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Wyt ppl r evil

Age of mythology

I don’t really watch stuff like this but he is so right.

I’m so glad you’re doing this!! You’ll love Australia it’s so amazing!!xx

E las cajas dicen algo una por una en el nivel 2 dice load program descargando programa

Very Poor presenation of topic…. she is standing just like a pole making some noise 😅

UofC? i’m from Calgary.

Can you do a video on Adi Shankaracharya?

7:13 That guy is a genius

Do philosophy of true detective

I’m a bit confuse and my question is:

Some examples:

Iran Deniz Sahasi icin iki Adet Rus Krovezur Kullanim hakki rusyada kiralik Kuzey kuzey


I can’t be the only one that thought of after

This cures a headache


Looks good like the idea of having a company

Nice job

Jakob no it is not yet, but soon



Please can you make a video about the Frisian language? Please, please, please!!!


To buying


Very funny!!

@stainedglassfx Its a matter of interest, understanding and education. First we need to educate people to understand the dangers of all these things you’ve mentioned to find a common solution. There is a lot of people in our world who dont know the danger and how serious the hunger in our world is. Until we gets established our world so that everyone gets a decent education i can’t see how the world should be able to fight common conflicts.(I do not say i am right, this is my theory).

Do you has any video about writing an essays on Toefl for admissions on humanities areas?

Please respond, and help me out in understanding this sentence.

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First, the mistake of interpreting numbers too superficially… In the United States, nobody makes less than 1 dollar a day, yet 14% of the population are food insecure. Food insecurity should be defined as extreme poverty. In other words, making less than 1 dollar a day means nothing if you do not know where someone lives. Second… use of agricultural machines and irrigation in Africa. Africa should learn from the rest of the world and not let its population grow because of higher food production. Because of irrigation, the rest of the world is running out of water. Without water for irrigation, we will never reach 11 billion. We will start starving to death much sooner.

This is ore or less nonsense, we are not one family we are enemies, if we were treating each otrher as family we would just overpopulate earth and turn it into hell for everyone.

Your vid helped me in my exam thx u so much

Why Socrates… why not jesus… this is pseudo philosophy… learn philosophy in major regions like Islam Christianity Hinduism etc…. problem is you don’t believe in religions. .. after accepting the fact that there is God

Poor littlle chicken

Snapchat – xlibbymaex

Very good



May YAH come and help these poor people from this hell hole call India after America Satan next residence is india

I just saved you 60 minutes of life

Even the URL learned something. It says O-Ic.

That’s all fine and well, except that would require immediate familial incest–last I checked, genetic coding did not hold up well under mother-son or father-daughter sexual relations…So from 2 people to 7 billion would require several generations of inbreeding. As it stands so far, I believe Dewkeeper’s reply was the best one. Thank you all.

School of Life I love your videos, please do a piece on Zen. Please.

‘Deplorable’ speak



Lol. The Putinbots are really desperate here w/ the dislikes.

Great decision

This kind of music, never keeps me focused. Idk why, but i listen to metal instead.

From London

Pronounciation of the polish example is weird, like it was spoken by someone who isn’t Polish, just by a learner.

Sir really ur so intelligent nd mind blwng spcly ur explaination


Yogs slam is can destroy any one in a twenty meater radiuse it’s ment to kill players rather than break buildings and also yog has the best move ment as he can float up the side of cliffs

3:49, lol rick has 3 hands

The Puritans were fully communist from 1620 to 1623. After converting back to a market type of system they began to thrive.

Agriculture enabled civilisation reducing the need for hunters, and machines enabled globalisation by reducing the need for laborers. Likewise, true automation will enable us to focus on rather than merely sustaining ourselves. We’ll lose our jobs, but gain more freedom than we’ve ever had before.

Little inferno¡¡¡

What did the librarian say to the child

My work was taken as a sample of my year group, and the examiner told the school that my work was really really good and he was very impressed!

It’s a real life duplication glitch

Thanks a lot

Napoleon Dynamite can tell which farmer produced the milk…

Try project y on Google play store. Although on mobile it’s hardly lacking anything

Thanks for understanding

I came here 2 days before he started this and from this series i got addicted to his channel

Imagine looking at this without knowing English

P p


Being self sufficiant is bad… people really are stupid arn’t you?

Is john green a whovain????



But where’s Jackson though

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

The media is very forceful.

Car companies should be make at least 1 affordable electric car model in their line.

