Hi! You were so helpful to me with my GCSES! I’m not doing a level lit. Would it be possible to do some videos on Othello, Death of a salesman and Keats please?

Awsm seminar bhaiya

I write with an open o and I’m the complete opposite of what it said

Modern Marvel movies have a bizarre combination of character styles they are trying to unify.

I see

I’m fluent in english and greek, I can speak in Italian and French and I’m learning japanese and Korean. I still have trouble with Valyrian.

Thank you Sen-Si. 🙂

Which place in Pakistan at 27:11 ?

Twitter – @buggalluggz Snapchat – mckenzie.2114 LoveYou Eve❤️❤️

Judith says gender is performative, or a performance, but ignore the reality of biological gender behavior where one naturally expresses themselves in a very typical masculine or feminine way. These behaviors she talks about are created from society. The biological however that I’m talking about is fueled by how you were born, not what you learned.

Everything Mike does is awesome.

Ue, musica brasileira no final?

So when a document asks for your “sex”, either male or female, why do you silly SJW twits get all upset about that if you truly believe there’s a distinction between “sex” and “gender”? Just check off the box that corresponds with your biological SEX and stop going into your hissy fits because you want 57 more GENDER categories to choose from.

You are the fucking man Mr. Clifford.

Jesus Christ is infinity. An infinite cloud of revelation knowledge.

Writing – 90

2 am. Cant sleep. Must. Watch all. e. o

Did he get any pussy?


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