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I’m kinda a nihilist because I think we were created because we can be created but we pave our own path and find our own meaning. Just eating, sleeping, drinking and all that doesn’t really give us a meaning.

I think “The Hobbit” by J. R.R. Tolkien should have been on this list. It actually inspired the entire genre of fantasy, adventure and magic, such as the Harry Potter series, Hunger Games and all the rest. Even the Lord of the Rings would have remained undiscovered, relatively speaking, had it not been for this groundbreaking piece of literature, which drew inspiration from European folktales and even scripture…

Who’s still watching this in November 16 2016

Sir this is awesome i am a type of student who never study properly but after i see your video i think its a best way to study i never study economics because i think its a boring subject but you change my thoughts related to economics fully your style of teaching is really good and dont stop making videos plse

This is all nice and all but how or why are we failing so badly at it?

Muito bom.

Thank u very good teaching

I LOVE this channel, it’s educational, and funny!!!! You earned another subscriber my friend!

And when they listen

7. The war created emergency situation which needed unprecedented powers to be concentrated in less number of hands (Explaining Khomeini and his supporters clampdown on domestic opposition against revolution during unprecedented external threat to the country).

Inspiring. Thank you!

I found an explanation for calculating the opportunity cost per unit in comparative advantage.

This is stupid

You’ve saved my grade! Freshman in college and this informational video was fantastic. Very helpful thank you

Stop being bitter they’re just making the video funny and easier for us to learn. Don’t watch if you don’t like it, just fail your course 🙂

This is so dumb…. I can’t concentrate on economics when a rubber duck is in the background the entire time.

This was very helpful! Especially the mindmaps for texts and articles! Thankyou so much for not making such a ‘typical youtuber study guide’ because they are all the same. Whatever grade you want you deserve it and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! GOOD LUCK!! Xx

What would u suggest me. Should i add a long quote or a short one?

I want to speak in spanish. Who can teach me??

Filter third for reliability. This filter protects against politicians.



Why is that?


The other western groups of IEs started splitting and migrating away from the steppe homeland between 3500 BC and 3000 BC. The Proto-Greeks (and perhaps the Proto-Armenians, if they were related to the Greeks) were part of the second wave of migrations to the Balkans. The Greeks did not arrive in Greece in 1600-1400 BC, that’s just the time when the Mycenaean civilisation had been created, the Proto-Greeks invaded Greece several hundred years before that (probably around 2000 BC). They had to have had some adjustment time from going from steppe nomads to Mediterranean city dwellers, it didn’t just happen instantly.

One of the best Ted Talks ever! Just inspiring.

You’re hilarious. AMAZING infact.

Every time he says “believe me”, that’s precisely the moment when I know that everything he’s just said, or about to say, is a complete and utter lie.

What are you doing today?

Just found out that John Green’s the guy who wrote “The Fault in Our Stars.”


Dear John

Really good cinematography and acting and also portraying the injustices behind our “politically correct” society. Thanks for pointing out what lots of people hide like the guy in the box.

The teacher — is that you??

Congrats on 200k subs bro! been following you since your Deep Convo vid! You really blew up dude, you really deserved it too! Wish you the best for 2017

We are actually having an under population issue kind of ironic

13 o clock, they go back to the shore

Search for this video

I want it now god dam it

Those are just the tip of he iceberg.

I feel like I’m going to screw up English because its a closed book exam and i can’t remember quotes to save my life

Best video i ve ever saw

I thought Masters do with Dissertation and Doctorates will the do the Thesis. Otherwise, the rest seems so rich, useful and so appealing.

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Oh my god, Robbie Williams is manic depressive? I never knew…

Life is half luck half skill half work….something doesnt add up

Awesome as always guys. Best wishes :).

Thank you for helping me understand better.

I ain’t religious, but isn’t this what that dude Jesus was talking about.

Thank you so much!



Also empathy is a road to guilt and guilt can be very destructive.

I’m 12 and my mental age is 16-21, 280 points

I would make Les Miserables at least an honorable mention.

I love this idea. I’ve wanted to make conlangs for a long time but I’ve always had issues understanding the IPA and other tutorials I’ve found. Hopefully this will help.

I look at this mic, it’s part of my family


Can someone explain why the gov. rev and deadweight loss are shaded that way (22:35)?

Wow its amazing how you pick up so much information from one word. wow thankyou very much this really helped. the notes are reallly good

Erik! I am SO sorry I missed this until just now. Just wanted to share again how inspiring you are as a professional and master of your craft. I love doing impressions and each video you put out makes me learn SO much more about accents and myself. PLEASE keep it up!

That medication stuff is bullshit! I have Bi-Polar, and I take only 1 pill per day. Since I started the medication, I have not had one single episode. I was diagnosed by Kiki Chang (he was the guy they interviewed) and started medication at around 10. Now its likely not like that for everyone, but there is no reason why those kids would need to be taking 50 pills a day, or however many they showed….


Neuroscience and psychology is two related but separate fields. I`m just pointing this out, if you are wrong in such a trite little thing how are you qualified to decide anything related to society or psychology?