“learning” something that has no basis in morality is called “religion” and blind faith could never pass as science.

Never noticed until now but I think you may be right.comic book movies should pop. I know some photoshop, and not having your black (and white) points makes a huge difference. Well made points. I think it’s harder to notice while watching because your mind adjusts to the relativity of the color to make Cap’s shield more red than it might actually be. I hope that makes sense.

I would like to chat with u and u make correct my mistake. so in order this, is there any system dear teacher?

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Why wasnt tommy wiseau on this list?!?!?!?!?

Middle aged guy collecting shopping carts in the parking lot of the local

Ur videos suck no wonder u got no subs

Like it! Good group work in my opinion.


Fuck you Marvel is beautiful


Im A Change Women


Faulkner beneath the stars haha



Ушан ий домюна.

As though they were like you.

“…seems like these are a kind of unicorn’s blood; they’ll keep your story alive, but only with half a soul”

German language is hard for me…..

This is what is needed if we are to overcome, as a human race, the huge adverse social and environmental consequences of CLIMATE CHANGE. Global governance is required for this task and empathy should be an important core value of this governing body.

We cannot change what we are. I took mushrooms and saw the same light, beacon of hope, wake up call… yet I cannot cease to be the white privileged first world male raised with electronics, entertainment and hamburgers… its too late for that. If we are born broken, we live broken, even if you realise what you are you are not able to change it. Even if you see the flaws in yourself, you are going to be the same onthological entity.

@uchihaaddiction Who ever told you that, for lack of a better phrase, is a ignorant pig headed human being.coming from a christian.

MTV’s Oddities & “The Maxx” next, please!

What is good for the whole is not always good for the individuals. People are selfish.

Very helpful!

The Trump joke is like the Energizer Bunny.

Too bad academia is too insular to give a crap!

Interesting. In UK English we would say “spelt” or “civilisation” rather than “spelled” and “civilization” as you would in US English. Who is right? Do we measure votes by population or history? Perhaps we should ask the Scots. Maybe we should just rename English as American.

Brad: wHat?

How can I find a teacher to correct my essays?


Thanks alot to upload such video, it helped alot.


In reality, she must constantly deviate attention from the fact that people who are ‘born that way’ can of course ALSO ‘socially construct themselves that way’, and that the one in reality doesn’t exclude the other at all.


Marty never tried to hit on his mom, it was the other way around. Get your shit straight. 4/10, thumbs down and reported

Haruki murakami?

Seem very naive for a group of Harvard students. In a situation such as Dudley, man will do anything in any way to survive when his life hangs in the balance. Very few of us have been in that situation so it’s hard to judge, however when instincts take over, morals go out the window, and whatever it takes, we will go to whatever lengths to survive



What a baby faced bitch

This will be reality in like 5 years..

But hey, great vid 🙂

I miss him

Wait since there is an infinite amount of universes shouldn’t there be a universe where Rick and morty don’t exist

“Most smartest”….

Very interesting.

Well done PeopleStreme for envisioning!

U r superb, intellegent, pretty and confident😄😘😜😇😻👍💝💝

Attempting to break 12 year old habits, is scrambling my brain.

None of them woeked


Soulution to zero exterminator1: inbox 2: jump if 0 to line 1 3: outbox 4: jump to line 1

Please do the Pokemon pantheon. Also Dragonball Z



We are Currently Hiring People from all Over the World,

Thank u Emma

“It’s about doing our best to leave the world..the way it is. It’s about respecting the will of others, and believing in your own.” Big Boss MGS4.

You’re ill? I had no idea that “being too awesome” was a health condition.

Become a doctor or a highly materialized business man who works in finances. Joking of course. You might want to take a personality test and see where your strengths and flaws are cornered and where they overlap.

So he saying Atlanta niggas should all get PhDs for evolving the language by just talkin the way they do?

The explanation is clear and simple to understand better than my English writing teacher. Thanks!

Where is this place?

Good work

Can someone please explain Lao Tzu’s philosophy it confucius me

Watching this is my English homework lol.

“Special creative snowflake” – this just made my day.

Loved it! Thanks for the help!

Many students have no money to pay extra classes or private tutors, so this channel is essential to them.

One of his best ever scenes

Smart man but wrong on wealth&Africa will never come out of pocerty&India, not looking good.

Truth in this. Now redo this video to include the off-planet slave trade that may be going on right now.

