All of my high school readings, yay!

That’s Jared from silicon valley…

It’s funny how fast you can get addicted to this videos! Absolutely genius! May I have one humble suggestion? One video on the meaning of archaeology would sit well on your channel, please do it.

So did he shake his hand???

Haha this guy has zero understanding of what a linguist is



Jews talk like that

OMG!! Thank you a lot. I actually owe you for this video. I JUST GOT MY IB DIPLOMA (INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUERATE. I hope everyone that is listened to this video got succesful.

Its like ur few of the guys nowadays with many features, maybe thats why ppl find u hot

I’d like to hear more about when people prefer one economic system over the other.

This shit is my JAM!

Can I donate Marijuana?

Wish I could reverse my life and go to one of these colleges…grab the knowledge that’s flowing from every corner of these places. Sir Sandel, thank you for introducing me to Harvard. I realised how a lecture looks like. It’s pretty different in our country. We basically mug up facts and there is a very lil focus on reasoning.


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