Really love this speech and it is great massage to all human beings…




Dopest flow I’ve heard all year

You put sc2 as number 1 makes me think this list is sponsored by blizzard

Why is no one talking about fate? The alone guy didn’t deserve to die because he wasn’t in the position that would kill him. Done. Just let things turn out as they will.

I like u r all videos specilly medical related but also this efforts

I know I’m really late… but you’re wrong, a machine detector will NOT determine the outcome of the positions of electrons, it is not observing. Only any form of CONSCIOUSNESS can observe. I realize this could be animals as well. Not sure though.

So basically, the southern states wanted to keep using cheap slave labor because they grew stuff that needed to be hand picked, like cotton, while the north states didn’t. If you look at it that way, it was a lot less about human rights and a lot more about economics.

Hahah, that would actually be cool

Every fucking time I see this I think it says intersexuality. Seamless click bait.

So, basically, intertextuality is just a kind of “reference” to something else?

I wonder if this guy knows “Rick and Morty”. 😀


Anyone from wolfieraps?

Good job.

Kader, M. (2011). Review of management accounting research. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan.


I have learnt so much. Thank you

So if Hitler was living authentically, were his actions wrong?

0:34 – Citing and referencing

Norm Chumpski you are a liar!!!!

Eminems feminine

And URD is equal to R

Meaning in your life

The animals too have feelings, true.

Using your own baby’s precious development as an experiment, pathetic..



Love your vids. This one reminds me of another time I loved your vids.

Oh my God, I thought it lasted for 3 minutes. Quick, simple, easy. Thanks a lot.

That’s pure food for thought. Inspiring.

0:51 … WTF???!!!

Oh man thank you thank you I was so confused and I asked for my lecturer’s help and she’s like listen to lecture which I already had but wasn’t clear so ur awesome!!

Atlas Shrugged

This is some sad ass shit right here smfh


I’m gonna hang myself if the world ever gets to this point.


I need new glasses. I read this as Kellyanne Conway’s interview ticks, explained.

I find mr fry attractive shame he not into women

When a man is portrayed shirtless, huge, bulky, sweaty in a game it’s a male power fantasy. If a woman is half naked it’s sexist and harmful to woman… Yet Bayonetta is popular among women. Women like to cosplay and feel sexy.

Mine was 9-16, but i am 10, lol! I love these kinda things, keep up the good work!

Very informative

Finally I should state here the correct study of the human mind could be obtained from the deep teachings of the Buddha through



But that is what politicians do in debates too. They dodge the question by talking about other things. Gore, Dukakis, Reagan.. “there you go again” … always evading and taking charge by changing the topic… maybe she will run for office?

PhDuh mushrooms?

I wonder if jobs are gone what will people do

Happy New Year to you Paul, and thank you very much for all the very informative language videos you share with us!

E. g it is assumed that consumers have perfect information. But say the seller is engaging in misleading advertising and controls the information flow effectively. If most of the buyers have faulty information the effects won’t “average out” or disappear due to large numbers.

It would be more appropriate to say Ashkenazi Jews because this accent is only from Eastern European Yiddish-speaking communities.

Independently of the Aryans, yet the horses used in ancient and medieval

I see youve read my fan fictions

This has changed so much.


Thanks a lot for the video! I really learnt a lot!!!

Truths. Thank you.

I should have found this playlist earlier…. /___________________\

We will try to upload some clips in english to give some guidence.

Does suicidal people count as negativity?

My Family fought in World War II to defeat people just like this. My Grandfather and his three brothers fought in almost every major theatre of the war. My Father fought during the containment policy in an attempt to contain Communists like antifa. Personally, I am still a military officer and most of us have no idea what we are defending anymore, mostly its each other. Its clear that Communism is here and is within most of the Western Countries borders. Funny enough, its not really a big deal in Russia, but I know they are sad to see us go down. There is no other solution at this point but war. Where it will start is hard to say, but THAT it will start is an easy prediction. It is so important to not be provoked into violence as this will give these people the justification they need from the sheeple. We need to be patient and wait for a mistake. We are better armed, trained and organized, but we have been crushed in Hollywood and the media. Its Check, not Check Mate, but we are damn close to losing. Hopefully there are enough Gen X around that will still fight.

Best literature ever is obviously playboy magazine



He’s far below average. He makes up words, because he doesn’t actually know the correct words. He makes grammar mistakes all the time. He babbles incoherently and jumps from topic to topic. In other words his language skills are very poor. He talks like a child. Obviously he lies constantly and is not even intelligent enough to understand that everyone can see when he’s lying.

My sc is swizzywizzy 💋 I love all ur videos eve!! xx

My savior

Thank you very much for ALL your videos.

7.and the is……

From ancient grudge break to new mutiny

Cool. Now I felt that I could do research. Thank you. Helps me a lot.

Most leaders and directors generally belong to an older age group but some people believe that young leaders are better. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Wtf tihs is lie SCYHTIANS were Turk look Turk ancestor ALPER TUNGA and Iranians said him Afrasiyab old tale TURAN AND PERSIAN WARS

Hes an old parrot. thats what happens to birds. like how humans bald.

