Has there ever been a good Robin Hood accent? Whether he was from Nottingham or Yorkshire, neither Russell Crowe or Kevin Costner came close.

What about women who are trying to attract women? do these same things apply to lesbians, too? or should I make a point to not expose my neck, stop plucking my eyebrows, and hide my hips in order to reduce unwanted attention from men?

This series is shaping up nicely.

When you want to address someone by name, you usually add “e” to male names and “o” to female names. For female names it sounds a bit rude so it’s rarely used. For male names however, it’s the most common way to address them. Example (in Latin letters for readability): “IvanE, kade otivash?”, translated: “Ivan, where are you going?”

This is really sounding like Religion, I wonder why🤔

Hey! I am 16 and I once thought that I was suffering from depression which turned out to be just the fear of my peers getting ahead of me. It was a bad feeling and I was really feeling low and almost gave up on studying, the only thing I was good at. My elder brother was very angry with me and my behavior, so he decided to enroll me in a classical guitar tuition class and also forced me to exercise daily. From then, I have never felt depressed. I still get bullied by some stronger kids who have been exercising since they were kids but I am catching up. I no more cry. I feel so strong and satisfied as well. So, if anyone of you is feeling depressed, I would recommend you to exercise daily and also try to learn a good musical instrument. It works like charm. Believe me.


That you have decided apriori are “X” and “X” needs to change into Y” in oder to fit preconceived notions, for example, of “normalcy which again is banal and infantile, as it TELL YOU NOTHING about the engagement and the affect-co-created engagement (co-created meaning making) that can occur by engaging the child rather than a priori labeling it as positive vs, negative. Relationship dynamics, meaning and co-created affective engagement; deepening reciprocal; attachment which allows for

Get yours first. :p

Well that’s what Jobs did, he was a damn parasite. He fired a team of engineers because they couldn’t make Apple’s cloud service magically work perfectly overnight. Jobs was known to harass the staff, he sure as hell wasn’t fired.

Now i understand thanks!!!!

I spend most of my time on the internet watching videos and learning a lot of stuff about math, physics, biology, phycology, language ya know just the stuff that interest me and fail at school at the same time (something is really wrong there)

And that is why Asians shouldn´t drive…I am so sorry

The problem is technology and how fast it’s advancing. Technology is making us live longer while making us breed faster.


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