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I’m taking IGCSE

Does it even help?

Wow mam aap ni bare cute andaz se parhaya han soooo amazing


You are the best teacher 😘😘😘😘

JESUS. I would have acquired a hand cramp after the first 5 minutes of drawing this. WHO HAS THE TIME. but this IS extremely simple yet profound…so I’ll watch and not complain:)

It’s a beautiful philosophy but the 3rd noble truth is extremely reactionary and passive. It lets slaves remain slaves, the poor remain poor, the ostracized remain ostracized and so on.

So to summarize the 7 Deadly Sins: “Don’t be insincere”. Surprisingly a lot harder than it sounds.

Hitler used the same techniques to rouse the alt right in Germany.

I doubt America will ever have a president this cool again.


What about his book The Archaeology of Knowledge?

You simply won’t have a life if you don’t believe in yourself,

Stop supporting the third world with first world aid and earths population will stabilize

Fucking hell, him breathing so heavily is making me breath like i have run

Any advice is welcome!

Does that mean we are supposed to ignore it when somebody is clearly not even trying to write properly?


Starting a Frerard fic :L

Adam Smith also believed that tariffs and cross-border trade taxes were essential for protecting national economies. Free trade and market was only relevant nationally. International “free” trade and markets harmed individual national markets, which crashes everything. But most “free” market “economists” ignore or misunderstand this fact.



“The reason is because students today are FAR more narcissistic, FAR less literate and FAR more addicted to useless infotainment fluff than ever before.”

This is, like, golden’s gold. I feel like owing you something at least as precious that statement was precious to me.

Really no Jurassic Park but you have Harry Potter, sigh.

Don’t mind me, I’m just practicing my cynical philosophy.

Lao Tzu sounds so cute…. hahaha

I really like your lessons, I wish you could do more lessons other than ILETS ones.

Thanks for the review. You look identical to mark cuban which makes this video even cooler

This is really good and special to me. Not just because I’m writing a story, but it, you know, motivates me. Thx dude ^_-.


I was brought here by a friend. I’m not disappointed.

And they have the nerve to judge everyone else, look at how degenerate these hindus are. Drink cow piss, make soap out of its shit and then to top it off senseless racism.


You still have cases in English. who-whom, he-him-his, she-her

Dude honestly thank you so much for making these videos I really wish more teachers were as good as you, really appreciate your enthusiasm for your subject and how fun you try to make it 🙂 really helps a lot thank you dude

“Warzone 2100” ?

This is good literature v=JnszZt8mYDw

I must have respect for this action of yours. To bring the light of eastern wisdom. It has made my life easier without having to more but change my worldview. Thanks.

Given that I can’t stand this guy’s manner of speech for more than five minutes, I’d guess there’s something wrong with his method altogether

That organization is the key to keeping track of scientific phenomena and the correlations/relationships in between. We make such great progress with science and technology not only because of the great intelligence, but because it is categorized and communicated in a way which remains as consistent as practically possible through time.

An excellent disc riptide of why we read. He allow US to realize why we read. The complexity of language is the result of humans desire to feel different and to be someone else. It is a way he escape from a simple world


Clockwork orange

Fucking dickheads

This is hip-hop.



I want my report to be a chewing gum, elastic as rubber.

Alternative Facts: A fact is an observation. Therefore an alternative fact is an alternative observation.

1: suffer from being rejected by a couple of women

Economies of Scale

Alot of people talking about Joss Fong makes me feel like I am in a “4chan” or “gag” website. Sure she is beautiful but come on..

(it’s) on dog = kutyán / eben (superessive)

For the 1st time ever the ultimate Truth of Life has been revealed, it explains for the 1st time ever the big picture of life, it explains how life works, the nature of everything and contains your. Google

I’m not clear about the lower opportunity cost.. Could you explain please?

Lost credit right at the start.

Enjoy the presentation, thanks producer.

