This is the major flaw in the libertarian argument. At the mention of automation they collapse.

You are great………. yours lectures

Denmark has free healthcare. Education is not only free but receives money from government every month.

Sakura – I, too, respect self-education & individual inquiry, and I congratulate you. I like this: “it does not depend on the school it depends on the student.” The problem is that many students who complain about the classroom environment have no capacity for self-directed study. Some of their complaints are legitimate, but some are just excuses for laziness. This video tries to dresses immature whining up as a political ‘vision’ – ‘the voice of the oppressed.’ I’m glad you’re not one of them.


I love your explanations, I can really understand when you explain, the drawings help a lot.

He IS a liar. That is all!!

And the study also revealed, French girls tends to be more attracted by boys that have short names like Théo, Hugo or Alex.

My favorite ♡


Regards, Carter

Omg 24:15 is so funny

Brasil porra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aí sim! Representou bem… Desde o início senti essa energia peculiar brasileira. 😀

Bonjour je nais parle pas Francais bien. Est-il une version avec sous-titres anglais?

His greek is a little funny, but really good for someone who doesnt live in Greece


I like your vibe, thanks for the informative video.

I really like the clothing metaphor. (Language = Clothing) We choose our words for the occasion; we choose them to affect how others treat us; we choose them to fit in (or not); we choose them to create an image (real or imaginary).


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