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– Jesse Eisenberg (Mark Zuckerberg)

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I personally live Joseph Conrad. Heart of Darkness or Lord Jim could have been nice to include.


This could never happen successfully. if everyone is unemployed businesses will have no one to buy their products. So they will have no money to buy/build their robots. The unemployed have nots would revolt and take from the robotic haves.

The idea is simple, that people know more about their own preferences than third party bureaucrats lording it up in some capital thousands of miles away. Allow people to make their own economic decisions and more mutually beneficial outcomes occur. hence GDP growth, low unemployment etc. More win win situations.

This is really got me thinking Im going to show this to my sociology teacher for discussion omg

These jokes are so corny

I don’t speak like him, nor does anyone I know. The only people that sound remotely like this guy are the concert ticket scalpers outside the Boston Garden.

You enjoy your freedom

Yeah we do. in modern greek we have four cases.

They mean literally read it. That book can be confusing to someone reading it out of context or if you don’t have good reading skills.

Another common enemy theses days (only a ghost): The patriarchy

Scythians were not Indo-European





2) “the catcher in the rye” as number 8 and “to kill a mocking bird” as number ten is a joke! there are so many much more important and dense novels written elsewhere. Clearly, a list made by americans.

But I love deconstructing books! It was one of the only classes (that and history) that I was great at! 🙂

Yep. We are indeed made in God’s image and given dominion over everything that flies, creeps, or walks. I feel both proud and humble to be a part of this exalted species.

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In other words, to think that utilitarianism is flawed in such a way that it has been shown to be wrong is to admit that you have a myopic view of the world, which is hardly becoming of a philosopher.

Thanks for the great videos! It really will halp me reteach this to my 9th graders.

+Erich Kittlaus

You talk to fast, good thing I can rewind.

U r amazing u make it very easy for me my to crack marks in my exams thank u so much

Arpit rocks👍👌👌

Adriene is so beautiful, i really like the presentation style it feels personal and like she really cares.



I have yet to see Noam Chomsky on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN… Jeez I wonder why they don’t host him?

Now i’m waiting for Dovahzuul

Thought of as a psychopath

Which is also floating through an even being speck of dust

“Always” – J. K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows

This video needs to get to 10 million, 12 million, 20 million and so on views. Please share and make this video go viral to help end this problem of Political Correctness.

The host is really cute

Do you speak portuguese?

So as to not fall into the category of those I am pinpointing:

Mine idiolect is an interesting mixture. you won’t get it?

To argue that we are the outcomes of all these acts combined, is true in a way,


Thank you Mr Taylor, but what about writing another paragraph or 2 in contrary to show maybe a debate

So the masses basically trust the experts, and the general scientific process;

I like green eggs and ham – Dr Seuss

DON’T cage birds… they are meant to be FREE… ‘As free as the birds’… No excuses!



And also making money!

Nooooo!!! no todos los vídeos están subtitulados??? I am from México and I can’t understand what you say (ven? ni si quiera se hablar inglés!) I love the first vídeo Intro Echonomy and I want a see all the vídeos of Echonomy but I dont speak inglish!!!! subtitulenlos por favor!!!

+Oliver Jack listen to this. It’s very interesting

2:11 – how road men decide who there next girl is… Btw great vid… My exam is next week….huuuuuuuugghhhhhhh

Haha! See you did a little google search for greek automobiles, got the name Namco and run with it, but there is no greek car, its only a proposal in prototype stages – and with really dodgy investors if I might add a personal opinion… FYI…

Most of religious people fit right into existentialism. Most religious people created their own individual version of the religion they chose. There is no clear definition or check list that will make you a 100% christian/muslim/jew etc. It all comes down to individual man made subjective interpretations which by definition is blasphemy actually.. It is quite absurd when you think about it.

-All The Bright Places

A JEW checking up on how his Slaves are doing. the greatest Fear a JEW has, being exposed as a JEW,. Masquerading as a White male just to Exist.

