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It can be told in the first two minutes, that this is typical American social justice warrior dominating-through-shaming harassment, just like you see it on Tumblr and with feminists and white knights in general. Not Edward Said, but how he’s used, presented and “interpreted” in this video. The whole video is deliberate manipulation and America-style social engineering. I say that, an “oriental”.


You make it sound like a conspiracy; it’s not. It’s simply the evolution of society. Yes, we are enslaved but if I have to pay taxes to maintain a civilized society so be it. A truly free society is a lawless society (and easily conquerable as well). Here in the U. S. (IMO) we are responsible for most of our enslavement through our massive consumerism and intemperate greed. If you can sacrifice the college debt, the 2,500 square foot home in a good (read expensive) school district, the foreign luxury cars, and the home stuffed full of products made in China, then you can be about as free as I think you’d want to be. You could move to primitive Africa, that strikes me about as free as you can get in today’s world but you are free to periodically starve, free to get AIDS, and free to be conquered by your neighboring village or some warring faction any day. Being enslaved exacts a cost, no doubt, but freedom exacts a cost too. The costs of enslavement are high but somewhat predictable. The costs of freedom may be low but could be dire – someone is always out to enslave you worse.

I just discovered your channel and I think it´s awsome. I have seen the videos on Breaking bad, Louie Ck, Seinfeld, Beatles, LOTR´s music, great job really. Keep on with that!

Marvel’s do different things, like they are dont do the mainstream things

No one wants you to be happy. Others only can judge you. That’s why only we can find our life purpose.

U are amazing

It took her two years to figure that shit out?


Great talk, I would appreciate the interviewer to run a discussion and not just asking questions which have nothing in common to previous words of Chomsky

Haha, that’s an interesting idea. Que pensez-vous Francois? Wat denk je, Henk?

X_gsmcfarlane_x 💖 my insta 😉 great video eve


Everyone is fed and doesn’t need to work because machines do it all for us.



Triple talaq

I think these videos are very well put together. Thank you!

Thank u next time can u do squid paragraph of macbeth and frankenstein

Like Trump?…

“O son of Kunti, the nonpermanent appearance of heat and cold, happiness and distress, and their disappearance in due course, are like the appearance and disappearance of winter and sumer seasons. They arise from sense perception, O scion of Bharata, and one must learn to tolerate them without being disturbed.”(Bg. )

“H” dropping is also why most Americans say ” ‘erb” for ‘herb’ while other English-speaking countries mostly preserve the “h” in ‘herb.’ Yet almost all accents have dropped the “h” from ‘honour.’

Sincere, I’ve always felt like an outsider.. I wasn’t totally rejected, but raised to feel I am worthless. And now I’ve lost my job and so I do nothing all day! Ha!


I have to write a personal response about the book harry potter and the goblet of fire is this thesis statment correct: Although the goblet of fire has some cons like the fact that cedric’s immolation gave the book a unnecessary sad ending and there were distancing, irrelevant parts such as spew and winky, I still admire the tremendous plot twist and the dispute between Ron and Harry.

Great Video 🙂 Does anyone know the songs name?


Ergghhh! nasty try phoneticizing that :p

I found great sympathy and support by opening up to everyone I worked with and friends and family. It’s being accepted as a more acceptable disease, which is a great step forward.

I sleep on the couch in the studio, stay up ’til 3 in the morning

Hi Mr Bruff. Your videos were really helpful at GCSE time. Now I do A-levels, can you please try to do analysis for The Great Gatsby, The Kite Runner and maybe Rossetti’s poems. Thank You

I love that thumbnail, well played vox

Call to Adventure: Peach needs saving

I really needed this…

Which is worse.

Good idea Jade, such a great idea and keep being awesome and doing what’s best for you. All love and support gal // Love from the Northern Irish one 💗💗

Thank you for your lessons

5,000 years ago Indo Languages appeared???

Submarines, algorithms – already used at the time of Greco-Buddhism –

I really like your video. Can you please tell me what skills do students need to master in order to be successful in getting the job, or excel in it. Thanks a lot.



Very good enlightenment show. Swamiji is one of the genius in Indian.

What about drawing a graph

Please publish some videos on…

Whats up mr. lamb

I’ll walk myself out.

New words are controversial because they are going against how the process has affected us in learning them.

