Introduction: hook

I can just say: Wow

0:15 Brad Pitt (Inglorious Basterds)

JK, but geez, this is just too real.


“It’s about doing our best to leave the world..the way it is. It’s about respecting the will of others, and believing in your own.” Big Boss MGS4.


I have this question I didn’t understand about Nozick & liberalism.

You are my best teacher Emma.. all is good lesson.

Thanks for that, it helps for my next week`s ap test lol

Goddammit I’m crying

That was really help full! Thanks!

Mr Clifford, you’re unmatched teacher!! Love the way you explain..πŸ‘πŸ‘

So basically he speaks like a child!

HI, thanks for the amazing work you do! Is there anywhere I could find your micro & Macro summaries online? Or would it be best just to redraw it and then study? πŸ˜‰

A price for $7 would cause the __ of about___ items?

Thx so much, you teach so fast and effective. I understand better from you then a college class i pay for.


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