Jennifer Sclafani, “many people say” is NOT the sign of a serious empirical study; You don’ need a PhD to notice that Trump starts and finishes many of his lies with “‘believe me”

It´s the niggers fault

Soe mutsch heiyte

Half chinese? I know my new type

Mtlb India ke log Jo non resident h WO isme include nhi hoga??

School can also kill self esteem.


Her laugh. I love it, makes me laugh. Jesus Christ.

So either we fuse ourselves with machines or get replaced.




Yet with the tap on her iPad, a hologram appears that she can use as a touch screen!

Im surprised there are people like this ted talk guy who actually know whats up. Glad im not alone but will anyone ever do anything? The Education system is so screwed up that people in power are afraid to admit it.


Well I officially want the earth to end now just because people like this actually exist just put people like this out of they’re misery just drag them into the town square and beat them to death with wooden clubs



16-21 u joking? XD lol I’m 11

Really great vid, thanks!!!

I don’t know why I have to feel emotionally disabled because of the imagination of other people from various social classes with sex, drugs and rock and roll while I stay at St. Vincent de Paul homeless shelter in San Diego, CA.

Thank you I used your method and scored 7 in writing

That was amazing 🙂

Write about the following topic:

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Gave me the chills

This guys great

I feel like saying male ballerina is like saying octopuses instead of octopi. Since it’s an irregular it’s a rarely used one, the regular “incorrect” word will come more into usage and become “correct”. Sorry prescriptivists!

Art is art bruh….. MF get paid millions to throw paint on a canvas so what’s wrong with thug art.???

As a gay man i did not feel particularly offended nor objectified by the tshirt, but that might be because we havent been as fetishised as women have throughout history (yet) , and in our case genres like yaoi despite how unrealistic and objectifying for gay men can be, it has helped to increase acceptance of gay relationships in media and fandoms.

This is why I hate my life



Fantástico video!!!tanks!!!!

Can someone help me with Malay/Indonesian? I really am struggling with these languages and I need to pass them in my finals. I can help in Chinese if you want 🙂

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The left = communist retards

Skinner knew that an ‘innatist’ named Hitler was molded and shaped by his environment. He knew that phylogeny of behavior, as close to innate as he could see, was how we acquire behavior over the lifetime of a species and are born with certain behaviors. He knew that contingencies of reinforcement guarantee what society is or is not. He didn’t invent ‘behaviorist mechanisms’ to manipulate, rather, he learned and showed us what largely controls behavior. Free will is not a behaviorist mechanism.

Alright 1 day left might as well start now

Quite helpful, thank you!

“Live in the present, remember the past, and fear not the future, for it doesn’t exist and never shall. There is only now.”

I came here to see what a Harvard lecture is like because i was wondering and i can surely say it was incredible. I used to think that kind of arguments are boring but now i guess i will continue to watch more of this. Thanks for this video 🙂

How can anyone say good things about that orange bagpipe full of crap? Just because you spout vague hopeful lies does not make you a good speaker.

Sounds like Harry Potter

I have a question for anyone who may be able to help. I’d like to use small portions of a few TED talks (along with some other speeches from other sources) as samples at the beginning of a song. The issue is that I’d be selling the album that this song is on. Do you know if this would break copyright law, or is there a certain length that is acceptable?

I love RTS/Strategy games so much

How is there not Clash of Clans?

Should i focus on themes and ideas in only essay questions or in passage based questions too?

This documentary is very interesting! In Europe there are gypsies/Rom/Dom tribe who are the relatives and cousins of the Dom/Dalit people of Bihar!

Or at least certain correspondences, it becomes impossible to identify clarifying common denominators in sexual coprophilia, cannibalism, paedophilia and homosexuality.

I have to admit, I learned a TON of new things from this video. Thank you Dr. Ivan Joseph.

‘You’re full of shit,’ Steve said. ‘Park! Hey, Park.’



I speak 4 languages (almost 5) and am still 20yo 😎

Because DC movies look soooooooo wonderful lmao

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Isn’t it kind of stupid to listen garbage.

