HINDUISM religion of the devil. Only Satan and his demons can promote such cruelty. Enough said.

1st of all I LOVE the camera quality you guys used, 2nd that girl rode that horse like a pro(now I want a horse) and lastly, loved this am heading to watch vol 2 and 3

Yes, there is a reason to be hopeful, IF, we can get through the period we are now in, which will take many decades, if not centuries…

I just hope that robots will not obliterate all jobs.

Como e o nome da musica?

Purpose: The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists

Ollie Bye – I really like your presentations, and truly hope you can represent an accurate account of history. Please take this comment seriously and read this article – Thanks! – http://indiafacts. org/aryan-invasion-myth-21st-century-science-debunks-19th-century-indology/

3:50 so then, for feminism to be successful, we don’t need to make sexism look undesirable, we have to make equality look MORE desirable.

Neil Tyson.. oh how funny you would speak about yourself in the opening. There aren’t many science celebrity’s but sometimes somebody working in science has so much personality and charisma and make such a impact compared to other more profession oriented scientist’s. That they build a acting career around being a full time television scientist.

2. Do not freak out! You have time before your speaking to prepare and also they will not expect much from you trust me! You shall be fine, Russian has been like that for years and all my pals did great! Xx

Do these situations, happen in real life. Or is this a theory? Because it sounds too convenient.

3:03 Skype notification?


DAAAMN KRISTIAN WENT HARD. Freshman XXL 2017 confirmed

Am I the only one who notice that the guy screwed up and said macroeconomists when he was supposed to say microeconomists at 10:23? I don’t mean to sound critical; crash course has yet to give me something I don’t love, but I still found that funny.

That sounds better than the mantra of postmodernism: anything goes..

The second to last one got me mathematically excited. I had to pencil solve the last one and now I MUST beat this game

Please guys make this awesome looking gaming looking forward to buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Startups will never end.


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