I’m at the house.

Thank you Sir!

His accent is legendary

Mrs. Liz, thank u very much.

Also people who donated on KS had to pay that ammount to get into alpha..

This is me! Suzy p…

We’re very different yet very similar..

How goods that spin he does into the credits!?!? Super interesting topic also!

You are boring zzz

Yeah, I bought your ultimate review packet in september, the link’s dead soooo… am I just supposed to buy it again to get the exams to practice with?

Gona juega 60 segundos esta en ingles eso si pero es de supervivencia descubrelo tu con el tutorial

Well atleast Marvel has a good storyline 🙂 They shouldn’t change it! It’s fine the way it is. More Realistic is better than a colorful crap that you can realize it’s full of CGI effects.

God help us…PLEASE!!!!

He talks so so fast.

Wtf.. he was not going to become emperor of INdia… Correct ur Video!

Hi im in year 12 now, are you able to send me your through email please, thank you

Hey! my name is sam😃 I’m glad to see someone is representing us in a good way…. but R. I.P bro…. you were a great person

Estonia got a shoutout, dope

Greek has a rather unusual case, the vocative, which is used when you want to address someone. For example “friend” is φίλος (filos) and when you want to address him you say φίλε (file).

Do we in the west not practice the same thing… think we just call it by a different name….if you can’t figure this out a discussion is a waste of my time!!

Haha jokes on you, I don’t have a job to be replaced.


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