We have superpowers real super

I really want that bulls and bears statue behind Mr. Clifford 🙁

I really needed to hear this today, thank you for this lovely speech 🙂

-Command economy = everything controlled by the government (including output) , which is opposite to a free market economy (or capitalism) where individuals own the factors of production, and government stays out of production, commerce, and trade → meaning businesses make things with the sole purpose of profit

Seriously?? It is so hard to follow this video because of the robotic voice. The speech and explanation of the HR concepts are not fluent at all. SMH

Hi Liz, thank you for your lessons, they are very helpful. My English teachers always told me that in academic essay we must not use “I”, “in my opinion” or “I think”… So now I’m confused. Please help me.

Good explaination..i like it.

I read intersexual…..oops

So fast in speaking… .

So the woman lost her daughter and grandson, fell in love with the man who murdered them?

Yes but you half the size each time the split is made

Does anyone speak or learn Korean? I’ve been learning for about 4 months so I was wondering if any of you have any tips. I find the accent or sound of it difficult to nail down. I’m embarrassed to show my friends because I still sound English when speaking it. Thank you so much!

Shame on you, globalists, sham on you!


You didn’t change your shirt. You just recorded it at two different times. Nice cover though. 😛

Whatever your opinion is on what OUGHT to be, Taiwan has been an independent country for quite some time and has benefited through trade. This video isn’t stating what OUGHT to be, it’s stating what IS. And whatever you think of what OUGHT to be for Taiwan, you are lying if you think that Taiwan hasn’t made it’s own economic decisions INDEPENDENTLY from a certain douche bag neighbour.


Thank you so much from Dubai Mr Clifford!! You deserve the world for helping us kids everywhere!!

Does anyone know the name of the philosophers and books, that he is referring to, please!

-Mr Meeseeks

The background music reminds me of lush life (the song)

@ColdCoffy nope luckily :L, but i do have my theory pe exam 🙁

Self-interest does not mean selfish. Also, acting in self-intetest avoids the pretense of knowing what’s good for other people.


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