It looks more real if the colors are dull and dark. not everything is vibrant and colorful

4. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

To me it makes sense that the Piraha have no theology or religion per say because if you think about it religion was invented because man as a tool maker was looking for a tool to help him hunt or get over a sickness and religion had that practical application via shamanism, etc. If you live in a sweet spot where food can be plucked from a stream or tree and no other human contact to spread illness then you don’t need ask a divine being to help you in your hunt or to help you get over a sickness

Thank u so much for this video tedx. I will always appriciate the way you help people. just wonderful

The beautiful thing about buddhism is that in doesn’t care if you’re not a buddhist.



I am the captain of my ship and the master of my fate.

Yes you feel great but wait til the money leaves your pocket and into his pocket.

Thought this was going to go into more of a philosophical/scientific approach. Rather its based off the facebook quotes. Dont complain, be negative, dont gossip, dont judge, etc…

Umh, why was the supreme court joke funny?

I was just searching for volunteer abroad Projects with animal conservation earlier in the year! The one I want to go is in Bali, conservation of sea turtles 🐢 and also a wildlife rehab project in South Africa. But I need to finish 3 years of my studies before I can take a gap year!

I loved this video.

A 40

I love Crash Course so much. This was the video I’ve waited my whole life to see.

Support this game, guys! It’s going to be amazing!

Obama stuttered like a “tard when his teleprompter went out.

That piece of shit would never be a family member of mine. Unique? Ok he’s unique in the fact that he’s the worst liar and has the fattest ego of anyone I have ever heard.

This game is pretty cool. Being a programmer myself this is no where near programming but I think programming should be this simple.

Yea, with all the scientific evidence that’s been discovered over the years that says we did not come from 2 humans a couple thousand years ago, I think you read something about “adam, eve” thing that the writer didn’t quite understand. Everything I’ve read says that there’s no such thing, and I read scientific articles and reports, but they did find a fossilized skeleton of a woman who was a distant ancestor and was given the name X but she wasn’t eve in any way shape or form.

This was very insightful and a good listen. The last sound was amazing in that it takes quite some effort it seems to produce it.

Hello im currently studying year 1 in the UK but i was wondering if the introductory micro is the same in uk and usa..

Hi, what do you mean by point to point to the left or right for AD AS and phillips curve?

I love you

He presented a wrong image of iran. i myself am an indian and i lived in iran for many years. Everything he expressed is not right.


All neighbourly joking aside, a very interesting and thought provoking conference. Did not hurt that he sprinkled some humor in it either 😉

This is the most exciting time to be alive. And there is NO excuse for not nurturing your creativity.



Sir ubhare not teaching well

I like these videos. Never took one Economics course. This is a good way to get information and it is entertaining (to me)!

This makes me think what have we done/become?


The start in Turkey shows an older thesis. The general idea now is that it started in the Pontic–Caspian steppe, on the other side of the Black Sea


Why 1K people Unliked the video?

Is it me? Or is this very accurate indeed.


If there’s an infinite number of people and an infinite number of rooms, than you dont need to move anyone…

Well there´s also czech ř, Ř if i am not mistaken there is no other language that use this. closest to this is polish rz but its still different.

Film warm digital stagnant

We need both. Otherwise we’re miserable

You may eventually succumb to any suffering you contribute to, this isnt karma, its science, youre dealing with living beings, they have a capacity for the same emotion… so if I kill your father, that doesnt mean Ill just mystically have bad luck and suffer, but what does happen is; as I choose to live, I may obtain a reputation for contributing to others suffering, causing others to seek justice, bringing about suffering upon myself… My point is, if there were no rules, people wouldnt be educated on what would cause others to hunt them down.



Kinsey worked with paedophiles, and was a masochistic psycho who mutilated his own penis and died shortly after.

I can speak 5 languages ( French English German arabic and korean ) and I can understand some Italian

I agree 🙂

I love Foucault he is my favorite philosopher!

This is fucking stupid

Http:// Hi Ben, thanks for recording the video. I run a recruitment company in Poland and i find that many new recruits into the recruitment industry can in fact use this as a stepping stone to moving into an internal HR role.

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Lol of course if you dont criticise nothing can improve.

“How do you know…”

Ur teaching is awsm…

You should mention butterfly from digable planets and Shabaka palaces next time you talk about styles

I jeezzz all over da farms…

“Speaks like everybody else”

Brilliant introduction, as always.


Listen to the first verse of “vegas” i think this takes internal rhyming to a whole other level

That’s easy to explain: we are germans and we are doing german Let’s Plays in our channel normally. I am sorry for you, but you can have a look on the game at least, if our chatter annoys you, just turn the volume down;-P

He said Snape is a villain…… :'( . Totally wrong!!!

He speaks like a family member, you know like that crazy uncle that nobody wants to talk about.

Please make a video on Producers Equilibrium! I don’t know I’m not able to understand what’s important in that chapter.

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