What about the idea that you have a set bath in your live already. But it’s your job to find it and when you do follow it. Because we have freedom to take the path or not.

I think its fucking stupid to assume you share an achievement with someone just because you are the same gender. Men and women both work in the stem field and their gender is beyond irrelevant to their work. If you want to work in STEM, you will work in STEM. bottom line

Singapore was quite nice as well, but that has to do with a tiny tiny tiny area of regulation, tiny population, and a great position on the globe to be a trade hub. Hong Kong could fall into that as well.


Keep up the great work. I always look forward to your uploads.

I believe that the portrayal of Kierkegaard as being non-teleogical is false. The ultimate purpose as far as I see it in his writings involves the relationship between the individual and God, and that foundational relationship spills out in living one’s life in a meaningful way. This is not choosing a personal meaning but rather coming to find one’s meaning externally arising from God. Kierkegaard does stand in stark contrast to the other Existentialists in this way, his philosophy being shaped by a theological element. It is a philosophy incorporating a God component rather than the abandonment of that component.

This helps me to do the homework I had for winter break

The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell. Very accessible, very concise, and a good starter before getting into the heavy stuff.

The US is Keynesian, not free. Market

Let’s get Riggity Rickity Rekt Son

Many thanks, nice lecture

Time to take the test! this really helped a lot thank you so much

I found this group as given link very helpful.. You can join this facebook group to learn more about IELTS all sections.

Can u answer me quickly plz I need u answer some questions to me about modern drama

WOW!! I literally have goosebumps right now. Just thinking about the consequences if Banach – Tarsky Paradox is proven to be in congruence with the behavior of sub-atomic particles…blows my mind., cos there are infinite of them. I am not a math expert but I do have common sense and involved in the academics which is why I enjoyed the video. The simple fact that it can influence the bigger perspective of events is mind-boggling and belittling to me. I have started with a simple subscribe and hope to do more, may be even a collaboration. Keep uploading more!!!


This video is about the problems white people(Caucasians) have caused, You damn Heathens are the only ones running the world. You Did This.

Thanks you


Thank you! Really. Before watching this, I didn’t understand absolutely nothing about Elasticity and you made it so clear!


These pathetic people don’t understand how it’s like to have power.

Going too fast w the explanation like you wanna run away somewhere


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