What are u freaks doing here with a genius?

Also the hands folded is vulnerable or, conserved/timid – However if you place your hands on a tabel or desk and do this it – is a step up from there to a more dominate position (but still not totally domineering like the steeple on the table all the bad guys do in movies XD).

Please do the philosophy of The Expanse next!

Most of these are SO TRUE plus right now, most people are willing to burn the planet just to get some freaking money, stupid rich greedy people these days, they won’t EVEN donate money to poor people

What books do you think a person who is new to economics should read to understand the subject better?

Seems to be very Indian based? Excuse my ignorance but is this the aim of the video or is it actually based on the worldwide creating and evolution of HR?

Lao tzu = Dzulkarnain

I am currently taking macro econ, but I’m sure the principals are the same. Great video man, I have my exam tomo, and I feel much better now! 👌


Thanks thats very good

When someone challenges a media source’s editorial, it is akin to a product competition. Whoever can afford the most advertising, market placement, and sponsorship will win the public’s opinion.

4: it gets voted up by other stalkers and sexually deprived teenagers with sweaty palms

Ho my god I understand Mousse click in the song of 38:00 xD

Девочка (Devochka) = girl

Open book exam, lucky. i have to memorise the quotes…..

Your students are extremely lucky!!!! Your videos make me wish I was in your class.

Love this song

It’s a little more extreme than the actual system in place, but it operates essentially the same and leaves opportunists to exploit peoples trust for profit. so long as media is corporation it will exist to protect itself and the people who serve it’s interests.


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