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I was in Grade School then. I didn’t have an opinion on the matter, but I wondered how they knew all that.

Wow! this is Very helpful;thank you.

Cool English lesson. Wish you taught me this, easier to understand then when I had my teacher.

I wonder if you guys would be getting funded properly if you had promised first class support for both Mac and Linux from the get go, but oh well, another good idea wasted 🙁 sad to see this go down the drain.

English elective Ytb

Yes Marvel, it’s possible. 👍

But there was no such thing as A homosexual.

You can make claims even if you don’t have the resources to buy the geothermal plants yet. You should have grabbed both geothermal spots as soon as you upgraded, and then worked towards building the plants.

We are born with no plan and we pave out own fate. we are born to died.

I want to read the comments but they might be disencouraging. 😉

How can l find academic words more?

The catcher in the rye and animal farm are my favorite!!

Hi Jade! Im obviously very suprised and also impressed by your decision. Im your age but i live in Poland so i will be graduating from secondary school in 2019. For the last few months i’ve been struggling with what i want to do after school and what university i want to go to. I’ve been thinking about applying to the University of Amsterdam for the last few weeks but i know it’s really expensive to move abroad to study especially to such a big city. I have honestly no idea what i want to do and you made me consider taking a gap year. Of course im going to think a lot about it but i feel like it would be a good option for me to kind of find out who i am. Im writing all of this to let you know that you gave me a perspective and im very grateful for it. My comments on your videos are always very long lol but i just feel like i can share things like this with you. I would love to see another video focused mainly on your plans during a gap year when you figure out what you are going to do exactly. Love you xx

You must have patience, young grasshopper.

I know there’s a gershwin joke there somewhere but idc to make it

You teach so great! Thank you Jame

To argue that we are the outcomes of all these acts combined, is true in a way,

Thesis Statement anyone?

I failed both Chinese and English😭😭😭😭I hate languages they’re so ugh

Https:// v=7Jl6118Qyxs

Algum Br?? Comenta eu

Boo hoo kids…learning happens when you are dedicated, passionate and switched on….if you are sitting farting around on facebook during a lecture then maybe you are the problem…..

Thank you very much for the teaching, English it’s not my mother language and I’ve been learning english all by myself for the past 15 years (I know, it’s a long time). Next week I’ll be in a contest to win and english scholarship to learn english sponsored by the UK ambassador in Honduras so, I’m very nervous and thrilled, wish me luck.



“We’ve both got light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we act on, that’s who we really are.”

People think being bilingual is such a big deal. Lol

Abstract rap

Very fast…need to go slow

Excuse me, can I ask you a question? Almost English teachers in my city advise me to use complicated sentences and structures like conditional sentences, passive voice. Additionally, it is necessary to switch from verbs to nouns. I don’t know why 2 tips are so different. Who can explain it to me??

Socialism has nothing to do with the government. Wtf is wrong with you people? This show is terrible and capitalist biased.

That man looks like a weird woman

I get that she’s trying to describe instead of making normative judgments, but isn’t he incoherent? Aren’t most people who listen to him speak often thinking, “what is he talking about?” I get how fans at a rally, can tune into the emotional pitch of a speaker like Trump, but for the rest of us, aren’t we all struggling to make sense of his words?

Legit facts bro!

His right will be his wrong and his wrong will be his right.

I don’t really get the hate against postmodernist philosophy and narratives by people who claim that it’s detrimental to western culture, while one of the cornerstones of modern western thought is to be critical and question absolutes. Why are some people so scared to take into question what they believe?

I watch this every time I have to do a research paper which is every 8 weeks.

2:16 I thought communist societies don’t have governments


I have a fetish for intelligent women. I LOVE her.

So….im imaginative, social, talkative a little, and systematic….not bad i guess…..

I can tell you first hand. Working at ANY Mc Donalds sucks.

And institutional realities that have materialized from the idea.

Now after hearing the Buddha’s philosophy for the first time made me realize the concept of suffering, it never occurred to me that those who enjoyed or yearned for pleasures were suffering, that makes more sense in a way. Wish I could have had a talk with him.

Your tips are really useful

Bhut jbrdst

Hopefully the guys from Uber Ent. read some comments and act! This game is simply not ready to release. We want more!

I like 2 start late…and finish early…



Great video!

I Fucking New It

That’s offensive

Surprisingly accurate description of Buddhism. Good job The School of Life.


…is that Gallifreyan on the board beside you?..

“I’m pretty much fucked”

I would taise my hand to answer against the proposition of a lotery too:

Thank you so much for the video, it really really helped me.

1:15:05 Mujica rules!

Interesting, thanks

It’s not that deep lol he just rapping. Enjoy it and stop complaining.

Thanks for explain to me about economics.

🤜💥Have everyone from now on out learn one language..communucation problems solved! Boom! POW!

My faith in humanity withers and dies a little more.



I can speak English, Bangla, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese ☺

So you’re telling me Tom Sawyer wasn’t even an honorable mention

It’s 5:03 in the morning and I’m understanding what he’s saying XD

To me, Emerson is regarded as one of the greatest due to his inspiration of many; like Thoreau and Whitman, but he also penned Self Reliance and pioneered American transcendentalism.

