Lupe Fiasco is THE best rhymer of all time, yet nobody mentions him even in the comments. Wow.


No i cant shake your hand because you are not that famous. i dont know anything about you. and im just a cunt black guy who try to be savage, but in the stupid way.

A slight change from your strategy, is that I evaluate each point as I go along, because for a 30 mark question, a lot of weight is given to evaluative skill (40%). If I run out of time without evaluating, the max mark I can get is 18/30, whereas if I evaluate, I’m getting access to those marks rather than leaving it till the end where I’ll be rushing my points and not explaining them properly.

Supply kis se relate krti h

Very innovative presentation thanks a lot!

Holy shit…i love your vids!


Omg I’m only twelve and I didn’t even realze that ive been here this long I was here about half a year before this vid was mad I think he had about less than 500k

Please do Cthulhu Mythos and (terrifying)Ideal the great old ones represent.

What I can’t understand is how people have a problem with busieness people in the city. People who screw people out of work and life. What amazes, the real people who do that The governement, the power mad, the gangsters, the mafia. Those are the people who do the REAL bad things. However, who are these people that these BAD People are suppose to be hurting?

-Nominal GDP: GDP not adjusted for inflation (different countries have different nominal GDPs)

I came from 2017 and that seems about right

I would love to do a gap year, but I just feel like I’m not mature enough, don’t have enough money, don’t have anyone to go travelling with, and just need to get education over and done with or I may lose motivation 😂 my course also has a year abroad so that will be amazinggggg, but I 100% see where you’re coming from, I will probably do lots of volunteering and conservation in summer holidays and have a gap year after uni. Exciting times 😆

Okay but what’s that song at the end from?

Pretty horrible that the trailer for this youtube video was girls in their underwear selling beer

Sometimes u just gotta listen to your gut 👍

Well… everything is a little bit more complex than this. Some things are right for sure, but there is a lot more going on that just an elite that controls everything else. It’s just a very reductionist and simplistic way of putting things in perspective.


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