a lighter tone in terms of perspective. Check this out, DC movies like the recent BVS used the color grading technique by making the colors standout but if you notice in the justice league trailer same color grading and it feels like a darker tone as the rest of the dc movies. I think marvels reasoning for this is so it can have that lighter feel to there movies. Which is weird to say bc u think by making colors brighter it would lessen the tone but it actually emphasizes it. That’s why mad max looked so mad with the coloring but if U look at it without the coloring it looks like a normal day and guy on the bike going over a truck 😂 anyone else see where I’m coming from?

If my fellow females can be deterred from their dreams of working in STEM fields just because of a fucking shirt, maybe we’re too emotional to be in STEM fields.

When in your ad there’s only a picture of nigga

How they are in fact being brainwashed.

OMg! Jack was soooooo cute when he was a smaller youtuber!

At last I have come to know the difference. The bottle neck hypothesis is now clear

Really very useful this class

People run the world. Not companies.

¡Hola! ¿Como esta?

Some of them look like people in Somalia and Sudan and Egypt and Ethiopia The Bija people.

Thank you so much..very helpful and really true…..

Hey, great video thanks! I would personally start off with the supply shifting left diagram but that’s just me. If anyone’s dreading the essay, it’s very similar to taxation! It’s a cost to the business, that’s the basic principle.



To the owner of this video: YT has been indefinitely shutdown in Pakistan. I find this video of great significance. I have copied and posted it on my facebook page. Please let me know if you any problems with the copying of this video. I’ll remove my FB post. Thanks a million.


Even a broken clock is right twice a day. – GenerikB 2015

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Rick’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation – his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly the depths of these jokes, to realise that they’re not just funny – they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots – of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick’s existential catchphrase “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian epic I’m smirking right now just one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon’s genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I them. 😂

Am I the only one who reads only top liked comments?

Seems pretentious to me..

Can anyone write my essay?

I wonder how many feminists got triggered from the end XD

I miss old Hank from his biology courses =(

Thanks a lot

She is trying to give some Free Lessons, it does not cost anything. Now some English speaking people, if you do not want an Indian to speak English, mind your own English, it (in this video) sounds much sweeter than your one. At least all can understand. Not like your English, half spoken, half to be guessed. Learn from her, it is better for you. If you can make a Video like her, let us know, we will see that also.

No negative self talk for me from today.

Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Wyt ppl r evil



I like your voice and the way you teaching

I love how I have always been doing these gestures since i was young! Glad to watch your video! It showed me that there are terms, ways to improve, and develop more techniques that help in the art of conversation and persuasion.

Keep up the good work, will let any classmate know about you.

That’s a true description of all the modern society not only education.

Also you’re kind of funny and cool to watch, I guess.

This is way shallow articulation from a professor phd stands for philosophy of doctor of linguistics originally her philosophical perspective even for an uneducated person like me is not clear her demagogy and analogy just for the sake of being politically correct but still reflect her moral nihilism what an academic rubric how sad for students at her department this is epidemy of bullllshit this subject requires translational research also incoorperation wih an epistemologist ethnologist etymologist linguistic anthropologist sociologist and you name it at least she could reach share perspectives of such fella academics but hence studying a year and expressing this much is grand swell even for an uneducated person like me what a bulllllshit

I am a native bulgarian speaker and I really want you to make a video about bulgarian, because I think our language is beautiful but it doesn’t get enough appreciation?!

I just got Rick rolled for 3 minutes and 32 seconds

Man, i really wanna put some powder on his face…

But I love watching shows with subtitles even I understand


Trump sounds like every business owner I have ever met who built a business which had 30+ employees and tens of millions in revenue… they become a jack of all trades especially in manufacturing or construction… what you would encounter in 30-40 years in either business is ridiculous and could never be taught. An admissions officer for the MBA program at a major business school told me that after building and running a large company that I would not need very many courses as much more than refreshers because of equivalent education hands on in real world situations would make the program a breeze.

Whelp…. there are actually a fairly limited number of mathematically plausible scenarios.

जाति व्यवस्था

I, surprisingly, have not read any of these titles. I will be adding several to my wish list. My absolute favorite obscure book is the self-published Write the Way Up by musician Dick Lucas. It looks at societies move from reality to virtual reality, which will eventually end in a craving for reality. It was written between 20-30 years ago, and I came by it via a high school boyfriend. Also, Vampire Tapestry is one of my favorite obscure books. Although, much of what I read is not necessarily popular fiction; I try my best to mix it up.