It’s a story.



I can not believe all the bullying in the comments! There is no “right” answer to this kind of questions. The lecturer is asking to engage the students in a typical philosophical debate and make them examine the logic behind what we call “common sense” and every student of them gave a quite good justification for her/ his choice.

#1: Listen A LOT!

Haha. btw, I thought the blackboard was going to say: “cellar door”. +^+^+

Thank you sister for this lesson

This is so helpful eve!!

This video started well, then went down hill fast and became annoying. The biggest con the government is applying to us all is falling prices are bad. If you understand the global monetary system you’ll know why. Government spending is NOT good for the economy. Governments must take money from the true economy and secondly two words: national debt. Thumbs down.

Well, now I have to go watch all of the Lord of the Rings movies.

Soooooo many people missed the point of the video…


And you could sacrifice one of them knowing this patient is going to die anyway but could save 4 lives?, maybe some people would even volunteer to be the one that is euthanized.

The multiplier levels are broken

I hate BJP, and their brand of hindutva. But I absolutely adore Dr Swamy and his brand of Hindutva (which is also my brand of it), I wish that con-man fraud Arun Jaitley was replaced by Dr Swamy or even Modi himself by Dr Swamy.

Brother i love the way you teach now i can easily understand economics



@unorthodoxJ 4 women, 1 man.

#4 is so important! I listen and empathize well but I could improve how I communicate with more precision.

You know the US is screwed when literally almost every comment on this video consists of people being offended about how the linguist implied that regular people speak as stupidly as their president.

Everybody just stop for a second and go pick up some garbage.

Donald Trump is indeed different, and brain-washed Americans are trying to burn him at the stake, kinda like killing the “Goose Who Laid the Golden Egg”. I’m ashamed and embarrassed to admit that I used to be a “Flaming Leftist Liberal”. Today these people are out of control! Their behavior makes them appear to be mentally disturbed.

I have to play these games in my computing class at school and I really enjoy trying to finish them because I like making games I use things like Python and scratch. The jump is used to send you back to a previous line of code so you can repeat them instead of going onto your notebook and pasting lines and lines of code, they can also be used to do certain things to certain groups of data ( like the 0 box that needed to be destroyed). By placing a 7 in one of the carpet areas, you could add it to the 7 in your hands twice to get 7 + 7 + 7 . I get annoyed when I see someone struggling at something that I could do, but I’m not an asshole who calls people ‘stupid’ because they have less knowledge then me about something and I would help the person so they could do it in future, I would enjoy watching you attempt to complete this game in the near future jack. 🙂

The best games are (supreme commander forged alliance, supreme commander 2 and planetary annihilation titans)

Kill all humans…


Like you said advancement of a nation.

Damn it, even the title rhymes.


Typing & saving notes on a computer is a lot more efficient and makes them easier to organize and use later on. it also wastes less paper.



What are u freaks doing here with a genius?

Also the hands folded is vulnerable or, conserved/timid – However if you place your hands on a tabel or desk and do this it – is a step up from there to a more dominate position (but still not totally domineering like the steeple on the table all the bad guys do in movies XD).

Please do the philosophy of The Expanse next!

Most of these are SO TRUE plus right now, most people are willing to burn the planet just to get some freaking money, stupid rich greedy people these days, they won’t EVEN donate money to poor people

What books do you think a person who is new to economics should read to understand the subject better?

Seems to be very Indian based? Excuse my ignorance but is this the aim of the video or is it actually based on the worldwide creating and evolution of HR?

Lao tzu = Dzulkarnain

I am currently taking macro econ, but I’m sure the principals are the same. Great video man, I have my exam tomo, and I feel much better now! 👌


Thanks thats very good

When someone challenges a media source’s editorial, it is akin to a product competition. Whoever can afford the most advertising, market placement, and sponsorship will win the public’s opinion.

4: it gets voted up by other stalkers and sexually deprived teenagers with sweaty palms

Ho my god I understand Mousse click in the song of 38:00 xD

Девочка (Devochka) = girl

Open book exam, lucky. i have to memorise the quotes…..

Your students are extremely lucky!!!! Your videos make me wish I was in your class.

Love this song

It’s a little more extreme than the actual system in place, but it operates essentially the same and leaves opportunists to exploit peoples trust for profit. so long as media is corporation it will exist to protect itself and the people who serve it’s interests.




Beautiful and spread a strong message.

Thanks Niharika….Thanks a lot for support us to speck english flently. your episodes are very interesting and useful. i would like to inform you that pls. give some examples for everything. i think it would be very great and better understandable. one more thing just train us about story telling capacity and how to improve that. also accents. Waiting for my needed episodes what i have wrote. Thank you!!! 🙂

Thank You so Much!!!

Please don’t procrastinate by reading the comments. Back to your writing you go. Good, puppy!

I needed that money though. Why did you tear it! 😧

Im a open o


The best thing this game has going for it is they got a bunch of idiots to pay the development cost on spec.

