Can someone tell me what are the best channels for english grammar?

You are an Absolute gift.

Jaker-98 ☺️

Im 13, I scored 230, so my mental age is 21-29

Plus atleast Silesia would be shown German definitely.

I can’t believe the interviewer had the audacity to ask Noam Chomsky what he would ask a room full of googlers after an hour of Noam Chomsky giving him so much information I don’t even think the interviewer was paying attention to anything he said it’s sad this is Google supposed to be one of the top companies in the world and at the end they get told by one of the greatest living intellectuals to do something serious got to love Noam Chomsky.


Lol i dont understand why people hate this guy. He’s a genius. People just listen to everything the media says about him.

Это кино должно быть переведено на все языки мира и показываться на уроках в школе для старшеклассников и тогда весь мир станет добрее.

I love AIDS.

2: Nothing: Doing nothing is harder than doing anything. Spend time to not think about anything, no schedule or timed work.

Infinite Jest deserves some kind of recognition here…

TRIGGERED #**()(Q#@($@#($@#&%()!@$*)!@$

Tobacco’s / gobble themselves / unto medical obesity

I liked the accent.

I don’t know about the stupid fucking haters, but this video is so incredibly inspiring. Our beautiful planet in which the universe put us on, we are destroying. This has inspired me to do something and I wish every human on the planet could see this.

Armstrong also got new blood and cheated

Ok but he looks like evan peters’ less attractive cousin.. but also her cousin.

Trump = a fucking idiot

I had to watch this for a sociology class, but it is such an amazing video. Awesome.

Please help find OST lyricks!

I need an anger translator! I am so angry that these assholes are still debating climate change and are doing nothing to stop the biggest threat humanity has faced!

Good Job mate


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