Those wings aren’t clipped… they’re shredded!

One of my favorite books. This was the first book of Bradbury’s that I read but certainly not the last. Great summary btw!

You’re hopeless.

However there is no necessity to us that they live or die, except for their family. so then it is all relevant to the scenario and perspective you take to view it.

It’s really upsetting to see people comment all these mean and offensive things about Sam. Please stop hating on him. His talk actually helped be more happier with my own life. He was a positive guy with a great heart.

Jack is a highlighter

“great apes do indeed have human empathy”

Friday Barnes best book ever

My native Hungarian has so many cases I couldn’t even count. nominative: the subject; accusative: the object; genitive: possessive (mine; John’s); dative: the receiver (to him); instrumental-comitative: with something; causal-final: for someone (would you do it for me?); translative: turn into (e. g. stone); terminative: as far as something; superessive: on or above something (on the table / through); inessive: inside; illative: into; elative: out of; sublative: with respect to something; allative: similar to / compared to / onto; adessive: at / on / owing to / because of; ablative: moving away from.

He doesn’t speak like “everybody.” He doesn’t speak like “a family member.”

Is it not true, though, that Kant believed it is perfectly alright to kill murderers because they have forfeited their own dignity by killing another?

My teacher tells us to try not to say “This essay” why is that?

I’m sure I’m way behind the curve but is John brother of Hank?

O day, arise. The atoms are dancing. The souls are dancing, overcome with ecstacy. I’ll whiper in your ear where their dance is leading them. All the atoms in the air, all that seems chaotic or hopeless, look at them through eyes of reverence, devotion and grace. They are not as they seem. They are like a plant that has not yet flowered. They are like the moon when it is not full. You can’t yet see it’s magnificence. All that seem happy, who are present, who are recognizable, they have contemplated and found and became enamoured by the sun, of which nothing can be said.


But that is not what religion teaches – just cry some croc tears before God, apologize to God and you get to enjoy heaven? God helps cheat the victim?

Very nice explanation. Keep up

Fantastic series


Great job and very easy way of referencing billion thanks!



I didn’t understand a thing… other than that u might be able to……… make copies of things without making it get smaller?

If it’s ok I’ll email you my resume ^_^

Omfg! this was eye opening

Hope it works out

– The Trial (F. Kafka)

1990 – You speak Clingon loooser hahaha!

There should NOT be a comma after the word”that” when used in the example Bestful suggests that “the large number of manuscripts shows that the work was popular and widely read into the 16th Century” (921).


Lol this guy is amazing.

Undergo crisis gene duck nearby heart.

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Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by some guy with a really long Mexican name I don’t know off the top of my head. Even though the ending is predictable af, it is still a wonderful coming of age story with a little bit of romance. I think it’s amazing

This is absolutely insane, none of these fools understand just how much work went into this. I’m trying to make typographies as well and It’s really difficult… I’d love to ask you how you did certain things, but I know way to well, that It’s probably none of your interest to help a bigginer out, but still. This was mindblowing. Well done.

I can’t even focus on what’s being said because of how it’s being said

Whether you approve of the formula or not, I’m afraid it’s the standard used in the principles textbooks (along with the aforementioned explanation and examples).

Well at least it’s some evidence (only one data point) that being exposed to a language up until 3 won’t necessarily have a significant lasting effect.

In new york i ricky roll

Great video. In czech we use 7 cases and inflections inflections everywhere 🙂 But I do feel the pain of english students.

You missed command and conquer

Teacher what’s name of your email?



PLEEEAAASSSEEE! Do Christianity! It is a myth. Be fearless! PRETEND you have global perspective.

What is the name of this man?

Self improvement masturbation 🙂

Could you please make me understand anyone…?

May you please do a crash course in philosophy? (If you do can you maybe include Rudolph Otto and his mysterum tremendum et facinans, like you’ve mentioned in the fault in our stars and an abundance of katherines.