I’m an american 13 year old trying to learn Russian in a Slovic school so I’m lucky I have a lot of the nessisary resources to learn with but idk if my dyslexia will get in the way and slow me down oh well time to try and fine out


Irans flag is Arabic, irans official language is Persian, irans majorities mother tongue is Turkish!!!

Do anyone know ‘Microsoft Urban Assault’ here? Its both a RTS & FPS game.

Pakistan :))

Its amazing and mind blowing that Edward Said actually predicted and pointed to so many facets of the demonization… which we now see in reality. all over the middle east and India and Indonesia. Amazing Book.

I’d prefer a hooker at my desk. Would you spend a part of your annual bonus for that?

Wait that’s the reading rainbow guy Right?!?

Wow thank you so so much! So useful, I find it so kind of you that you find time to help other people ❤️ so nervous about my exams but your videos have helped me so much!! Thank you so much Jade ❤️

Try this:- https://youtu. be/aiFQhTqVh4E

Gld 2 hr tht. Ill jst lt tha stndrds gde me. If no1 gts invlvd wht gdes tha stndrds??

The universe versus Alex Woods

Love love love you! It’s amazing to see such an inspirational, wise, lovely person at the age of 17! Always support you. Also, A levels are so so stressful at the moment… especially biology and chemistry xx

English, French, Arabic, Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, C, and C++

This is so stupid



I love the part where he said ” We are not apart from nature, we are a part of nature! If you destroy nature you destroy us, If you save nature you save us!” That is just so true if we kill nature we are basically killing our kind and we dont care about what we are doing because it wont really affect us now but later in future generations it will hurt them so bad that the human kind might go extinct. And who cares about what donald trump said or that the a new logan paul video is up, that doesnt matter we need to save this planet together! Not start wars and get mad about people because they are a differnt race or crap like that. Long story short WE need to help to save our planet now before it is too late.

Why havent you done more videos like this?

Wow! When people think life is difficult, Sam can teach everyone a lesson. Incredible video and story.

2015 and this world is still so incredibly brainwashed. We are just scared children, and not very bright ones. Why else would we run around believing in fairy tales? Its mind-boggling.

Man you’re awesome* hats off to you, may God give you the courage to continue your journey”peace”

This helped me so much, thank you..

I always wondered about why some of those Marvel movies just were meh looking.

Very helpful! love the real world applications!

Why is the standard deviation for a coin flip 100% ?

Hahahha I’ve got eye contact problems. I’ve got a piercing gaze, it’s like 95/5, quite intense jaja, I just break eye contact while thinking “look away, you seem to be a serial killer”

If one hasn’t got a “proper framework” (and young students are not suppoed to have it unless cleared as having such by their professors), though one should be willing to ask if it is the right one (but that is safest to leave to professors) the internet can harm more than help (so let’s replace educational freedom with doctrine)

Thank you very much sir. its really useful for me who always bored in HRM subj in MBA class.

I love how Blitz knows these games I never heard about, helps a lot

This little clip is about all of THIS sort of thing that is in there. The actual video is about lost language and the knowledge that could be lost. IT’s really easy to follow and has very interesting info on linguistics and practices.

Sure. This bit is about Kellyanne Conway and her tactics. Lately you should see how Gorka is doing. The fact is it’s about refusing to feed the trolls and the left-leaning media is absolutely being a troll against this administration. The attacks on Trump are so far over the top that it should be plainly obvious that if these tactics were used against Obama the outrage would have resulted in prison time for many behind it. Let’s not kid ourselves on this at all.




This is a load of fabulous-sounding guff..

I have an alternative explanation of the “Adam Smith was the first” common thought.

Now those of you who spread misinformation or dehumanise atheists because YOU can’t understand why atheists can still have morality without belief in a deity or afterlives – hopefully this video should explain it…

Any how I hope you do it soon


I read Boy Proof while i was in middle school (must have been right when it was published). I dont really remember specifics about the book, but I do remember that Egg helped me accept myself as I was and I didn’t need the validity of others to be happy.

However, the decline in violence isn’t just from fear of consequences – social attitudes towards violence have changed drastically over time. A somewhat competent enforcer is ultimately still necessary, but it’s far from being the whole story. I highly recommend Pinker’s “The Better Angels of Our Nature” for much more of that fascinating story.

How you write a literature review when there is no precedent literature on the topic you’re working on.