The point that anti-SJWs try to make in regards to this shirt and many other issues is that if you are allowed to criticize a man for his tasteless shirt, then you should also be allowed to criticize a woman for her, let’s say, overly sexy clothing.

Video is veryyyy good but you guys speak too fast!

Dope bars man😆😆😆


Very good

Nietzsche brought me here and I thought I was starting to make progress in my quest to make sense of this thing called ‘life’. However this video took that from me and I am now none the wiser about what it all means. Where does one go to find decent values and norms to live by? I have accepted that, for me, religion is not the answer, yet Darwin’s ‘survival of the fittest’ appears barbaric and too simplistic to explain all human behavior. I am reluctant to just do whatever my basic instincts compel me to, for that would lead to a life of violence and sedition, of which I would like to believe mankind has graduated from. Socrates, Plato, Nietzsche and Sarte, honestly, I wonder whether these men take pleasure in tying up the simple minds of the populous.

Soooooo which region does AVE belong to?



This video is a self killer

Honestly, what’s wrong with the French people and all theirs left-leaning, marxists sympathies?!

This is not sugar this is cocainum

Of dogs = kutyáknak a / ebeknek a (genitive)

You mentioned that women get more degrees but you failed to mention what areas of study those degrees are in. I won’t use the word ‘propaganda’ like a lot of other people would, but it’s hard to take an argument seriously when in misses out key facts. Also, without even going into the fact that you provided no evidence for it, your assertion that prejudice comes from pleasure and/or being threatened is somewhat incorrect and only applies to a very select few of the people you’re targeting. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy your videos and herald many of the causes you support, but this video is disappointing. On top of this, you’re focussing on what is ultimately a non-issue. Criticizing this one guy for his choice of shirt isn’t helping when there are actual instances of the abuse of women happening every day. Surely targeting those cases would be more helpful to the cause?

We always let you know that you’re dummy and a loser and you’re really really mean to them

This entire channel is cancer

Best lecture thanks Sir very helpful

This on 1.5x speed is the greatest thing!!!

We need to colonized mars in the future…. problem solved

My i and u are opposite.

One of the amazing speech which i’d ever heard of!

Since I’m year 9 but have a very important end of year, since I have no mark scheme to go off of, the text is completely unseen and almost random, would you recommend just using as many techniques as possible since I don’t know what the mark scheme is… they can’t really say my analysis is irrelevant? That sounds too confusing, I hope you understand!

/a/, /e/, /i/, /j/, /k/, /l/, /m/, /n/, /o/, /p/, /s/, /t/, /u/, and /w/.

This is probably one of his best explanations

7., CnC Red Alert

3 seconds of roblox

Seems normal

This must be for people new to hip hop.



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Your getting better

EMILY BLOWER and ANDREA JAENDRASINGH: I’ve just sent the notes to you – hope they help and best of luck with any exams you may have!!


Thanks. I got 7.5 with 1 day of preparation and following your guidelines.

Afaik supreme commander was (also) made by atleast some devs that worked on total annihilation. Just like this upcoming game is being made by some devs that worked on total annihilation.

It’s always 6 oclock around here!

Consider this: From any other POV, humans are an infestation on this planet. One of those points of view will be artificial intelligence. A reasonable population, relative to life as a whole, will be determined. Most of us are extra. Pathological to the whole. We are the disease. It aint likely to change.

And I hope you can set advanced options in match like in supreme commander 2. I love our advanced option system shit 🙂 its just BEST

What you should be commenting about is this extremely dishonest, degenerate compulsive liar.

Trump should watch this channel

If yes, what is the apparent good you are pursuing in capitulation to vice? And is that apparent good a hidden longing for virtue?

Lithuanian and Latvian are merged to one language.. This map is so incorrect..

