“We’ve both got light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we act on, that’s who we really are.”

People think being bilingual is such a big deal. Lol

Abstract rap

Very fast…need to go slow

Excuse me, can I ask you a question? Almost English teachers in my city advise me to use complicated sentences and structures like conditional sentences, passive voice. Additionally, it is necessary to switch from verbs to nouns. I don’t know why 2 tips are so different. Who can explain it to me??

Socialism has nothing to do with the government. Wtf is wrong with you people? This show is terrible and capitalist biased.

That man looks like a weird woman

I get that she’s trying to describe instead of making normative judgments, but isn’t he incoherent? Aren’t most people who listen to him speak often thinking, “what is he talking about?” I get how fans at a rally, can tune into the emotional pitch of a speaker like Trump, but for the rest of us, aren’t we all struggling to make sense of his words?

Legit facts bro!

His right will be his wrong and his wrong will be his right.

I don’t really get the hate against postmodernist philosophy and narratives by people who claim that it’s detrimental to western culture, while one of the cornerstones of modern western thought is to be critical and question absolutes. Why are some people so scared to take into question what they believe?

I watch this every time I have to do a research paper which is every 8 weeks.

2:16 I thought communist societies don’t have governments


I have a fetish for intelligent women. I LOVE her.

So….im imaginative, social, talkative a little, and systematic….not bad i guess…..

I can tell you first hand. Working at ANY Mc Donalds sucks.

And institutional realities that have materialized from the idea.

Now after hearing the Buddha’s philosophy for the first time made me realize the concept of suffering, it never occurred to me that those who enjoyed or yearned for pleasures were suffering, that makes more sense in a way. Wish I could have had a talk with him.

Your tips are really useful

Bhut jbrdst

Hopefully the guys from Uber Ent. read some comments and act! This game is simply not ready to release. We want more!

I like 2 start late…and finish early…


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