This woman is a professional linguist? She’s claiming that Trump speaks like “everybody else”? Bullshit! I don’t know anyone at all who is as inarticulate as Trump. He doesn’t even construct sentences. He runs a simple idea right into another one that contradicts the first. He just makes stuff up! He has a very small vocabulary. He repeats himself constantly. Mostly, he just brags and then declares, “Believe me.” He’s not informing his audience, he’s coercing them.

Super super movie mystory

Well….now I know where the movie Equilibrium got its entire screenplay from just about. Love the vids.

Holy fuck… shorter than your other pieces but no less impactful. Keep being awesome!

-sex and gender are two different things

Hello Liz,

Seasonal Unemployment wasn’t included.

The mc REALLY sounds like harry potter.

I lived as a child on a Spanish speaking island, which helped me learn Spanish. Now, decades later I am motivated to learn my 3rd language – German.. so will definitely try this method.. we’ll see. I am motivated though and very excited. New language means the mind is growing

I think salman khan (the former hedge fund analyst not the actor) voices all of them himself.




I’m really struggling and love you and your videos 😭😭

JACK! triple the blocks using the add button and copy to button. triple each block individually, not using the other blocks.

Thank you! You explained SCM better than my professor. good job!

“We had a huge kickstater with our last one, and we have delivered on it.”

Perhaps still it’s not too late,

I didn’t get the basic concept of Opportunity Cost. I mean if it is the MOST desirable alternative, then why is it given up for some other alternative?

(end quote)

There’s a bright side for Trump, he’s at least three grades above Republican voters.

Wow I wish this channel was around when i was in highschool

Thanks a lot.

There is no free will. We are born with genetic programing and then gain experiential programing. Even the way in which we seemingly decide what to do, comes from prior programing. Our sense of self is just layers of elaborate programing. There is no self and there for no free will.

This is epic. Thank you!!!LITERALLY the first video I found that did not put me to sleep!!!


(P. s. I despise the U. S but lately, I’m starting to like it more and more)

Hepful classes, thaks

Actually there was a lot of fraud voting when it came to the popular vote. especially with all the illegals and people voting more than once. God bless America and God bless Trump. Oh and if you sjw’s start something with me I won’t say sorry for any thing you libtards. Oh by the way Lincoln lost the popular vote too, but he was still elected president through the electoral college!!! Truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He should be president 2020

I LOVE this!

I can find at least 1 person sleeping during these presentations xD

Please please please do Dragon Tongue from Skyrim!

This bloke need to touch on shit Aussie accents from non-Aussies. Because if I hear one more Steve Irwin or Paul Hogan ocker-style attempt I’m going to punch kittens.

Кто от Маши Тимошенко?



Back to my ordinary, everyday, Lithium and more pill poppin’. Living on a pension way under EU, s norm for fovatry.

All Filipinos are bilingual lmao

If you want to point out the gender imbalance in STEM fields you should stick to those facts, not point to innocuous objects and subjective opinions and drawing unsupported conclusions from them to further your argument. It is only hurtful, and I think that people are right to criticize such a bad argument.

Thank you liberals for highlighting just how subconsciously racist you actually are.

Omg you’re so talenter😍

Эжаойё тавялаюч дырывий.


Want cheese with that whine

Do read jim morgan and the seven sins by bharat madan

“The Shoes of the Fisherman” by Morris West predates Pope John Paul II, but oddly predicts the rise of an Eastern European/Slavic pope.

Isn’t the word brutal is a little over dramatic?

I appreciate that this exists but I find that its much lower in quality than the other Crash Course series. I feel like more effort could be put into the initial filming and the scripting!

Inspiring figure…. maybe. But it also amazes me how he value original thinking over correct conclusions. Just because you question the status quo doesn’t mean that your conclusions will be more correct. Almost every one of the examples in this video highlights the flaws in his thinking.

Luckily I leave in Russia where education is about hating USA, gays and liberalism🤙🏻


I understand that these images can make women feel insecure. As a man I will never go through this to the same degree that women do. I do however feel insecure about my body image. I consider myself to be to fat to be liked by women. But I never would turn around and expect anyone to remove images that reinforce my insecurities. I think it’s important for me to socialize myself in a way, were I can deal with my own insecurities and not get in the way of things that other people like. I am a big proponent of personal responsibility in this respect. My final question is should people be hide images or other media content with images of sexualization or should people be socialized to know that it’s ridiculous to compare yourself to images in the media since there mostly all fake?

