HA! SJW cuck. Women are just as capable of men to go into the field of science, but most just choose not to. Women are equal to men.

A bunch of worthless mouth-breathers that produced nothing in their life bullied an exceptional man until he broke down and cried while apologizing for wearing a funky shirt.

Scarcity shouldn’t be applicable in our current state of technological knowledge. Scarcity is only present because of planned obsolescence, profit, lack of recyclability, gross over consumption because of greed and vanity. In summary we have all the resource but we are deliberately wasting it. Therefore economics is a study of the flaws in modern society.

Finally someone who sees it right

Why did you make Jung look like the joker?

Please, could someone tell me the bibliography used in this course which Mr. Michael Sandel makes reference? Thanks for cooperation.

Excellent 10

Thank you for this video.

Do read jim morgan and the seven sins by bharat madan

What program do you use to do your videos?

Martin owned this

This seems to offend technology and the Internet

What’s up with “the-only-way to-be-free-is-to-become-one-of-them”-bullshit?

I’m surprised no one brought it up, but the fact that the orphan boy is sick, i think is a fundamentally important factor. The story tells us that the boy is sick and at the corner of the boat, while (i’m assuming) the others are somewhat stronger and healthier. The fact that the boy is suffering, will be enough for me to lean towards ending it there and killing him in order for the rest to survive. However, i would give him my reason and let him know the reasoning behind my decision so as to give him consent (not a choice, just acknowledgement). I also disagree with what the idea that the orphan is has no family and therefore, no one will miss him. On the contrary, he chose to take the voyage because of the fact that he is ambitious and looking out for a better life. He didn’t have the choice of not having parents, but he would have had been missed, as the story points out he had friends. The others had privileged titles and saw themselves as superior which bothers me the most. The newspaper favours the others because of their title, for all we know, they could have been negative members of society without any ambition which the orphan boy did have. I think that the right way to handle the situation is to wait off the first death and eat that person, because all in all, their lives are worth the same. Unfortunately, I think that nonetheless would have been the orphan boy, being sick and therefore the most fragile given the details of the story


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