@unorthodoxJ 4 women, 1 man.

#4 is so important! I listen and empathize well but I could improve how I communicate with more precision.

You know the US is screwed when literally almost every comment on this video consists of people being offended about how the linguist implied that regular people speak as stupidly as their president.

Everybody just stop for a second and go pick up some garbage.

Donald Trump is indeed different, and brain-washed Americans are trying to burn him at the stake, kinda like killing the “Goose Who Laid the Golden Egg”. I’m ashamed and embarrassed to admit that I used to be a “Flaming Leftist Liberal”. Today these people are out of control! Their behavior makes them appear to be mentally disturbed.

I have to play these games in my computing class at school and I really enjoy trying to finish them because I like making games I use things like Python and scratch. The jump is used to send you back to a previous line of code so you can repeat them instead of going onto your notebook and pasting lines and lines of code, they can also be used to do certain things to certain groups of data ( like the 0 box that needed to be destroyed). By placing a 7 in one of the carpet areas, you could add it to the 7 in your hands twice to get 7 + 7 + 7 . I get annoyed when I see someone struggling at something that I could do, but I’m not an asshole who calls people ‘stupid’ because they have less knowledge then me about something and I would help the person so they could do it in future, I would enjoy watching you attempt to complete this game in the near future jack. 🙂

The best games are (supreme commander forged alliance, supreme commander 2 and planetary annihilation titans)

Kill all humans…


Like you said advancement of a nation.

Damn it, even the title rhymes.


Typing & saving notes on a computer is a lot more efficient and makes them easier to organize and use later on. it also wastes less paper.


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