Moving to Korea in 2 weeks really nervous. Thanks for the video.

I love u Sir

Hey there, awesome work! I love your style 🙂

That was a well detailed talk!

I think he’s good, but not excellent “artist”. I don’t think he makes something different respect another pictures/videos about this corrupted society. He talks about topics relativity common, like the world have been destroyed since the human star with the money, etc… I mean, thousands of people have made that before, with the same theme and the same critic. What’s worse? The people think that are better or more intelligent than the other one because they critic the world. Wow! That’s so brilliant (sarcasm).

He is now my favorite person on youtube

1.repeat, repeat, repeat->persist

Innovation is basically what you just said..

Wow great video essay.

I’m 19 and my goal is to learn as many languages as I can 😁

End the stigma to mental helth


Why do I keep reading YouTube comments?

Dani – my email address is

Yes, great info, apart from the insulting and unnecessary use of retarded as a colloquilism. Which makes you sound like an ill educated teenager. Maybe your Nan should’ve told you that too. Please re-record with respectful language for people of all abilities.


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