Frodo wasn’t a human.

If one starts questioning foundational ideas, as well as the way in which big events have been reported to us,

Dear Sir kya coi aisi site hai jis se hame online accounting ka kam miljaye

Thanks that realy helped me a lot

I thinks it make the movies look more tough and rough i don’t think they want poppy colors


Really all of this over a shirt because idiot’s think that it is contributing to sexism when a woman made the fucking shirt for him I’m so sick of these fucking SJW’s who have to shit on the most minute thing like could you focus on something else that is more important like I don’t know actual sexism that is going on over in the Middle East but I guess if they did that they would be called racist by the same fucks who complained about the stupid fucking shirt fucking conehead idiots.



“Attachment is the root of all suffering” ,,,,

Really good introduction

Lmfao what even is this he sucks

High German means “Oberdeutsch” in German, not “Hochdeutsch”. “Hochdeutsch” is the German term for “standard German” what is taught in school.

Again I am not convinced about why deflation is bad. I rent out my labor in exchange for money. deflation means my labor increases in value. obviously the best thing is completely stable prices.

What more could we want :’)

WARNING: John Green shouts a lot in this video. Plus, his eyebrows are always raised.

I been waiting 🙂

Am I the only one that thought the Biggie impression wasn’t very good?

I’m in my first year at uni now after taking an unplanned gap year, it was the best thing I have ever done, I enjoyed myself so much and felt like I learnt so much about myself. Don’t worry about being older at uni, half of the people in my flat at halls are actually my age and either took a gap year or re took a year of sixth form. Enjoy yourself, your plans sound amazing!

If the people are dying then choosing who to save is not murder but only logic

“I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.”

This makes me think, why can’t we just live life without working for money to live so whenever you here someone say that, it doesn’t seem like good advice but this can actually save lives instead of being stuck out on the side of the road asking for money just to get high or drunk, or it just means to make a youtube channel, get popular by entertaining other people, and live life on the edge which is how I see it

She is the best guider and she ‘s suggestion is very helpful for us

I love your way of teaching philosophy.

Honestly I never even noticed this and it hasn’t bothered me, just nitpicky really…

Didi pls Indian English bolo. American nhi..

You’re: You Are You’re a person.

High taxes for the rich? or sould the state own it? also say everybody can get what they want, they have alot of freetime. they could do a lot of fun things, or study more, perhaps then you could get a more direct democracy cus everybody has the time to look everything up and make good disicions ( pardon my english please)

Using your own baby’s precious development as an experiment, pathetic..

I have small hand writing with big spaces and curved letters

One thing these neoliberal wackos can’t get over: Is that the U. S. became an economic giant through Protectionism. Not the other way around. I don’t know why people love to get paid, lying for a living. Yuck!



Verse 1:

Good one

The views are gonna spike up now😂😂😂 #lastminuterevision

Very much so. Thank you so much. I am so glad I have watched your Econ teaching radios. It’s really helpful to digest the concept. Cooooooooooooool stuff! ^_^

I might end up spending this summer in Austria. I think the fact that this is where I came first for a breakdown of German really says something about your channel, Paul

U should get nobel



The Catcher in the rye in the top right little quote bubble has strangely really bad quality, I cant read it on anything

I love you.

(Please read this comment keeping in mind that i’m a musician, i study for it and that would be kinda the base of my job in the future)

Dative (To whom\what)

I am an emotional nomad, a maverick bent on self indulgence.

I know all these stuff but I can not write at all

Sir u r sure in 2 and sems I got this ans 8 bit

Do you ever watch Blow up/ARTE? A lot of their videos can be understood without speaking French (or I would think so). If you don’t know about this channel I would recommend it, I think you’ll like it!


6:War and Peace.



This is the major flaw in the libertarian argument. At the mention of automation they collapse.

You are great………. yours lectures

Denmark has free healthcare. Education is not only free but receives money from government every month.

Sakura – I, too, respect self-education & individual inquiry, and I congratulate you. I like this: “it does not depend on the school it depends on the student.” The problem is that many students who complain about the classroom environment have no capacity for self-directed study. Some of their complaints are legitimate, but some are just excuses for laziness. This video tries to dresses immature whining up as a political ‘vision’ – ‘the voice of the oppressed.’ I’m glad you’re not one of them.


I love your explanations, I can really understand when you explain, the drawings help a lot.

He IS a liar. That is all!!

And the study also revealed, French girls tends to be more attracted by boys that have short names like Théo, Hugo or Alex.

My favorite ♡


Regards, Carter

Omg 24:15 is so funny

Brasil porra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aí sim! Representou bem… Desde o início senti essa energia peculiar brasileira. 😀

Bonjour je nais parle pas Francais bien. Est-il une version avec sous-titres anglais?

His greek is a little funny, but really good for someone who doesnt live in Greece


I like your vibe, thanks for the informative video.

I really like the clothing metaphor. (Language = Clothing) We choose our words for the occasion; we choose them to affect how others treat us; we choose them to fit in (or not); we choose them to create an image (real or imaginary).