Basically, you have visionaries who create things that drive the economy, and you have those who are ashamed by their lack of vision who believe that by quantifying and defining, and even throttling, the things that the visionary created, they have somehow contributed to the vision. In 1776 the free thinking visionaries were the founder of the United States and the British were the one’s who’s grip on social definitions were threatened by the new way of thinking. This battle is still being played out every day in this country a million times over. Unfortunately, computers have given those who think they can define and control creativity the upper hand. And they are using them in an attempt to control the human spirit and limit free thinking to only those ideas that have been catalogued and quantified. Any thought outside of that is a threat to the data structure.


I can sense little libertarianism in this philosophy

No dejare de ver esta serie hasta que conozcas a miss nancy xD

This is absurd! Thank you for this.

The Belfast accent is shit. Cruise sounds more southern irish than northern irish

We south Indian people are little bit poor in understanding Hindi. so please try to post videos with subtitles or try to speak completely in English. thankyou

Genius staff is so cringey



Same here – I also wanted to single handedly develop a AAA-Space-RTS-Game “Spacecraft” with 3 factions: the Derran, the Serg and the Brotoss – so I was searching for some Marine Models i wanted to implement into my game and the suddenly i stumble upon this crappy little Title by this pretentious indie dev “Blizzard” which COMPLETELY stole my idea and they called it “Starcraft” – thats so terrible…. well but at least i now have a super original new idea to develop a FPS called “Call of Duty”!!

Beautiful work!


There is no Z word in Hindi but it is improvised by putting a dot under the letter Ja.

The racist Illuminati guy wants money for the communists BLM,

Thank God we don’t have to listen to the droning, pulpit style cadence of “Politician Speak,” littered with elaborate and long sentences of saying absolutely nothing! That was classic Obama. He would go on and on and on and on and say absolutely nothing! Thank God for a “cut to the chase” communicator! MAGA!!!!

Good professor

Going to take the December SAT…pray for me guys

Maybe one day he’ll say that he is God, believe me


Thanks a lot Mr. David Taylor! Your vid helped me better understand how to write the Lit-Rev; i like the idea of, ‘it is just like telling some old and some new stories to an old friend’. God bless!

De mx ni hoy ni mañana ni nunca……………….tu puta madre

Thank you!!! i am not as stressed now, I had been asking people how to write a review and you explained wonderfully.

I just. . . I just love this series so much. —–


Can someone tell me what are the best channels for english grammar?

You are an Absolute gift.

Jaker-98 ☺️

Im 13, I scored 230, so my mental age is 21-29

Plus atleast Silesia would be shown German definitely.

I can’t believe the interviewer had the audacity to ask Noam Chomsky what he would ask a room full of googlers after an hour of Noam Chomsky giving him so much information I don’t even think the interviewer was paying attention to anything he said it’s sad this is Google supposed to be one of the top companies in the world and at the end they get told by one of the greatest living intellectuals to do something serious got to love Noam Chomsky.


Lol i dont understand why people hate this guy. He’s a genius. People just listen to everything the media says about him.

Это кино должно быть переведено на все языки мира и показываться на уроках в школе для старшеклассников и тогда весь мир станет добрее.

I love AIDS.

2: Nothing: Doing nothing is harder than doing anything. Spend time to not think about anything, no schedule or timed work.

Infinite Jest deserves some kind of recognition here…

TRIGGERED #**()(Q#@($@#($@#&%()!@$*)!@$

Tobacco’s / gobble themselves / unto medical obesity

I liked the accent.

I don’t know about the stupid fucking haters, but this video is so incredibly inspiring. Our beautiful planet in which the universe put us on, we are destroying. This has inspired me to do something and I wish every human on the planet could see this.

Armstrong also got new blood and cheated

Ok but he looks like evan peters’ less attractive cousin.. but also her cousin.

Trump = a fucking idiot

I had to watch this for a sociology class, but it is such an amazing video. Awesome.

Please help find OST lyricks!

I need an anger translator! I am so angry that these assholes are still debating climate change and are doing nothing to stop the biggest threat humanity has faced!

