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I’m at the house.

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His accent is legendary

Mrs. Liz, thank u very much.

Also people who donated on KS had to pay that ammount to get into alpha..

This is me! Suzy p…

We’re very different yet very similar..

How goods that spin he does into the credits!?!? Super interesting topic also!

You are boring zzz

Yeah, I bought your ultimate review packet in september, the link’s dead soooo… am I just supposed to buy it again to get the exams to practice with?

Gona juega 60 segundos esta en ingles eso si pero es de supervivencia descubrelo tu con el tutorial

Well atleast Marvel has a good storyline 🙂 They shouldn’t change it! It’s fine the way it is. More Realistic is better than a colorful crap that you can realize it’s full of CGI effects.

God help us…PLEASE!!!!

He talks so so fast.

Wtf.. he was not going to become emperor of INdia… Correct ur Video!

Hi im in year 12 now, are you able to send me your through email please, thank you

Hey! my name is sam😃 I’m glad to see someone is representing us in a good way…. but R. I.P bro…. you were a great person

Estonia got a shoutout, dope

Greek has a rather unusual case, the vocative, which is used when you want to address someone. For example “friend” is φίλος (filos) and when you want to address him you say φίλε (file).

Do we in the west not practice the same thing… think we just call it by a different name….if you can’t figure this out a discussion is a waste of my time!!

Haha jokes on you, I don’t have a job to be replaced.



I’m 13. This just changed my entire view of this tale…

‘You’re full of shit.’

Nice message to the world can humans feel aware of the shade of the tree and freshness of it without really feeling it? Man has seen tree as WOOD brought up to know as WOOD. THE DAY HAS COME TO KNOW THE VALUE OF TREE. I took large group on to an open space with no grass just sand and sat all on the open space with direct sun light at noon at 32C temperature start speaking stories everyone in less than 10 mins started to be wiggle complain of heat and headaches. I kept them for few more than 30 mins and got them up and walked under the lone large three the only one the moment they were under it every one gasp for a fresh air. I said now you feel that the tree is alive and it is not wood

Hey, I’m a German boy (14 years old) and I think it’s too difficult for me to learn lowgerman/Plattdeutsch today. I live in Niedersachsen, Germany (Low Germany) and yeah… Here kids or teens like me don’t speak Plattdeutsch anymore.

Hey, I don’t mind being the next horse. I’ll just be a computer programmer or a politician… or a Computer repairman… or just an avid YouTuber and/or Tv/Movie watcher. TAKE MY JOB COMPUTER(so I don’t have to finish college.)

1. New Zealand

This speech awesome and motivated, your voice like Denzel Washington


I hope that vampire thing clears up soon! You should take something for that.

Or can you???.*dong* Me: here we go again…

Can you make a video about south slavic languages, such as serbian, croatian, bosnian and montenegrin, that’d be very interesting 🙂

Mr. Swamy is one of the great intellectuals of our country. It is a shame that he is not being respected by that joker Modi. Today, I will say that the reason I completely supported Hindutva and BJP for 2014 is Mr. Swamy and not Modi or Jaitley or any of the other jokers who don’t even have a brain.

Budism is terroring inocent people is killing raping beheading any disgusting image suck as nowadays seen by all worls what they did and still doing in burma so budism are the head of terrorism and toutring people in anyway u want in budism there is no freedom except hatred as u see againt muslim in myanmar etc

Did this not come out 4-5 days ago?

I am guessing the black students are all in their safe spaces somewhere else so they can avoid the intrinsic racism at Harvard. In my fantasy we drive the train into all the affirmative action students and thus pave the way for more deserving NE Asian students.

What did she said at 0:34 ? I didn´t understand



I doubt writing essay for GT in an academic way is positive?

Its really handy to understand

Michael Port: Steal the show (communication/speach/body language, Job interview/negotiation)

Clicked because I thought it was Dennis Reynolds

Whoever finds this documentary good is fucking retarded

He’s a master persuader. Scott Adams is right.

Lamarckian evolution doesnt work. and the parrots arent learning anything, they’re just learning how to communicate what they already know to us

Charlamagne is a Monkey….end of story.

There is also a consideration for individual morality as well. Why is it that those who were in concentration camps during the holocaust did not engage in cannibalism though they were clearly all starving to death? Is it because they all believed on the Hebrew God of their people who considers such acts as sin?