So… i would have to disagree with him saying: “all languages will converge to one”, which is the English language. That won´t happen because we tend to cultivate culture, instead of erasing it. It´s impossible for me to imagine a world where we all speak the same language, UNLESS, we speak with our minds instead.

However, consent is an important factor of this dilemma. Any two can make an agreement to consent to sacrifice himself. Sacrifice is one of the oldest rituals in human history. It is heroic. It is essentially what civilization is built on, but so is fairplay. The heroism also depends on the situation. The 4 are simply trying to survive until rescue. Their survival will not impact the survival of their society, only or mostly their personal lives. The goal of a society is also to enable individual thriving. But that is tricky here. We don’t want the most aggressive or least conscientious of the 4, who is most comfortable with cannibalism, to be the values that are sanctioned.

There would still be no meaning as an objective property of anything. Meaning is a concept you create in your mind in relation to something else.


You know mr poopy buthole said “IN LIKE A YEAR AND A HALF… or longer” right? sad times

R: O then, dear saint let lips do what hand s do: (e)

Simply put… Freedom is economic freedom for those assholes… the government should be strong enough to protect corporates interests and weak enough not to question consolidation of power by corporates B. S.


The bell jar?!

Nah nah nah its not that deep



Anyone else know jason momoa as ronon dex before he was in GoT?

Thanks a lot its the best i saw about writing papers

This helps more than school

When you look to youtube for music to help you focus and you end up stuck in the vortex of comments… (aka me right now XD)

Would be great if you could do exam technique for the new A2 edexcel paper 🙂 thanks

Never trust someone who uses Comic Sans 😉

11:08 Is this the same Volkswagon engine that cheated on emissions tests?

Marxism sucks really hard

I’m speaking, of course, in terms of north america…


Cool video, although forgot to add the expansion of celts to north and central Iberia

…that powers car light.

Could you do the filosofy of Damon Albarn/Gorillaz?

The Monday one is so accurate😂👍

He went to the Charlie Sheen School of Communication.

Thank you for this — very useful! 🙂

How’s watching this in 2017

What’s the difference between the elasticity of demand and Own-price Elasticity of demand?

This video closely matches my own fears about the future the nature of work and productivity is going to change. When the industrialization of the workforce came about and people move from Farmington Manufacturing it created more jobs because more stuff was actually made for more people to buy. Now we are facing a situation where the manufacturing process will be automated and the management process for the most part will also be automated. I recently read an article where the author claimed the because previous advances produce more jobs this next one will too. But he gave no indication of how where these jobs would come from he just said they would. Twitch I asked doing what? His reply to that kind of question is we don’t know new technology will provide it that sounds like wishful thinking to me is reply to that kind of question is we don’t know new technology will provide it that sounds like wishful thinking the me.

Anybody who still likes this Ass Clown is a hypocrite and traitor to the US. Enough is enough… I’m sick of it.


All the kids are islamic terrorists

There are like 1 million descendants of Genghis Khan in the world. If one of you is seeing this, please open the Mongol pizza,

And from this light, the universe; so who is good and who is bad

Published texts of Ancient Indian texts. Also Ancient Japan, Egypt,



Thought you guys were making an awesome sculpture for the Uber Entertainment office… I guess not.

Fuck this I’m going to Europe or Asia

How does world’s words in collection?

It it not translated differently it’s just different romanizations. It should be “Lao zi” but the old Wade-Gilles system was “Tsi” just like Peiking is now Beijing. The Tao Te Ching is really the Dao De Jing.

This could have been a good video if that annoying music wasn`t there


Donald Trump is “uniquely” unqualified to be President.

You’re my hero.

Best Video On Youtube

Yea I love this series

Omului (of the man/ man’s)

Intro was so intense i almost had a panic attack

(Lightbown & Spada, How Languages are Learned)

The sunlight quivered. These blenched lips

Mom’s spaghetti

Watch my videos on this topic

Fuck that. The parrot clearly didnt want to take the tests (“I want to go back”). It was miserable and stressed hence why it was plucking out its feathers.