Trump wont need an anger translator because he himself is already full of hatred and stupidity:)

Mola 😀

Really means real we say really when we really mean something and it is a good word

I absolutely agree…and it’s horribly unfair to those of us that simply couldn’t financially afford to finish college that most employers won’t care at all to know me, they won’t look past whether I have a piece of paper or not…when I know for a fact I know more then some college graduates I’ve met.

I feel like this is not necessarily the best thing to believe. What if the thing that I feel is my purpose in life is to kill innocent people. It just doesn’t make sense too me, because people may make something bad of their lives and harm other people in turn


Hit so fast because i need to pass french LOL

“You and I” and “You and me” Are both correct, given the circumstance.

Clifford talks WAY TOO FAST and keeps running words together. Hard to understand




I think in the future, the state will own all the machines and means of production. The population would receive an allowance.

Talks about what’s humane, is a communists

I dont blame martin shkreli because everyone makes money in fact i actually quite like him his a good guy seriously

Thank you Mr. David Taylor for sharing your knowledge with us. i always have difficulty with thesis statement, but you explained in very simple way. keep it up 🙂

+Chris Wagner

What do you say?

Untouchability is taught to children when they are young in order to program their minds to accept the caste. All Indians are indoctrinated into their caste. This is why the Christ said “suffer the little children to come unto me”.

Furthermore. Time slows down for no one. I need to get my degree now, so that I can start paying back the ridiculous amount of debt im going to accumulate that has actually become a huge problem since youve been out of “university”. There is no “wait a while” when your graduate program only enrolls in the summer months, and you have 1 semster to jam in 6 required courses and a hundred observation hours…oh and did I mention the 60hrs a week I work…oh yeah, but Im entitled for wanting a break.

😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘 I love the guy

And control the almost inevitable derailing before you killed anyone?

Philosophy is the mother of all science as it formulates the questions that need to be answear through science, agree?

It’s great that this is a video so anyone can hit the pause where they need. But I hope you are not going that fast in class.

Reminiscent of that time Yahtzee reviewed a game all in limericks, except it’s Doctor Suess rhyming and Kaptain Kristian.

DC = dark



I started having problems at 14 too, and like Stephen, it just looked like “bad behaviour”. I either “misbehaved” completely and caused chaos at school, didn’t do any work, was constantly in trouble, on report, or on the brink of expulsion….or I didn’t turn up at all because I refused to get out of bed, wanted to believe the world didn’t exist, and wouldn’t talk to anyone or go out. I think my parents were appalled because they paid a lot of money for me to go to school but I couldn’t help it. I was hospitalised at 18, then again at 19, and sectioned. It is a truly horrible illness to live with but I believe we gain some semi good things from it, for me, and I can only speak for me, it was heightened compassion, insight, and understanding of suffering and the human condition.

Umm I’m gonna stop you right there bitch and call bs on your credentials.

Who here is starting their journey to be an economist and is SUPER excited for it?! 😀

More than a clique of a few hundred men who possess untold wealth and,

Great video! love this guy

Simulacra and simulation

I have a question about the ppf graph: How come the lines are curved? If the production is 1 plane per 8 shoes, the line really should be straight. What kind of simplifications were made?

Honestly, bless your soul. you’re helping so many students tonight and you helped me during the school year. thank you for all your videos and hard work 😭


Race is a social construct term term that is meant to categorize! Mulatto is one example of a race that has evolved when two persons when different traits met and bred. You are talking about something that has occurred within hundreds of years, the evolution of humans is thousands. Stop polluting the internet with garbage.

7th grade is over. wonder what 8th grade will be after this video :DDD

Do you predict that this will be the chosen one in the exam? thankyou for all of your videos they have really put my mind at rest 🙂

Long sssssss, I’m out

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Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies!

Yeah man i read the synopsis. Sound’s Definitely like the kind of thing i’d get into.

Everybody go check out my music help a nigga like me get on stop proming the weirdeness in da rap game

They’re good on being non political and not biased

Reminds me of an episode is Star Trek nex gen

God knows who the linguist spends time with! “Normal people” don’t have the vocabulary of slow-developing 5 y olds!

