How did you have time to study for all your subjects as well as do art? because i’m honestly struggling so much, at handling everything😩

Can someone replicate that ingredients list on the sauce?

Looks really great =) Looking forward to it!

It was Mao who said something to the effect of use common language for common people.

Don’t compare him to my friends and family.

This guy mean

But the problem is that we never heard this before, even though 150 years of anthropology brought society all kinds of narratives about ‘savages’ and now disappeared cultures, such as as those of the Native Americans.

I put this on to sleep

“Maybe this is because women just don’t like science as much as men. If you’re operating on that assumption there’s little I can tell you save to suggest that maybe your assumptions are following from cultural norms so invisible, they seem like insights about gender.” Nope. Steven Pinker stated the former years ago, citing research from sexual psychology which, incidentally, he noted was the most female-dominated field of science he had ever witnessed.


You guys got over 2 million dollars of the $900,000 goal, yet you made an expansion that even Alpha players had to pay for, and there are still many bugs present in the game.

Do you get what he is saying, this is such a good explanation.

Asshole section ahead

Wow, a couple of grades higher than I would’ve guessed…..

If you go with the kill one person on the tracks over the 5 that’s morally wrong. Think about it, your cart or whatever is heading towards 5 people it’s circumstantial, you weren’t aware 5 people would pop up. Keep this example but look at this other one as well. Let’s say there’s 5 people and they are graduates at Harvard but not just any graduates, the top 5 students in there class. Let’s say these people will die but you can save them by killing another select group of 5 people. These 5 people are around the ages of 15-19 but are from the Sahel religion of Africa, poor, not educated enough to be icing society. Let’s say you decide to accept the offer to kill 5 or you decide to turn the cart and hit that one guy, pause. As soon as you are intent in the action to kill, as soon as you set a goal to hunt those 5 guys down or kill that one guy on the track you are possibly commiting a sin, violating personal values, or simply commiting an action that is inimical to personal morality. This raises philosophical questions. How much do you value your values and is it right to go with the “titanic” views point which is to try and save the rich or people contributing more to society despite you intintionally killing someone to do it.

I think Aang doesn’t quite fit.

Its just depends on my mood that day…

I think there’s a lot of confusion between linguistic spread and migration here in the comments.


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