I love how it’s now a series, like YAS. I probably can’t do any of these languages nor the accents from the previous video but they’re so entertaining.

People are starting to wake up now, but unfortunately, not all of the people are waking, only few are waking up, more like 144,000. ( God is getting his army ready)

While your timer counts Greece already had civilization thus not part of this indo-european nonsense

Its about how people think technology is more important

what are your most important quotes and interpretations and context for the Tempest????

I believe MC Hammer wrote a song about this…..

Finally… he dead by alien thank you alien!

So farmers are both getting farmed and farming at the same time?

The best HR professor at world 🙂

A REAL revolution and a REAL rebellion for freedom and justice.

Well I don’t like Emily so go away



9 volt he, s my my farot charther

Ok, so go for it and be in that minority… ur complaining about a bad situation that you have control over. im 17 ahahahhaa

Miss that man

Moment i heard C&C soundtrack. i was like “FYEAAH” probably has the most iconic and best soundtrack of all games.

Thank you


If this is what society has come to, this might be the worst dystopian generation ive ever lived in, screw illogicality, this world will be a nightmare to live in

There is also batman vs superman. another movie failed criticlly. but has so much

Im also passing my edexcel unti 1 tomorrow, can someone please explain me the evaluation point of magnitude? i know its big and examiners love it but i am a bit uncertain about it.

Thank you Liz. Is it ok to write like this method in the U. S.?

Sometimes folk need to back off their pretentious shitholiness and bear in mind that without intertextuality (damn, i feel like a pompous twat for writing that word) there would be no parody. for that matter, there probably wouldn’t even be such a thing as marketing if we took it outside the realm of movies and literature (i’m not over-thinking this statement, so don’t expect an argument about it).

3. Every characteristic she said she had she should have *shown* instead. No one cares if you say you’re reliable, especially if you throw it in randomly. You should tell a story that “illustrates” it.

I don’t agree on a part of the video. I’ve read that having your hands in your pockets and your thumbs out is actually a sign of extreme confidence.

Colonise other planet and leave Earth alone

What a disrespectful interviewer! please behave civilly.

I googled Thug Notes T Shirts and the link was there!

Unfortunately all the things he mentions – complaining, gossip etc. are exactly what people DO like to engage in. They WILL listen to you if you talk like that. In my experience you are less likely to be heard in a rowdy group if you are humble. BUT THAT’S OK. What’s important is not to worry about whether you are fitting in with the group. Don’t engage in negativity or cynicism because its not good for YOU; it has nothing to do with getting people to listen to you.

Great way to think about it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us

That was a beautiful and inspiring presentation. Thank you.

Are you going to be releasing the rest of the videos for this unit? Please do your other videos have been really helpful!

Sabhi dalit Ko ‘Bodh Dharam’ le Lena chaiye or dalit Muslim Ko ek sath ho Jana chaiye fir Hindu.. Jai Bhim

Thanku sir

And where is slovak?



The family in rural Africa cannot make enough money to feed their family, yet they have 8 children. they’re in desperate need of family planning education and stop believing in the churches telling them not to use condoms.

Great vídeo

Your very premise is wrong – that the shirt is intrinsically misogynistic. Are romance book covers with tall, rippling men misandrist? Why aren’t those romance book covers depicting short, fat, hirsuite guys in stained t-shirts? The annoyance comes from another sex telling the other what they are allowed to like. How fucking dare they? Can you even IMAGINE how women would respond if men did that to women? If the criticism is that it was unprofessional attire, FINE. but to jump down this guy’s throat for a shirt that A WOMAN made for him is absurd. And watching this video right up against the louis ck video ought to give anyone whiplash. You ask us to consider whether our cultural norms affect our thinking but you should ask yourself the same thing as your generation is growing up under a regime of hypersensitivity to even the slightest possible “micro aggression” ffs. Just because someone is offended doesn’t mean they have a point or that anyone has to accede to their preferences. It’s this kind of AUTHORITARIAN fascism that is wrong with the regressive left. Conversion by swordpoint? No. And the thing about the extremist left and statistics is that they alway ASSUME MALICE whenever they look at a number favoring men but LOOK DEEPER on numbers favoring women. The romance fiction industry is like 89% women… Yet to we assume sexism there? Or do we think perhaps men aren’t that into literary porn? :p you yourself are operating under a TON of unfounded assumptions to arrive at the notions you’ve arrived at. Likely fostered and encouraged by your like minded peers. Again, i encourage YOU to dig deeper. Look at the assumptions and leaps in logic. Examine whether a 70s era film theory notion of objectification NECESSARILY speaks to the real world and human behavior and psychology when it comes to things like fashion models and romance fiction book covers. And watch christina hoff sommers and camille paglia talk about these kinds of issues as feminists who think this kind of stuff is bullshit. Be as open as you ask us to be because what you’ve got here is faaaaaaaaar from the bottom line.