It’s insulting

Fire also illuminates…

It’s pronounced scare-city, by the way!

When he said united in the fact that we cant stand each other, i was like that’s so true because think about, there was a CILVIL WAR in AMERICA, and also political stuff and if I’m wrong correct me

Anyway I love you 😍😍😘💕!

I love these econ movies, they are fun, but incredibly helpful. Thanks a million.

This gave me hope

If she breathes she a THOT.



Bel video Cry.:D

As faggety Martin is, and as much as I think he’s a piece of shit with a bad attitude, he would be the type to get you killed. Anyone with money and connections like he has could hire 10 professional hitmen in a heartbeat. Ghost would become a ghost. We’re talking on the level of Russian mob shit. That’s why he talks the way he talks. He can get people put on milk cartons…

The voice. smh

Money is worth SH*t in HELL

NAFTA destroyed the USA economy

XDDD the start xDD lol xDD STILL, he IS INTERESTING! 😉

Thank you so much and Mam you’re gorgeous too.

The review packet is just as great as the videos!! They helped me learn, and Mr. Clifford found a way to sneak his humor into the packet. I can’t believe I was laughing through the packet, and excited to get the page done to see what Mr. Clifford had written on the next page. I think it is awesome a video is included with the download also. The only critique I have for the review packet is I wish I could purchase micro/macro individually. Thanks so much Mr. Clifford You are the best. I hope you make millions with these videos because you deserve it!

Liz you are the best

It’s nice to know that other people feel this way

I thought is said hand writing

This guy is a genius a genuine genius

Outside of self-defense, it is wrong.

He is actually good at this game! 😀

Ugh. I don’t like this kind of stuff. You’re supposed to read the (relatively very short) book. This barely explains anything.

I actually would love to learn how to speak Valyrian.



Is this supposed to be a joke? It’s very offensive to shoot video this way.

Psychedelic mushrooms anyone? lol

Can someone help me with Malay/Indonesian? I really am struggling with these languages and I need to pass them in my finals. I can help in Chinese if you want 🙂

Well in my opinion he is lucky that he can afford to go to private hospital and go for a break some people haven’t got that opportunity

“The best ideas have to win. Otherwise good people don’t stay.” Right on.

Population determinater are covered in market demand determinants so teach corretly

Great video, keep it up

Any one watching this in 2017

And then automation comes and the number of people employed during the pizza-making goes to….

The guys voice doesn’t make this video sound better. Still sounds like a 1980’s video. Time to catch up to today’s time. Make this interesting.

My great grandma always said “balled peanuts” instead of “boiled peanuts.”😂

Didn’t help

Help now:

Yay!! Thankyou 😀

This hurt my mind


—J. D. Salinger, “A Girl I Knew”

Lord Of The Rings series – J. R.R Tolkien



Such an erudite sane intelligent humble man.


What is the difference in the guy between 07:33 and 8:00. I know there is one but i can’t find it

Maybe he’s a good guy, but it’s a very ugly accent.

Սլովակիա մոռացաք

I am like a living emp because I can hurt by touching and socking with no technology

Can you make one about the spread of Semitics

Just saying…

Trump refers to himself in the 3rd person a lot. Who does this besides royalty, schizophrenics, and assholes?

Actually, all of the mechanisms in computers and smart phones are built on government owned patents.

May you please make a video on Bertrand Russell please?

Is this video also a part of propaganda?????

NO, Listen: This video makes small sense of QUANTUM reality…DO NOT FALL INTO THIS PIT. it is bad, and you should feel bad; having wondering about it. Also it leads no where, (did i just say that twice) so good luck!

Thank you thank you thank you I am so bad at writing essays you are saving my life

Game of Thrones?

Spot on.

He still has an accent, I’m Irish so I still hear his very strong American accent just the same as they would hear my general Irish accent weather it’s my native Kilkenny accent or a dublin accent. Everyone has an accent

In my country we learn aeiou really strictly we learn that so that we will all have the same pronunciation we also have a writing test for it we learn it from the age of 5

My mail id is or you can send a request in Facebook (Valentina George).

Slowly padhana chahiye aapko

The Washington post couldn’t get Noam Chomsky to make a comment on this topic?