Good Job mate



Hero needs a Mottif, and A Hero is one who thinks about others first and about him last.

So you would rather use dcus visual that everything looks like darkness

It is sooooo true

The sad part is, we watch this video realizing and understanding that we’re slaves but then go on and continue tomorrow and the rest of our lives AS SLAVES. Making this truthful video useless. No one does anything about it. -__-

He looks like a black pep guardiola

The first Russian accent is horrible)) Fake Russian is totally Scottish here=)) Close to Glaswegian even=)) To me, I\m Russian whose subject was finance, not languages== Russians who do have a strong Russian accent (as well as the others with a Slavic accent BTW if you don`t go into the details much, trying to find a difference between Ukranian\Russian\Bulgarian|Macedonian English) speak differently! Malkovich is amazing though, except for still rolling his R)) But besides it`s amazing, maybe he picked up something from his Serbo-Croatian grandparents!))

Alex died because of stress. That’s also why he didn’t have half of his feathers

They all look great to me

Spellforce Dungeon Keeper Battle Realms Blietzkrieg Cossaks

Understood. My daughter is creative, artistic, private, introvert and imaginative, and that’s true! WELL DONE!

There are 2 things I LOVE about the German language (as a native speaker):

The “for you phrase” was incorrectly explained…because the you at the end of that sentence serves as the object of the preposition… not an indirect object…if you wanna do this as an indirect object… shuffle the sentence.. as what you did..

Love bhuddha be one with him

SPOILER: number 15 is sad because the lycrics are stateing about the 9/11 attack

+The School of Life I love these short vids and would really like to see one on Gilles Deleuze!

Why do they keep bringing her on their programs… Because of ratings. And who do you think owns the media? The billionaires!!

What about charity? No… that is demeaning in a modern economy…


Harvard must take their share of responsibility for undermining the moral fabric of this planet. So many moral failings by their graduates and from this lecture we can see why. The speaker is clearly biased in favor of making decisions to harm people with his justification of it being for the greater good. A clear relationship exists between this type of thinking and the illegal war profiteering going on, the false war on drugs, terror and the prison industrial complex. I assume he asks them all to raise their hands so that the ones who will happily act immorally can be identified and be offered jobs in politics, banking, pharma and the other immoral institutions we have created that justify doing harm in these spurious ways. Very clever Harvard. Now explain your conflicts of interest.

District that contained a zoo. Engels claimed that Lafargue had

Of dog = kutyának a / ebnek a (genitive)



All the red alert games are awesome

6. Find the meter (timing and rhythm) (look for ||) Look up the different types and learn them, Iambic Pentameter etc.

Remember when he had 300k subs and actually played minecraft


Thankz it is very helpful

I do and continue to in my future relationships. I want to and. I am looking for therapy. What literature would you suggest to me?

Wake me up when the winning starts.

Student are easly capter write english

When you’re only 14 but already worrying about your future while others go out at midnight to go smoking and drinking.

Man when this game comes out i wil get 50 asteorid bases and destroy planets like hmm i cant get to this guy boom 10 asterorids destroy the entire solar sistem and can u destroy suns and cause the planets to lose its graviti

Even there may be a few number of languages,

Thank you

Make MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way love you lots.

An interesting thought is why women are more likely to choose poisoning as preferred method of murder/suicide. Poisoning is an indirect way of killing. It doesn’t involve physically touching a person in order for them to die, although the consequences in the end are the same. I won’t go too much into gender differences in crime and things like that, but… Why do people find it more moral to choose an indirect method of killing? (Such as pulling a lever, switch, or poisoning somebody) That’s a good question to bring up.

I’m 9

@jologsjoy — Well, to “give something a chance” is kind of an idiom, so this might be confusing, but if you substitute “bungee jumping” with “it,” it might be clearer to you: “We gave it a chance.” Or try this: “I gave him a chance.” The word “chance” is the direct object and “him” is the indirect object.

I have my hair dyed African American.