That Christina Perri song isn’t necessarily full of hyperboles as she is writing about a vampire who did live for thousands of years.

Guys. Screenshot the Szechuan sauce and zoom in. What’s that on the packaging? That’s right. We found the recipe

I must watch more!

I love my President! If you speak like the “educated,” you will be speaking like the Bullshitt artists that we are sick of! Obama types who use fancy, feel good words, while they betray the interests of the American people.

Indian english is english spoken r written by Indians. it is only in india not accepted elsewhere in the outside

He’s so beautiful and I don’t feel he deserved to die..

It is also, frankly, a bit offensive to those of us who strive to capture an idea precisely and go through the trouble of learning the nuance of a language for the purpose of doing just that, only to find that it was all for naught since no one else cares enough to use those words correctly and you end up with a wasted effort. It is pearls before swine. Spell check is making things worse since it only reinforces the wrong notions when people pick one of the offerings without knowing why.

Come on move your body

How much coke did it take?

“dem Tische” sounds so weird to me. Must be northern German 😀 I could also see this in a “Grimm” fairy tale book

A very moving, powerful piece of documentary.

I watched this to help me fall asleep

This bitch thinks we’re all 10 years old.

Andrew is hot

Historically, gay activists and militants, media-puppets like Harry Hay, Frank Kameny, or today Dan Savage,

Sr plz meri request py zrur dehan dijiye ga

I love that part where she rubs herself.

There are many books on this topic anybody know of a book that is the go to or the book that has been proven to be effective for a long time? thanks for the help

Do maths and history please!!!

And also: Haben nicht alles Sprachen in der Schule gelernt oder..?


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