Hi Mr. Reich., We met twenty years ago or so in New Orleans. I was Mark Twain–you were yourself. We were both addressing life insurance salesmen. Thanks for all you’ve done to educate America and the World.

Hi sir @Guy E White… I am having a hard time finding for a research problem that will relate to applied linguistics and I am planning to choose translational health, any suggestion?.. Hope I can get a reply from you…

Ohh… my goodness i did it wrong all the time.



To think that it’s possible to do a top ten list for novels is akin to thinking you can do a top ten list for best religions. Yes many of the works you guys showcased as the top ten were some of the greatest, but the list fell short because it failed to recognize what makes a novel great. You covered the societal impact of each novel, but failed to even mention how these works of art impacted the world of fiction. Take Dracula for example: Not only was it an amazing novel, but it has had a lasting affect on fiction. It introduced the world to what we recognize today as vampires. Without Bram Stoker, we would not have the modern vampire myth. Frankenstein was arguably the first work of science fiction. My point is, either stick to movies, or take the time to make a series out of this. It can’t be finished off with one list.

Fantastic video

Where are the close captions?

Martin Shkreli looks like Cat in the Hat.

How many kids do you want to suffer in this life… I mean, how many kids do you want to have?

Hopefully that provides insight into why we are grammar nazis instead of blatant assholes.

Nyc nd vry helpful video…

Vox is the only channel with good content

V well taught….Thnx dear…..

Is that the reading rainbow guy?!:O

Thanks sir

Large handwriting

After watching this video I realized this guy isn’t a douche. The media loves trashing him he’s actually a good guy.

Who is the sound guy fuck sake. Like -24dB.

Without Economy our world wide society would be guaranteed to collapse. With Economy we still have a (small) chance.

Never trust someone who uses Comic Sans 😉



Iakšaku (सूर्यवंश इक्श्वाकू)

Can we talk about what we can do to put an end to it? Or is it too late to act?

Wow!!! I have no words:( I don’t have much, but when I see thing like this I’m humbled and grateful

Thank you for your videos. It do give me some ideas.

Ty dude this is great

It’s been real. it’s been good.

In portuguese, as in all other romance languages but romanian, we’ve dropped the cases from latin, but we still have some of them in our personal pronouns.

If I could I’d want to get at and stay at the copier floor. I loved that in my old job, even if the copier jammed sometimes. I was one of the two people who used it most often so it was easy to just hang out while it copied papers.

If I did, anyone can do it.

College is supposed to be an ordeal that separates the qualified from everybody else. Its entire purpose is to set up a class boundary between elite and underclass, and to make this distinction fair because those who graduate EARNED IT. It is already too easy for you.

The thing you say about self-confidence/repetition/novel etc. is so wrong, we can be. fools

We are born as slaves and die as slaves.

Perhaps another suggestion, would be a genre about music and the wisdom they acquire. For example the music of Beethoven and how it influences people.

Can’t stop laughing LOLLLL



>Claim medicine was anti-gay for suggesting there was a virus that mostly affected homosexuals

The start in Turkey shows an older thesis. The general idea now is that it started in the Pontic–Caspian steppe, on the other side of the Black Sea

Thank you very much, and


What about explaining the British, American and Soviet invasion of Iran during WW2 and the huge suffering of the Iranians as a consequence? (Stealing the nations resources, calling the leader to step down, and causing mass starvation and death.)

Better than despacito. And never gonna give you up great as all star.

What this guy is saying is what I came to this world to fix

Demand: CRITE

It helps me relax and sleep 😴

JazakAllah (thank-you)

Lack empathy of our modern society will be an essence of what to come in the future where our children will be emotionless of how to deal their problem maybe this kind of problem lead to birth of Narcissist and Psychopath behaviours which common you found this trait in today’s people.

She talks with her arms way too much in the interview. kind of distracting

Amazing video mam..

So nice procedure, madam

Wow love it

I don’t really like this because “equality” does not mean “loss of identity”, it’s just respecting others’ opinion without having to think the same way and treating them depending on their actions and words and not their skin or sexuality or any other characteristic they don’t get to chose.

I’m going to leave it there!

Does his income will include in national income or not.?

They will beat martin shkreli lmaoo, stupid niggers