Ушан ий домюна.

As though they were like you.

“…seems like these are a kind of unicorn’s blood; they’ll keep your story alive, but only with half a soul”

German language is hard for me…..

This is what is needed if we are to overcome, as a human race, the huge adverse social and environmental consequences of CLIMATE CHANGE. Global governance is required for this task and empathy should be an important core value of this governing body.

We cannot change what we are. I took mushrooms and saw the same light, beacon of hope, wake up call… yet I cannot cease to be the white privileged first world male raised with electronics, entertainment and hamburgers… its too late for that. If we are born broken, we live broken, even if you realise what you are you are not able to change it. Even if you see the flaws in yourself, you are going to be the same onthological entity.

@uchihaaddiction Who ever told you that, for lack of a better phrase, is a ignorant pig headed human being.coming from a christian.

MTV’s Oddities & “The Maxx” next, please!

What is good for the whole is not always good for the individuals. People are selfish.

Very helpful!

The Trump joke is like the Energizer Bunny.

Too bad academia is too insular to give a crap!

Interesting. In UK English we would say “spelt” or “civilisation” rather than “spelled” and “civilization” as you would in US English. Who is right? Do we measure votes by population or history? Perhaps we should ask the Scots. Maybe we should just rename English as American.

Brad: wHat?

How can I find a teacher to correct my essays?


Thanks alot to upload such video, it helped alot.


In reality, she must constantly deviate attention from the fact that people who are ‘born that way’ can of course ALSO ‘socially construct themselves that way’, and that the one in reality doesn’t exclude the other at all.


Marty never tried to hit on his mom, it was the other way around. Get your shit straight. 4/10, thumbs down and reported

Haruki murakami?

Seem very naive for a group of Harvard students. In a situation such as Dudley, man will do anything in any way to survive when his life hangs in the balance. Very few of us have been in that situation so it’s hard to judge, however when instincts take over, morals go out the window, and whatever it takes, we will go to whatever lengths to survive


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