I’m kinda a nihilist because I think we were created because we can be created but we pave our own path and find our own meaning. Just eating, sleeping, drinking and all that doesn’t really give us a meaning.

I think “The Hobbit” by J. R.R. Tolkien should have been on this list. It actually inspired the entire genre of fantasy, adventure and magic, such as the Harry Potter series, Hunger Games and all the rest. Even the Lord of the Rings would have remained undiscovered, relatively speaking, had it not been for this groundbreaking piece of literature, which drew inspiration from European folktales and even scripture…

Who’s still watching this in November 16 2016

Sir this is awesome i am a type of student who never study properly but after i see your video i think its a best way to study i never study economics because i think its a boring subject but you change my thoughts related to economics fully your style of teaching is really good and dont stop making videos plse

This is all nice and all but how or why are we failing so badly at it?

Muito bom.

Thank u very good teaching

I LOVE this channel, it’s educational, and funny!!!! You earned another subscriber my friend!

And when they listen

7. The war created emergency situation which needed unprecedented powers to be concentrated in less number of hands (Explaining Khomeini and his supporters clampdown on domestic opposition against revolution during unprecedented external threat to the country).

Inspiring. Thank you!

I found an explanation for calculating the opportunity cost per unit in comparative advantage.

This is stupid

You’ve saved my grade! Freshman in college and this informational video was fantastic. Very helpful thank you

Stop being bitter they’re just making the video funny and easier for us to learn. Don’t watch if you don’t like it, just fail your course 🙂

This is so dumb…. I can’t concentrate on economics when a rubber duck is in the background the entire time.

This was very helpful! Especially the mindmaps for texts and articles! Thankyou so much for not making such a ‘typical youtuber study guide’ because they are all the same. Whatever grade you want you deserve it and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! GOOD LUCK!! Xx

What would u suggest me. Should i add a long quote or a short one?

I want to speak in spanish. Who can teach me??

Filter third for reliability. This filter protects against politicians.


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