Great game!

Bring back John Green

Is this just generally for A level econ?


(in all seriousness though, i love your artwork!!)

And there, in the middle of an essay on intertextuality: “Scenes like this are kind of unicorns blood: they will keep your story alive, but only with half a soul.” You are a motherfucking genius. >D

P. S. Why pictured are so DISGUSTING!?

You call it Hyperbole. I call it dishonest LYING.

Hii. sir mai kuchh dino se monatery policy sikh rha tha lekin samajh nhi pa rha tha lekin aaj apka video dekhkar samajh gya

Change the white balance settings in your camera you look so yellow

Dupa unii istorici latina si romana se trag din aceeasi limba porto-romana. sau altfel sopus dintr-o romana veche; si ca romana de fapt ar fi singura limba continuatoare a acestei limbi, asta dupa surse de la Vatican. Apoi o alta mare inexactitate, in film, limba romana apare cica de-abia in sec 12-13!?! o alta inexactitate e ca Transilvania e locuita de vorbitori de o alta limba decat cea romana(ne-indo-europeana) Shame on you to spread such errors.

Accounting. Bi teach karo Hy sir for me please 923144402447 what’s karo to bi koyi baat nai am Pakistan singer sir


Speaks volumes.

What is the difference between hyperbole and metaphor?

Maybe he could be your family member. #notmine



Refuses to tolerate certain behaviour. As society progresses, tolerance

This was great. im glad im a horticulture expert i love plant’s and trees. i grow them

Can i get rhe pdf of these notes please

This should get me A on my test

There are never clear solutions, but trade-offs.


0:27 That. Was. Amazing @_@

Anyone else here before the English Lit exam tomorrow?

I loved the part where he compared past Klingon speaking actors and modern Klingon speaking actors

The title is in english

The best video i had seen. good

This was on my recommended and I came to see the comments! Some of you are some racist pieces of turds gosh.

I’m fairly certain that the idea of a “dizzying” or frightening freedom was first put forward by Kierkegaard, not Sartre.

Production quality is amazing

The 1 thing people had better learn to pay attention to is that once you elect a president your stuck with him for 4 years no matter what he did to get elected or what he does while he’s in office.

10:41 Bird Person!

Is it bad if I laughed maniacally at the end?



Can you guys make a video about Fanon Frantz, he wa a great thinker and philosophy.

Do you have a video to explain object complements?

All straight white males/mixed with white males we shall start a revolution

Bernie Sanders is a communist idiot.


I luv u

Everyone MUST watch this documentary

Also, What exactly did Rule Utilitarianism try ti correct from the classical cousin? They bith seem the same to me..

😂😂😂😂I’m weak he trying make thug smart

S. A


I love it so entertaining and informative!

We’re not that far away from this being reality.

What a fantastic idea to create a series of videos with Prof Pullum!




Speech for managers…

4:24 anyone know what was censored in Noam’s speech by google there?

Thanks in advance!!!

Let’s face it. We Americans aren’t the highest brow of education and talking simple is key to getting the most attention.

Thumbs up if you’d like to see Arnold Schwarzenegger on TED!!!! He taught us that learning a new language effectively isn’t impossible and it’s not a barrier between your personal or professional goals.

Many of Beethoven a classical musician like so long ago may have passed but still by in a awesome most unique way his beautiful orchestra and syphonys also music has lived on to the modern days this has inquiredin to show now even if you have problems you may overcome them live your dream. He was an inquisitive man so strong and powerful. I want all of you to have a great day and night live your dream and get inspired have a unique year!!

Many many thanks! and to the woman for a very nice translations as well.

In other words, to think that utilitarianism is flawed in such a way that it has been shown to be wrong is to admit that you have a myopic view of the world, which is hardly becoming of a philosopher.

