Who agrees that we cant say ass in school but a health teacher can show us a video with the word

Hearing this has really helped me. thank you for posting this


Even 4th Graders would find Trump ridiculous.

I have a parrot. :3

Pls tell me what I do

Ironic that a video on language has such poor sound quality, & zany subtitles.

Hermann Hesse.

It’s amazing that something sounding so intelligent (all of the phonetic devices) can end up sounding like awkward barbaric grunts

Wait meek mill is on digits??

I am a Spanish native speaker and I speak kinda fluent English since 13 I think and it wasn’t really that hard for me to learn the language but now I am learning French and I’m really struggling with it 🙁 I am about to quit, HELP


Amazing speech. I was listening this for an assignment but it actually also helped me in real life.

In comparison, land before time has 15 movies… and there all good!

Good talker stupid thought

Why did you mirror the image at 9:22

Nietzsche, the true hero of doubt.

Brave New World – Aldous Huxley.


This makes me so sad…. 🙁

He kinda looks like Glenn Howerton

Clean N clear to understand each topic sir


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