I want him to be president

Omg pluto is speaking, i mean plato

Did you notice that the comments that say ‘this is not correct’ comes from people whose L1 is not English? This explanation is just OK, I didn’t see any mistakes. Don’t be disrespectful to the teachers!

This video sucks so bad

He´s an idiot. Worst president ever. IDIOCRACY at last!

Too bad it failed.

Well done. Thanks.

Cant believe that starcraft broodwar didnt appear…

Departure-I enter the sleep world


are the men who AGAIN have state of mind, BUT on different paradigm if compared to. They see their inner and the outside as indistinguishable. That gives them the CREATIVITY, making them fit for craftsmanship.

I’ve never been particularly interested in john green’s works, but the fact that he encourages readers instead of just seeing them as beneath him says a lot about his character and his connection with his audience.

Who else is doing this for there dog because the thunder

Thank you this was actually really helpful

5. The Secret Tree

Tq mam fr helping us this topic..tq

Salve aí aos que falam português, muito inspirador.

“A book is not needed” – the guy who doesn’t understand much about the situation in the middle east other than what people have told him to think. READ, dummy! “News” is not how you intrinsically understand something – especially these days. Not to mention your point was almost completely irrelevant to mine, but I’m done. Joining a youtube comments debate is always a mistake from the very beginning.

He was just like me once quite, shy, doesnt go out and he told me all you have to do is believe.

Scary animation, almost distracting. Good message but should’ve included a little more info. Also needed to explain how we can correct this problem moving forward… watch ‘Democracy Now’ maybe? 😉


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