Dont u have lecture on is lm model?

Make a video on Latin

Y’all are all talking about studying it’s July no school I’m listening to this bc I like Beethoven

Latest research into DNA proves the Steppe was the PIE homeland after all!

He’s great!


I just got called strange by a university professor.



This is terrible advice! It is in no way aimed at clear, thoughtful communication, which is the purpose of an essay. It is instead focused on the idea that synonyms are a way to game the test. Overuse of synonyms can hurt clarity by slightly shifting meaning and by simply making wording awkward and unnatural. Any test that would reward this strategy is a test that should be changed.

This interview gave me way more resepect for him

Gender, race, sexual orientation, anything else should mean nothing when you are working to better our society. Just because you were born poor, just because you are a girl who was raised to be a housewife, just because you were picked on as a kid for being different means nothing. What matters is who you make yourself. Women can be successful in every way a man can and vice versa. Social norms and supposed oppression mean nothing when you choose to take control of your situation.

I started having problems at 14 too, and like Stephen, it just looked like “bad behaviour”. I either “misbehaved” completely and caused chaos at school, didn’t do any work, was constantly in trouble, on report, or on the brink of expulsion….or I didn’t turn up at all because I refused to get out of bed, wanted to believe the world didn’t exist, and wouldn’t talk to anyone or go out. I think my parents were appalled because they paid a lot of money for me to go to school but I couldn’t help it. I was hospitalised at 18, then again at 19, and sectioned. It is a truly horrible illness to live with but I believe we gain some semi good things from it, for me, and I can only speak for me, it was heightened compassion, insight, and understanding of suffering and the human condition.


Watched this before my midterm, which was a full length ap micro test, and got a 100!! (With curve) hopefully this brings back enough memories to get me through the real deal tomorrow 🙂

Lol i dont understand why people hate this guy. He’s a genius. People just listen to everything the media says about him.

Dear madam,

A ver si llega al liston de game dev tycoon! Lo dejó muy alto!

Do Islamic economics.


Do Magneto in x-men


Amazing person. So intelligent, so wise for his short years on earth.

Hi liz, is the introduction pattern the same for general training.

Explained A LOT better than my teacher. Thank you

Caraí mas a maioria e verdade

Please do a video of how to revise for speaking exams for other languages

Nice job buddy



I just finished playing Little Inferno on my switch and it was great. so I thought I would watch through Seans

0:08 I fucking bet this was made by the little inferno guys. I did not look at anything but the title screen.

Lov it

To kill a mockingbird should be 1

“Tell me a little about yourself” is not a question. It is actually a trick question. There really is only one right, and correct response when in a interview. “What would you like to know?” This will show the interviewer that you will look for your boss to be specific before just running off and doing something they did not ask you to do. I have hired and fired many. Don’t let this one trip you up. Have a great day, God Bless.

I does NOT sound like anyone in my family of circle of friends. He sounds like a used car salesman, like the con man that he is. He would never be welcome in my circle. “Believe me” and “You can trust me” are phrases that, used as frequently as he uses them, are very clear signals of someone you know you canNOT believe or trust. Trump has repeatedly demonstrated the truth of this. This woman must be a Trump supporter.

This guy should start his own youtube channel

Can I follow the same structure if I am writing a research critique on 5 different research?

Who decides who great writers are?

@t0yo Tits, Sorry i just couldnt resist.

You’re welcome and no longer need to watch this…..because the music will probably put you to sleep.

Can you make video about introduce yourself essay to apply for a job

Please upload prepositions video

You argument against a free organ market has more fallacies than they kidneys that need replaced.

Inspiring, but not everyone survives their “hero’s journey”

Luckily I found help and for now I feel pretty great. I think the search of happiness and meaning is a continuous and endless trip but not in a bad way as Sartre put it though I think it has it sad and painful part, also it has it’s beauty of a journey you have to choose in what to believe, the people you choose to be with and so on. So… to end this large comment (glad if you read this far), my sintesis is “Life doesn’t go anywhere, so enjoy the ride”.

Amazing sir ☺👍

I love this guy. Haha.

How to Learn English Faster : 7 easy tips to get better at speaking English.23/6/2016

Wow interesting he believed in being in the present moment.

Are your books available now of silver Jubilee offer?