Refuses to tolerate certain behaviour. As society progresses, tolerance

This was great. im glad im a horticulture expert i love plant’s and trees. i grow them

Can i get rhe pdf of these notes please

This should get me A on my test

There are never clear solutions, but trade-offs.


0:27 That. Was. Amazing @_@

Anyone else here before the English Lit exam tomorrow?

I loved the part where he compared past Klingon speaking actors and modern Klingon speaking actors

The title is in english

The best video i had seen. good

This was on my recommended and I came to see the comments! Some of you are some racist pieces of turds gosh.

I’m fairly certain that the idea of a “dizzying” or frightening freedom was first put forward by Kierkegaard, not Sartre.

Production quality is amazing

The 1 thing people had better learn to pay attention to is that once you elect a president your stuck with him for 4 years no matter what he did to get elected or what he does while he’s in office.

10:41 Bird Person!

Is it bad if I laughed maniacally at the end?


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