Also read the teen book series Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas!!!! It’s is my favorite book and if you love fantasy I know you’ll love this series!!!!



Charlemagne wat da fook are u doin for da black community?????

Missed out the greatest/worst accent in a film – Josh Hartnett in Blow Dry. Meant to be Yorkshire. Apparently there was no one from Yorkshire there so it was just made up.

Will be doing Macro next semester… Wish me luuuuck 🙁

Harvard students look broke as fuck lol.. why would i wanna be there

I came here because I don’t want to go to sleep, and I thought “Let’s see something productive” (if I can call it that way). Now, I’m here, listening to your voice, looking at your eyes, noticing your personal hygiene, seeing you gesticulate, listening to what you are saying and the connotation of it and I just subscribed. I don’t know what you did but there’s a saying that goes like this: “Eyes are the window to the soul.”

do you really think that a fat bastard like him could get into some sort of ritual in bohemian grover and film it, and later and all he is done is spread fear ===???!!


OMG 131k like ; 939 dislike

I agree with what your saying as well. While people are free to use language as they like, most people understand that there is a time and place for formal and informal language. Anyone stupid enough not to know this and uses ‘u’ and ‘itz’ at inappropriate times, deserves in my opinion, not to be taken seriously.

It *is* the original narrator. He said so himself in the video.

Our teacher said 5-6 but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that… :/

So helpful u deserve a million subscribers


You are awesome. Thanks so much 🙂

Really useful….



Hi! I would like to have a example of Theoretical Framework so I could have it as a guide. Is there a chance so you can please provide me one? Im desperate!!! Thanks!

Does each sentence of each paragraph start with the first reason or the second reason?

Mb this bird is smart, but he looks really unhealthy and uncomfortable. i don’t like that. he seems to be lonely because for me it appears that he is yanking out his feathers.

Emperor of China request a wish to be granted

Potential employee’s response “Read my CV Bitch!!! that will tell you everything you want to know.

Ii. make certain tha the reader is in no doubt what the idea is. Be 100% explicit


Mohammad Mosaddegh party wasnt communist, but a nationalistic hero who’s party called the National Front

I respect u brother. Big time

Small = you are bored or like the subject.

Does this remind anyone of Harrison Bergeron?

That stupid priest (4:44) who called himself a scholar (of shit) should know that if its feet gets cut off, he won’t be able to stand, so Mr Priest, the feet are the most important part of our body – RESPECT THEM like Lord Krishna did by touching Sudama’s feet to greet him. Even in our culture we touch FEET to give respect; so learn something= respect them, they are HARIJAN – people who are close to God’s heart. Stupid ignorant priest

Why? Because it costs more money and time. They could care less what the editors do in post production. They’re in the film business to make large amounts of profit not to make art-house films.

…And how to accept yourself? That’s where we get to something deeper and more meaningful than what this talk had to offer. A much more difficult task, you cannot love someone on command.

My fourth grade nephew speaks more eloquently than this idiot.

There are some good explanations of depression in this programme. I feel for the people who suffer this condition, but envy there manic phases. If you don’t understand depression and want to because a friend, colleague or relative suffers, then take note. The descriptions of how it feels are true, but don’t underestimated just how all encompassing the deep feelings of despair are.

Earned my instant like and my respect

This video is a work of art

Alex was one intelligent bird and it’s amazing how creatures so small of us can have such amazing intelligence It’s sad though he died He would have lived a lot longer if his body didn’t give in at that age R. I.P





We need more discussions by informed people regarding why our democracy is where it is (not working for the large majority of citizens), how we got here, and how to change it.

Thank you for this wonderful video.

I hate humans, we do all this crap everyday, and I wish I was better but I’m not, and it hurts to know that everyday I’m alive I’m helping to kill the world, makes me want to cut myself in to chunks, maybe be a animals welcome mat…. It’s be better than what I’m doing know

This cannot from the GOD. Surely this is all man made religion

Very very interesting

“si je parle en Français”.

Race is a social construct, not a genetic one. Your “white” is a different mix than my “white” and yet you’re obsessing about this supposedly pure and sovereign gene pool which must never be sullied, even though we’re all mixed when it comes down to it.

Well, Id Change CoH and AoE, but the Top 3 are probably well chosen


2) In general policy makers try to achieve three goals:

Very helpful, how to write well argued philosophy essay for high school

Are you lecture???

Wish there was a Jung video :/

Luther’s flexibility is hilarious🤦🏾‍♀️😂